Car was running normal when I turned it off. when I started it an hour or so later, It started and ran fine until I put it in gear to drive away and started skipping and rough running, low power until getting it going then it ran fine. just bothers when starting off. if light on throttle till you get going it doesnt bother as bad and has normal power at driving speed and slowing down is fine till you take foot off pedal. up shifting and down shift the auto transmission isnt an issue. thank you

my daughter went to leave for school today when she started the car the brake was extremely hard and the steering wheel wouldn't move at all. The gas pedal worked just fine. on the dash the battery light was on but the car was running.

My mechanic changed the oxygen sensor for $250, including labor. He quoted that the Catalytic Converter was $600 for a none pontiac converter and $1000 for the California emission Catalytic Converter. According to your site that is a huge mark up from the average cost. Does it have to be a "pontiac" converter? How do I get an acurate quote?

It smokes the most when the ac is running. I have it checked for a burnt valve and it doesn't have one. Please help. I love my car and it's a good car. This is the only problem I've had with it besides the front window regulator clips broke.

it is stalling and hunting , I had the codes read and replaced the mass air and the cam shaft sensor, fuel filter .it is still not right

The turn signals sound like they are on as well. The check engine light also just came on. It didnt start at work like two weeks ago. I just waited till after work and it started. Fuses look good as well as all the fluids. Fuel pump kicks on, im just not getting started.

it acts like its not shifting into a higher gear.

iv changed the vacuum modulator, tps sensor, tranny fluid and filter but still nothing what could be going on?

I just had my Belt Tensioner replaced and now antifreeze is leaking on left side underneath..could they have not put something back on right or not tightened something tight enough?..(NOTE..IT WAS NOT LEAKING BEFORE.)

was in wreck but the ground is not inplug i put a ground to it but both high and low light up but are not bright

It will go to the floor and the car will only slow down some unless i pump them a few times then they will work fine they don't make any notices the brake fluid was a little low but i filled it up about 2 months ago a if it has a leak its a very small one

have changed everything heater core ,thermostat,water pump, hoses,freeze plug .....

I have a vehicle that has been out of action for about a year now. I found out later that GM issued a recall on it, and I was wondering if this ignition recall creates a no start condition in my car.

when i push the gas pedal,it takes off a little slow

Car starts then shuts off like its out of fuel, is it possible to get these codes and proper instructions to reset them myself? Without having to pay for them.

Just bought this car . Guy said it worked a month ago when he got it inspected . All the other lamps work ( head lights , brake lights , running lights ) . What could be the problem?

passenger side door locked on its own awhile back.once in awhile it'll unlock and i can open it.2 weeks ago driver side door locked up on its own.key or no key,either way it's locked shut.It's manual,not electrical.bad motor? cold weather frozen it solid? company malfunction and recall?

we cant drive it now.we cant even get INSIDE it.

Start if it do start soon as I put it in reverse to do back it cuts off been to shop same thing why it do that I just got the car