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when I took off shift knob, there is a yellow plastic stem that is broken. without the shift knob, I press down on this stem piece and car goes into gear perfectly. so what is this plastic stem piece called and how do...
Lower transmission line is leaking fluid bad. Spraying everywhere. There are two lines, is the lower one the inlet or outlet?
Drove fine to friends garage, got break pressure then turned off and wont start. Lights and radio work just wont run.
when driving sounds like a wheel bearing but changed them. when turning sounds like a CV joint but replaced pass side short shaft. Drivers side seems good
Losing fluid. Would Stop Leaks help for a while? Mechanic quoted over $500 including hoses.
And back on and it works fine it shifts fine but also when I stop and go it seems like it slips sometimes the fluid is good when I chexked it but on the dip stick it has little bubbles
Mechanic says we need dealer sensor. Code is p0153.
symptoms- brake pedal shutters and pulses-also engine temperature gauge doesnt work falls to zero. seems to only happen when engine hot or good and warm. live in cold climate in canada when leave cool down and start s...
What causes this noise? I have replaced the wheel bearing, this noise only happens when making a left turn
was driving fifty five and its like someone shut the transmission off car still runs great
I replaced the computer (used the same prom), Replaced IAC, Crank position sensor, replace three bad injectors, spark plugs fuel pump, fuel filter, battery , alternator, tried doing Idler relearn but it start idling e...
I pulled up to stop and my windshield wipes came on. everything was dead. The fuse box under the hood was burning.
No check engine light, car only usually smokes sitting idle or upon moving from an idle position. I add about a quart of oil a week give or take. Has started idling a little rough, but has not over heated and no coola...
After about 2-3 min my car will start surging and then die. Normal operating temp. Starts right back up. No codes, no lights come on on the dash. Have replaced the IAC valve but stilldoing it. Could the MAF OR TP sens...
It just revs. I topped up the tranny fluid. Seemed to help a bit but not totally. Nothing seems to be leaking.
Car is shut off, doors are closed, lights are off, key out of ignition, turn signals are off and no reason for the chimes to still be sounding. How do I get them to turn off?
My 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (3.8)cranks but will not run. I believe it is not getting fuel. I checked all the fuses but I did not check the fuel pump relay. How can I check to see if the relay has failed or if the ...