The car starts with 45lbs fuel pressure than runs rough until it drops down to nothing and stalls.I replaced the resistor inside the right front wheel well and the car ran great for two weeks and is doing the same thing again

When the window is down on the driver's side the automatic locks will Unlock and keep trying to unlock them selves. Replaced the unlock module and cleaned the battery post and can't find a short anywhere

Security light is flashing. Light on radio "Theft" flashing.

My car has had a misfire for a while now. I have taken it to shops and they keep changing the spark plugs, wires ect. The last time j was at one they told me it was an electrical problem. I have a recall for my ignition key that I have an appointment for to get fixed and am now just getting around to it. Could this be why it has had the misfire?

We have replaced the pump twice. Replaced the coil and hoses. Basically put all new for the ac. It worked for about a week but went out again. We have tried charging it. Still hot. Also the extra temperature is always -1. The radio display goes in and out.

Need to know we're pressure silinod is located

Also exhaust smells like gas

install an ignition switch

I purchased a 1997 GP. It didn't have the alternator on it so it was running off battery. After I put the alternator back on when I plug it in, the engine stalls. After doing this a couple of times I took the alternator off and had it checked. The tech said the alternator checked out fine. Any ideas

Nothing changed my boyfriend drives it to work and has to get it jumped to come back home auto zone told us it was the voltage regulator so that's when we replaced the alternator and the problem continues. The lights go dim and sometimes don't even come on inside and it won't turn over they said it's a possible computer issue can anyone give some advice on it?

There was no warning no noises just loss of steering whan i refilled it it gushed right out dow NC and to the left near drivers front wheel. It was cold in the teens for 3 to 4days prior. 2000 Daytona 500edition 160 ,000 miles. HELP PLEASE

Can maf cause this?

I have a 2004 Grand Prix GTP. I hit a bag of trash on the road and it instantly started making a loud knocking noise. It ran for about 2 miles until the engine shut off. The car started again but after sitting for a day the battery was dead. I jumped the battery and drove it about a mile to get it home where the battery died again, while i was driving. The battery has now been charging for a day and the car fails to turn over. There does not appear to be any trash stuck under the car. A local shop told me the entire motor needs replaced but the knocking does not sound like it is coming from the motor. It sounds like it is coming from somewhere under the alternator.

Car will not start since yesterday already tried jumping the battery from two other cars was unsuccessful. When I turn the key to the on position it seems like the control panels trying to get electricity to start but when I turnThe key to the start position I get nothing absolutely nothing. When the doors open the sound from the dash goes in and out like a loose connection. Was finally able to get it started when was jumped by a tow truck but the card died within a few minutes after it was released from the tow truck..I am not sure if it's the alternator due to all the electrical problems that I'm seeing inside the car. This is the first time it has happened.

I am not sure if they are all related.

i noticed when i was flushing my brake lines(i was doing that because i was changing my brakes and calipers and troubleshooting why i had no brakes) that a sensor was unplugged from my master cylinder. i plugged it back in (my master cyl. had been the cause and took it to a local shop (northshore auto repair in belfair) to have it replaced as i was a bit intimidated. upon getting the car back and have the hack try to blow smoke up my bum, i asked him to come out and show me how to "bleed a sensor" ha ha... i lifted the hood and noticed the sensor had been again unplugged. hmmm i plugged it back in. and left. I don't have abs and the error message comes on all the time and makes my "parking brake on" light illuminate as well. this drives me crazy. my brakes are needing to be done again and i want this to go away.

My air filter was changed out to accomodate a K&N round filter, before i bought it, and twice i have almost catastrophic random cylinder firing error messages on the the message center. each time i have to pull over shut off the car and sit, then disconnect the battery to reset before continuing on my way. Each time this has happened when i am speeding up for a hill or stepping on the gas to pull out on a rural road into traffic. i have owned the car for two years and it has happened two or three times but it would happen more often except i can feel it and i ease up on the gas. i have never had any codes read because i have had to clear them to get going again. my car now has 99k miles and it happened at50k miles and at75k.

2004 pontiac greens prix gtp. I had rebuilt 2 yrs ago. I drive to 40 mph and it revs high?? I have no idea what's happening now. Anything from anyone would help. Thank you