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Most of the time the guages work; however, periodically, the RPM will stop working. Sometimes the speedometer won't work. Sometimes the battery needle will pulsate and the engine will pulsate with it. Maybe these ar...
It sounds like the fluid is trying to circulate through the car...mainly when cold. Also, when excellerating from a stop, it feels like you have to push kind of hard on the excellerator peddle to force gas/to get the...
After the car is driven for awhile when coming to a stop it will die. I will put in park and start it with no problem until I try putting in gear and it will die. The gauges (rpm and speedometer)will sometimes stop w...
how to remove cylinder and is security sensor built in
Had code P0401. Cleaned carbon out of passageway from EGR to throttle body (intake) account insufficient flow. Do I need to clear the check engine light or will it go out on its own? I need to get the car smogged.
car has 107,000 miles. has never let me down
car will not stay running. starts for 2 sec and boggs down and stalls Please advise
Car wont move into and gear much less move into a gear so i can use the car???
mechanic said i needed front pasenger side s wheel sensor i installed sensor but light stays on the codes he put down werent four ditgits but regardless asumming he was correct why would the light stay on. oil pressu...
the car has 165,000 miles and have noticed some decrease in power
placed key in ignition and i was unable to turn it to start the car
It wouldn't start after stopping at the store.
I've been quoted $633 to fix a broken transmission mount. Is that right or am I being ripped off?
Checked fuses and auto manual. NO Blown fuses. Yet can not access power to these two devices
I have a 2001 grand am se1. I recently change the shifter since the shifter would not snap properly into reverse. Now I noticed that the key comes out, when the card is parked, in any gear. Please help. I know this wi...
I have a 1991 Pontiac 6000 LE. I cant find the location of the turn signal flasher on the car. My book says its behind the ash tray and the parts store says its o the steering column just inside the car. It is in...
car is hard to start when first crunk up engines idles and sometimes dies it drives good when i kill it and retart it after driving it cranks up first turn
cost estimate for complete exhaust system replacement?
There is a hesitation of several seconds from when the car starts to when the gauges engage. How can I fix it?
Checked battery, battery good. Check starter, good. Checked key, not coded, good. Check alternator, good. Replace fuel filter. Fuel pump, good.
how do you replace up and down stream on the oxygen sensor?
The cable that is runing from the gear shifter to the dash board is pulled out. Where exactly do i reinstall it at?
When I'm backing out of driveway, my car seems to make a clicking noise like when the wheels make a complete rotation, there is a clicking sound at that point. It only happens in reverse, not in drive. I think it co...
Replace power steering pump. V6
what all you have to remover from under the dash to take out a heater core
what all have to be taken off to remove a heater core from under the dash
I have replaiced my coil pack on my 1996 grand am 4 times in the past year. I changed it two weeks ago and already I my car is running bad. If I am going up a hill and need to downshift to gain RPM's my car jerks, and...