I recently got a car running and need to get the car to pass emissions. Everything is stock on it.

New heater coil or (core) and there is NO heat. It blows, and the vents open, but again, no heat and the heater coil/core is HOT. Please advise, it's cold.

I just got a new electronic fuel pump. And now my heater will on work properly if I put on it on 4. Now the tow man did move some fuses around before towing my car. SO i am wondering could this be the problem.

frist my car whould not shift in to drive now my ignition will not turn so i cant even start my car can someone give me a good reason because my dealer cant

Was quoted $123.00 to fix cigarette socket so I can use my GPS! What is involved and how can I get this done cheaper.

My sons car has had a slow leak of coolant and just recently it got worse.

car will start but once i stop pressing gas it dies...making a knocking sound also...

my motor has been shaking really bad for the past 6 months and now when i start it, it shakes for a second and cuts off. i was told by advance auto parts that my motor mount is broken. i replaced the one by the left front tire but its made no difference. i was wondering how many mounts are holding my engine, how you go about replacing them, and could the broken motor mount be causing my engine to cut off.

blower turns on intermittently with ignition off,blower switch off

can I install new lamp myself?

I have a 98 Pontiac Grand Am and when I put my car into drive today It felt like something snapped and now wont go back up in any gear or but yet shifter it self wont come out of park i got the key out finally but even if i put key back in and try to start it it wont start and it is still in drive i had to shut it off in drive. what could it be and how much am i lookin at ?

when i crank up there is white smoke coming from the exhaust pipes and a puddle of gas under the front passenger side tire, ive replaced all 6 spark plugs and it worked for 3 days, then i replaced the gaskets and the next morning it did it again. i noticed that every time it happens its on a freezing cold morning. help please!!!

where is fuel filter located?

going down the interstate car was running find an then the engine just shut off try to restart all it will do is turn over will no even try to start or hit help

I took the engine apart and put it back together but i think i kinked the fuel line because my car won't idle and it makes a whistling sound

I have no fuel pressure, fuel pump makes no sound at all when key is on. I can't locate any power at the plug to the fuel pump. I'm going to replace the fuel relay. Is there something else that it could be? I should have 12v at the plug somewhere shouldn't I? Thanks for any help

transmission seams to slip in and out of overdrive


when I start my car it will not keep running. I have battery power, the enginge turns over, but stops running.

Only when the weather gets below freezing (32 degrees F) does my steering wheel freeze-up and I can't steer, therefore I can't drive the car until I sit and wait until the whole vehicle is warmed up. This is seasonal; I have no steering problems in warm and mild weather. My rack and pinon repair quote is about $700 in Boulder, Colorado.

Brake Lights and Turn Signals went out at the same time, but the Fuses are fine. With Full lights on, brakes still do not respond and neither work. I have also had the issues with both front windows not working half the time...Where does it end?

while car is cool is runs fine, as soon as the motor gets warm it start to run rough like its not firing right or starving for fuel. car itself decells to 50 or so miles per hour before finaly completely dying.it wont start back until engine has completely cooled off. what causes this to happen?

how do you replace a water pump on a 2001 grand am and diagrams

Hello there I just picked up a 2002 Grand AM SE 2.2 Ltr Engine, the check engine light has come on several times and I have sttempted to fix the problems. the codes that cam up were P0300 (Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire), P0507 (Idle Control System RPM High), with these 2 issues I changed the spark plugs and replaced the Idle Air Control Sensor/motor) Then the second time the check engine light came on it showed a code of P0171 (System to lean (Bank 1)) with this issue I replacd the Oxygen Sensor, before the Cat. I have not gotten the check engine light yet but the car is still acting like the is ideling higher then normal, and the car motor surges at times. does anyone have any recommendations. Thanks Kris

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand AM 2.2 litre that all of a sudden quit running. I am thinking it may be the fuel pump. But is there a fuel pump reset button on my car?

My Grand AM just quit running. I found the valve by the steering pump and pressed in on it and not fuel came out. Does this mean I need a new fuel pump?

Looking to have struts and springs replaced. Wondering what that would run and best place to go for the repair in NJ.

yes i just put a n new fule and fule liter and its eating gas alot quicker why is that i lokked under the car while it running but i dont see any leaks whats going on

I have a 2001 Pontaic Grand AM with 97,000 miles. In Aug. the engine started to rev real high & if I had to stop for any reason the car did not want to stayed stopped. The temp gauge would start to go up. Once I put the car in park the RPM needle would go way up, but once I turn the car off & let it sit for 1-2 hrs. the car starts up and the RPM needle is right where its suppose to be. No engine light or any other light comes on and my mechanic cannot replicate the problem & he does not find any codes. This problem has happened twice so far...once after the car sat for one week while I was on vacation! I am afraid to drive the car too far for fear of it overheating.

While driving , the cooling fan won't come on, which causes the car to run hot.