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I am leaking power steering fluid,is it possible to replace the power steering hose?

The window motor is fine. Front driver's window.-something broke inside the door.Window has slipped out of place. My zip code is 37207,Nashville, Tn, but most repair places near me are 37115, Madison, TN. The parts are what is supposed to hold the window in place as it goes up and down. Thanks! I do now know what size engine I have. My e-mail address is:
I hope you can help me.

December 23rd, I had my water pump replaced. Then on Sunday, December 26th my service engine soon light started coming on and has stayed on so far. Is this something I should be worried about since I just had my water pump replaced 3 days ago?

squeaking noise coming from left front tire and steering. only make that noise when i turn left

My security system on my Grand Am GT always needs to be reset. What happens is the security light will come on once or twice over the course of a week or two. Then, when I get in the car and turn the key the car is absolutely dead. After reading the owners manual I found there is an actual way to reset this! (Seems like it is a common problem) You have to turn the key forward so that all the lights come on in the car. The Security light will start flashing. You leave it in this position for ten minutes and then the secruity light will stop flashing and stay lit up. When this happens. Turn the key back to off and then you can start the car. Sometimes this will happen without warning and the security light will not even blink prior to it not starting. It is very aggravating and it seems like it happens more when it is cold outside. Haven't been able to find a way to fix. Please help!

2.5 I need to know where the antifreeze bleeder is on the block. Car is still overheating after water pump and thermostat changed. was told I need to bleed the system. But I don't know where to bleed it at.

the timing chain broke on this car while driving at 40 mph,,,,is this a non-interference engine

The outer piece of my crankshaft pulley came off the engine. Im not certain what it will take to fix this, if I can do it myself or if I need a mechanic. The serpentine belt has stripped 3 times this year and now this fourth time the outer rim of the pulley just came off. How much does this cost to diagnose and replace?

Transferring wheels from one model to another model of GM product

i unhooked the battery to work on the interior of my car and when i connected tyhe battery the car would not staqrt and i hade to jump it with a a battery charger and the dash board lights are still on

i have a 2001 pontiac grand am i am trying to put a motor in and want to know if it will come out through the top without pulling the transmission

my fuel pump quit working. i checked the relay and determined the pump was bad. i replaced the pump and filter, the car still won't crank. ichecked for a fuel system bleeder valve or a fuel system reset, ifound nothing. what next?

where is the coolant temperature censor located on my car. 2004 grand am v6

Won't start all lights work.ding. Checked starter, relay switches,ignition switch,battery, Had it in 2 shops with 2 different diagnostics. One shop had it running, without changing parts, neutral safety switch was a option, want 600-800 to replace all listed above. Car running good until someone tried to steal it. Please if anyone knows or has any ideas let me know, only car. any ideas?

what happens when you replace the timing chain and mess the time up? what will it do to the engine?

Went to leave for work this morning and am unable to get out of park. I have not had any problems prior to this morning. It is 20* outside, could this be the problem? The car has about 60k mile on it and like I said,haven't had any problems or possible problems prior.

Went to leave for work, this very cold 20* morning, and was unable to get car out of park. I have an auto transmission and have not experienced any problems prior. The car has about 60k miles. Can you give me some ideas to what the problem might be?

I have a water leak onto the floorboard- only where the driver sits. The floor seems to only get wet when it rains. Is it coming from the engine compartment? under the dash? I first thought it was coming from the driver's window, but the inside door panel is dry. What's the problem?

I recently got a car running and need to get the car to pass emissions. Everything is stock on it.

New heater coil or (core) and there is NO heat. It blows, and the vents open, but again, no heat and the heater coil/core is HOT. Please advise, it's cold.

I just got a new electronic fuel pump. And now my heater will on work properly if I put on it on 4. Now the tow man did move some fuses around before towing my car. SO i am wondering could this be the problem.

frist my car whould not shift in to drive now my ignition will not turn so i cant even start my car can someone give me a good reason because my dealer cant

Was quoted $123.00 to fix cigarette socket so I can use my GPS! What is involved and how can I get this done cheaper.

My sons car has had a slow leak of coolant and just recently it got worse.

car will start but once i stop pressing gas it dies...making a knocking sound also...

my motor has been shaking really bad for the past 6 months and now when i start it, it shakes for a second and cuts off. i was told by advance auto parts that my motor mount is broken. i replaced the one by the left front tire but its made no difference. i was wondering how many mounts are holding my engine, how you go about replacing them, and could the broken motor mount be causing my engine to cut off.

blower turns on intermittently with ignition off,blower switch off

can I install new lamp myself?

I have a 98 Pontiac Grand Am and when I put my car into drive today It felt like something snapped and now wont go back up in any gear or but yet shifter it self wont come out of park i got the key out finally but even if i put key back in and try to start it it wont start and it is still in drive i had to shut it off in drive. what could it be and how much am i lookin at ?

when i crank up there is white smoke coming from the exhaust pipes and a puddle of gas under the front passenger side tire, ive replaced all 6 spark plugs and it worked for 3 days, then i replaced the gaskets and the next morning it did it again. i noticed that every time it happens its on a freezing cold morning. help please!!!