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When driving the car does good until I reach 55 mph, then it starts to hesitate. If I push on the accelerator it will stop and the car speeds up, but at anytime I am around 55 or even 65 mph it will hesitate until I p...
My air conditioner won't work!!,I think my compressor is frozen!
in the oil and the water pump was replaced just before i bought it a month ago i was told to try starting fluid to get it started but didnt work it also never blown white smoke from pipe questions why wont it start an...
My 2003 grand am shuts off while driving. The only thing that keeps me from getting in an accident is that since it is a stick shift I put it in neutral and start it back up as I am rolling through traffic. And it sta...
the next morning went out and started the car it ran for about 5 minutes and died now it won't start at all
My 2000 Grand Am began missing backfiring and stalling. We replaced spark plugs, boots, housing unit, as well as the heating coil and the fuel filter. The 1st night it was fixed it ran great, the next day it starting ...
there does not appear to be any coolent in the oil but we do have some oil consumption approx. 60k miles
one night i left my key on and ran the battery down on my car now it wont start i tryied the passlock bypass with a 2.2ohm 1/4 watt resistor still nothin i have fuel pressure on the fuel rail and if i spray brake clea...
I would like a wider tire than the one I have. Can you tell me what size I can get on the 16 rim that wont compromise the handling and safety of my car???. I just wanted to have a different look to my car.
if i arch the starter and then turn the key it will start.also disconnect the battery for 30 minutes and it will start,whats the problem?
I've checked and double checked everything else. It's just not putting out the cold air.
How do you know you may need a timing belt. My car won't start
The light is stuck on the dashboard and will not turn off
I had fuel pump installed 6 mos. Ago. I have also replaced battery.
My car starts up with no lights on and sometimes the light shows up. I cannot figure out if it would be the cluster or ignition switch please let me know what it would be or if anyone has the same issues.. I do not wa...
When I am driving at night I an unable so see what speed I am going, and have to use a flashlight.
My check engine light is not illuminating I failed Asm emission test but can't find the problem.No problems with vehicle rides smoothly.
I need diagram of excate phisical location
sometime will start & run for a day then wont start
I have replaced both ignition fuses twice in the last 2 days....when they blow the car will not turn over or start...is this due to a bad ignition switch or would it have anything to do with the security system?
I was driving and sitting at a stop sign my car made a popping noise and then it shut down and will not start...fluid levels are good, the lights work but it will still not start . It had no leaks of any kind up to th...
When my car is started and warming up there is a heavy flow of anti freeze coming from beside the engine/motor on the right hand side. I have replaced the thermostat and the radiator hose.
My check engine light has been on and about 60% of the time it won't start the first few times. The radio and lights come on but the engine won't turn over. I have replaced the gas cap. I have 170,000 miles. My gas mi...
my power windoes dont work or my heater or my driving lights and the rear defogger stays on all the time