the trac light just came on recently. I don't know what it is?

I put it in park after driving it then when I got ready to drive it wouldn't go no where

Can I tap on the solinoid to get the starter started? How much is the starter and solenoid

Will not turn to on position to start car

I have a 2000 grand am changed the battery out and it locked the radio. I have the unlock code. But I try it and it comes up in op. My light on the radio is very dim. Can someone help me figure this out? Thank you.

My car turns over but will not start wants to but doesn't

For a 2002 Pontiac Grand am GT 6 cylinder

A few weeks ago, the air conditioning knob jammed and snapped off. I see the rob to control where air is routed, but am unable to turn it.

My Grand Am has a major oil leak. About once a week, more oil has to be added to the car. After about $1,000 worth of repairs, the car was fixed for a few years, but then the problem arose again. Oil leaked onto the starter, eventually requiring me to replace the starter.

It happens upon starting the ignition. It throttles up to 2+ in park and accelerates without the foot on the gas when in drive or reverse. It happens randomly & has happened about 5 times since buying it in September 2015.

what should i do. There looks like a factory amp is in my trunk, but i do not see a fuse box for it. please help

Would use parts and ignition box coil

I had putting a small amount gas in it for couple week. Instead of keeping it at a half a tank. And had turned a couple times when wasn't park. I don't if it had a barring on things. Throttled and vibrates at the steering wheel to. Missing keys. Don't why stop working so got get keys to see what's going on. Can a 2004 grand am se ignition switch be a replacement for my 2001 grand am se. So can see the problems on it. Please help

How do I set it or learn it?

I have code p1336

Electric window switch on drivers side?

it seems to happen on hot days my thermostat stays at normal temps though im curious if there is a sensor that may need replacement or anything i dont know

Got the oil pan off but having trouble disconnecting the pump from the chain housing

What is the reason I can't figure it out?

Yeah sitting at a stoplight my car starts to vibrate with the brake pedal depressed down and I've got a brand new tune up and what would cause the vibrating of the car the steering wheel starts shaking really bad when I press down the break

This doesnt always do it after touching brakes little hard could calibers be sticking

I have 99 2.4 L4
parts car available is a 94 3.1
will I be able to use rack and pinion

I'm having a problem with my brake lights, intermittently operating. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work! Currently, they stay on and won't go out. I have taken the fuse out so the lights won't drain the battery. I know this is a problem the the Pontiac G6. I saw a video on You Tube and the mechanic fixed the problem by using dialectric grease on the on board "body computer" but that component is located in a different place on my Gran Am than it is on the G6. Can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks.

I just had my heater core replaced because my car was leaking coolant from hose underneath towards passenger side. Although my heat was working great. Now that it's summer I'm finding out that my AC is not blowing cold air

Its been doing it for awhile , I change the fuse underneath the hood it keeps blowing . I've gotten the back lights , dashboard and main fuse box looked at , nothing is touching .. And also unplugged my CD player

The AC blows, but it doesn't get cold

Pushing the button on the door it sounds like it wants to open but it doesn't. I checked the book and it shows a on/off button in trunk. I cant get to it. The seats don't have anything to pull them down either. HELP me to get my trunk

how much well it coast to get it fixed

however the car immediately start back up again

Car cranks but won't start replaced fuel pump,fuel spray,fuel filter,crank sensor,