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I remember that he had to get underneath the AC to work better. Thank you.
I know the Freon entry point in underneath the car when a friend added it previously.
It only seems to do it when its hot it will chug and hardly go when u gas it
checks fuses all good abs light went off still brakes light,singal still not working
This happened b4 & they said something electrical?? I replaced the fuel pump bout 3 months ago & had no problems till now, my security light came on & off couple times it has 100k mile other than both windows don't wo...
I can get the shaft to move but it still say reverse
i was driving home from work on the parkway going 65mph when the engine lost power and quit.when i tried restarting it would just crank and sometimes backfire thru the carburetor.i got the car home did some checking,t...
About a week ago I stopped to grab my mail on the way home, was only out of the car for about a minute and when I got back in it would not start, no cranking, nothing. I've had all of the common problems in the past ...
I was on way home from work and my radio turned itself off then some of dash lights came on but after hour of being home it would not start for a good while. When it did start again got stuck another hour or so. but n...
I already have to to get a head gasket job done. the garage never notice why I kept losing antifreeze, until one they I was checking car out and noticed my fans were not kicking on. I bought fan relay and there you go...
should i replace the back rare and how much will it run me
All the fluid leaked out after something popped.
yeah the car is leaking alot of oil under the water pump
Typically when car is shut off, the head/tail lights will stay on for a short period of time. Yesterday, they decided to stay on no matter what. I flashed a flash light into the photo sensor and after a few seconds ...
my gas needle fluctuates on a daily basis and the bouncing happens most everytime i stop with mt foot on the brakes.
the car will crank but wont turn over.I was driveing down the road & it just stopped running.When it was running after the part was put on it was cutting out.If its not the ignition modular switch then what could it be?
My car wont start most of the time because of my security system
Now I have this code thrown the car was fine until the dashpad came out to be repaired and now it threw the airbag clockspring code repaired that and code cleared now it tells me Deployment Loop Resistance Low what t...
I'm putting a new motor in, the assist spring came off the spindle, and I don't know what position to put it in
When I turn the fan on the AC compressor turns on even with heat and the AC button off.
where is the low side port on tha ac/system
where is the low side ac/charge port located??
Worked for a while and broke the second belt. Got a new one and seemed to be fine then it broke also. Noticed a little frey on the outside of the belts before they broke. Most recent belt was destroyed. Notice that th...
how do i tell if its my starter relay or my starter. car wonmt start. where is the starter relay located
how to clear fault code P0122, on 1999 Pontiac GrandAm, 4cyl.