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when i hit 30 mph or faster i have a grinding noise coming from the front end sounds like its coming from the passinger side
Hello... I just want to make sure I got an honest estimate from the mechanic regarding the change of the fron brakes, routers, and inspection in PA... he is charging me $377. Is that a good deal? Help! Thanks!
started car went leave car slowed eng pwr reduced light came on now.what's the problem.tc warning light is on too.
what is causing this and what do I need to do?
My 2007 G6 has had it's driverside door ajar alarm activated and I can't get it to deactivate. I can't find the door switch/sensor to test this out. where is it located?
Just bought a 2010 Pontiac G6 GT Sedan. First time driving in the dark. Is should have a lighted gear shift panel right?
I recently dented the bumper on my pontiac, which i know is plastic. i dont want to fix it myself but i cant find a site that tells me how much it might be. does anyone know the starting price for fixing a plastic bum...
What's the best way to replace a fog light?
How do you disable the stupid seat warmer on the drivers side? It will not turn off, it says it is off but believe me it is on and it is on high!
Is there a video I watch
my pontiac g6 2006 2.4l is idling very rough and will not hardly start. When I go to put in gear it goes into gear but it will not move forward. It has no power and keeps shutting off when I give it gas.
The radio in my G6 will not turn on, nor will its backlight. Although i tried replacing the fuses to the radio and instrument cluster lighting, it still does not respond. please help me out. Thanks!
Hi, i am just replacing the radio for pontiac 2006 g6. 2nd radio is also factory radio too. that radio i got from scrap yard. pls tell what is the radio code and how i can put the code into radio to work. Please send ...
My 2006 G6 makes a grinding noise when going around a wide right curve. Noise doesn't stop until the car straightens out. Any idea when it could be.
while driving the car during a snowstorm at approx 22mph automatic door locks started popping up and down, dashboard lights started flashing then lost all power had to be towed home. Battery is fine. when you turn key...
Although my check engine light is on, when the car really has trouble is when it is blinking. The following smptoms happen while blinking: Car deaccelerates, down from 60 to 20 mph or less. Car seems to have a hard ti...
how do I change the heater thermostat in a pontiac g6 with a 3.5 engine
I have no diagnostic codes. There are none coming up. I took my car into the shop for the gauges resetting, similar to when the car is started, while I was driving. From reading other blogs, I found that the proble...
trying to replace the thermostat but cant find location
My egine light came on after adding gas, I read my manuel and it stated that the gas cap was probably not secured properly, so I checked it and the next day it was off. But on the following day came on again. What cou...
Whenever I stop and the car is idling, whether it be in drive or park the RPM's go down to 500 and just a few weeks ago it was always at 700-800 at idle. When it's down at 500 it shakes/vibrates, not very bad but you ...
My power steering light comes on but there is no where to put power steering fluid? Why is the light on indicating power steering?
The DIC on my 2007 Pontiac G6 says "Change park" when entering the vehicle then goes off. What does Change Park mean.
air bag problem light is on pontiac g6 gxp 2008
I was told left front shock was leaking and am looking to get both front shocks replaced. However, I've noticed more of a rattling sound while driving over bumps and when I brake on the freeway the stearing wheel tend...
I need to change the automatic transmission fluid in my car but its a 3.5L so it doesnt have a dipstick. How do I do it?
My readout is stuck on 50 degrees. i think i need a new sensor but cant find it.