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My fiance has a 2005 Grand Am, only the drivers side wiper works. She is 4 hrs away from me, so i can't look at it myself....any help would be appreciated. has anyone else had this issue?
How to replace broken air vent (round vent in dash )
when pouring gas manualy into the injecter it will run until gas is gone then shuts back off
Around the edges of dash pad over guages seams have split open and curled open. Is this problem common? Can the dash- pad be repaired? If not; Where can the part be aquired?
No heat ..blower only .. Heater control valve ??
the timing chain broke on this car while driving at 40 mph,,,,is this a non-interference engine
i unhooked the battery to work on the interior of my car and when i connected tyhe battery the car would not staqrt and i hade to jump it with a a battery charger and the dash board lights are still on
my fuel pump quit working. i checked the relay and determined the pump was bad. i replaced the pump and filter, the car still won't crank. ichecked for a fuel system bleeder valve or a fuel system reset, ifound nothin...
Went to leave for work, this very cold 20* morning, and was unable to get car out of park. I have an auto transmission and have not experienced any problems prior. The car has about 60k miles. Can you give me some ide...
when I start my car it will not keep running. I have battery power, the enginge turns over, but stops running.
Clutch stays on floor will not release. I've been told by a mechanic that it is the slave cylinder.
My passlock system on my 96 Pontiac Grand Am is not working. I took it to the dealership to find out what the problem is. They told me the ignition lock with passlock needs to be replaced andestimated it to cost $368 ...
How much do they cost?
how to replace 1996 pontiac grand am motor mount
The whine stopped as I accelerated. This started without any kind of warning, but didn't die or make other noises. I have recently had water pump replaced. It has been a good car, need to keep it as long as possible.
replaced radiator yesterday,filld it this morning, grandson took it for ride ,radiator fan never came on .wire are hooked up . is there a fuse for it? if so where? any help would be welcome ,thanks
what do I remove to get to the headlight bulb
when come off road yeild to turn or ease of brake car stalls and dies, mechanic said fuel pressure was okay not fuel pump but what?
my cars cooling fan motors only turn on when i turn on the a/c.so far i have replaced the cooling relay and engine temp sensor.i jumped out the cooling fans and both work just fine.i can`t find anyone with a answer.pl...
3.4 V 6 engine with 70000 miles on engine. car is in good shape inside and out Car itself has 169000 miles. has a cracked transmission fluid line
The leak looks like it's coming from a pan underneath the car and around the seals. What could be the cause and what should I replace?
when the car is running the tack, gas gauge, and spadometor is not working. What is wrong?
was working fine then stoped blowing cold. The system is fully charged and the blower is working fine. can here the compresor click on.
Where is the low pressure port located
I bought my car at the beginning of the year and never noticed that my door chime is not working. I was trying to program my key fob and it said to wait for a chime and well I never heard a chime... :( help me!
Replaced the Fuel pump and filter on my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am about two months ago. Now the fuel guage is not working properly. Should the Fuel Level Sensor have been replaced with the pump and filter? Whats the typic...
The 2 map lights on the underside of the rearview mirror will not turn off - each has a plunger switch but they no longer cut the lights off
I have a 94 Grand Am. What would cause the car to run rough and the transmission to not shift properly? Both problems started at the same time.