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Made repairs to evap system & engine light came on.
Have key ignition destroid attempted theft funds are short security light blinks starter dontb turn
I don't know what to do. Bought this car "Petey" about 1.5 years ago and paid $3000. I've already had to replace 4 tires, repair the ac and heat, blew a tire and had to replace it along with a number of other problems...
everything in my dash blinks. all signals
It happens all the time I try flushing system but it boils over,can you help me with this please?
It's been sitting for a while. Replaced the battery a few months ago. I get nothing when I put my keys in the ignition. No electricity at all. Starts right up when jumped but dies once you stop revving the engine.
its not the wheel bearing and the axle seems quite sturdy. any idea on what it could possibly be?
I dont not where the coolant goes cause is no liking visible
was idling fine for about 5 minutes then just died and not it will not start. Acts like not getting fuel.
Coolant leaking on back side of motor when i fill resivoir it pour out while car isnt running.
im getting a code 26 and i just need to know where the part is or whatever part i need to fix this code but preferably where the part is.
Car will start using starter fluid and will continuously start throughout the day. BUT will not start after sitting for a long period of time...8 or more hours.
Because of the pass lock safety feature I replaced my fuel pump twice. I finally found out what was happening but can't figure out how to disconnect the problem
black rubber elbow in the back of the engine. The heater core connections are dry. any ideas?
My 2000 Grand Am began missing backfiring and stalling. We replaced spark plugs, boots, housing unit, as well as the heating coil and the fuel filter. The 1st night it was fixed it ran great, the next day it starting ...
there does not appear to be any coolent in the oil but we do have some oil consumption approx. 60k miles
I would like a wider tire than the one I have. Can you tell me what size I can get on the 16 rim that wont compromise the handling and safety of my car???. I just wanted to have a different look to my car.
if i arch the starter and then turn the key it will start.also disconnect the battery for 30 minutes and it will start,whats the problem?