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I've checked and double checked everything else. It's just not putting out the cold air.
How do you know you may need a timing belt. My car won't start
I had fuel pump installed 6 mos. Ago. I have also replaced battery.
My car starts up with no lights on and sometimes the light shows up. I cannot figure out if it would be the cluster or ignition switch please let me know what it would be or if anyone has the same issues.. I do not wa...
I need diagram of excate phisical location
sometime will start & run for a day then wont start
I was driving and sitting at a stop sign my car made a popping noise and then it shut down and will not start...fluid levels are good, the lights work but it will still not start . It had no leaks of any kind up to th...
When my car is started and warming up there is a heavy flow of anti freeze coming from beside the engine/motor on the right hand side. I have replaced the thermostat and the radiator hose.
come on. but when i arch the sarter manualy then try to start it will run. what is the problem?
When I press on the gas the rpms flutters as it idles up and back down. Also when the engine is cold is idles at around 850 rpms and idles fine in gear. When the engine gets up to temp the idle starts to lower to 650...
The car will turn over but it is not firing for some reason....we have changed the IMS & the coil pack and put a new starter on it...it started dying going down the road and I would have to pull over and start it back...
only pressure on the brake pedal when car is off once its turned on the pedal goes to floor
If I hold my brake up it will hold the car but the brake handle itself will not stay in place. Is this difficult to fix
do you have to have special tools to replace the power steering line if its bad,and should you be able to see the fluid moving if you take the cap off power steering pump while idleing
need to put one in this car where the location
The speedometer is off by 30 mph. Just took the car to oreilly's to check on engine as well and the o2 sensor came up as the problem with the engine. I'm wondering if it's effecting the speedometer or what?
Speedometer works but is off by 30 mph.
Diagnostic machine reads its running rich number three cylinder misfire fuel preshure sensor bad
Fill up on saturday and it should be done to a half of tank..
It wasn't running hot or nething temp gauge stayed 200 n 202 n leak marks on carport or didn't notice ne under hood
The break lights, blinkers, and hazards are working. I have checked the fuse box and nothing is broken on that end. It happened very randomly i am not sure what the problem could be. All of my check engine,oil, abs...
I've changed spark plug and still blinking. What could the problem be?
No heat until temp gauge goes just past °200
the number 3 cylinder is not firing correctly if at all, it was dripping wet with gas I think. the gas smell also comes from exhaust with white smoke and the car runs reaql rough and wont idle
accures all the time and ruins power steering pump