Thank you in advance. The wife's car, could be GTX or GPX I'm not sure. Shouldn't matter. Bye for now. Great site.

The electronics went haywire. But car ignition wouldnt start. Then after charging the car for about an hour. It turned on. So last night. I go to turn it on. Same problem. Changed battery. All electronics come on, but now it making a clicking sound when i turn the key in the ignition. And doesnt start up at all. Have power in dashboard. But will not start. Please help!!

I have replaced the plugs and wires but the engine still has a slight miss. nothing show when it is scanned and it runs great. what else could cause the engine to shutter when I am sitting at idle?

the car really makes a rattling noise when i pull into a parking lot. it almost sounds like something underneath is going to fall off but only in the front of the vehicle

It ran fine when I got home parked it but the next time I tried to start it, it just cranks. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Remote start quit about 6 months ago but has not had any problems since then. It won't even act like it is going to start, tried starting fluid and still nothing.

Driver door handle snapped. I would like a replacement procedure and are there other GM models that I might pull the part from?

I am getting poor fuel mileage and after filling the tank with gas, I get a crank no start condition. I let it sit for a few minutes and it will start.

Car only starts for ten to fifteen seconds. Think oil sending unit is cutting car off. Should oil come out of filter hole while cranking engine?

18153511221, issue to complex to type out. Please reply with area coffee, so i know to pick up, my name is Tim. Thank you very much if ya have 5 minutes.

HadHad hole in pan on 3.6L engine, replaced, now no oil flow, can i prime this pump? Engine will only run a few seconds before sending unit shuts it down?

cleaned ocv solenoid valves, next step is camshaft position sensor, and thinking oil pressure switch. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Replaced oil pan, huge pain, and codes popped right after. Car runs smooth for anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds at idle, then comes to an abrupt halt. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Oil pump is internal on crank, but I did not see anything leading into pan from engine compartment, is that normal on this engine? Have other issues and questions, but this will give me a good start, and help me to direct my next line of questioning. Thanks in advance.

Cold weather seems to make it worse

142 k on the car


changed rotors and pads twice.

So there was a clunk occasionally and discovered the driver side lower ball joint was bad. I replaced the lower control arm with a moog brand. When driving after the replacement now there is a much louder clunk and over ever bump even the smallest bumps?

i install a new fuel pump, engine fading and engine running hot

my key worked fine all day until a got home I went to remove my key and it was stuck in ignition was able to turn on and off car drive it but unable to remove key and when I was able to move it it would only move about a 1/4" and no the steering wheel is not in any locked position. How can I fix this if I can and if not what should it run to get it repaired?

why im only getting cold air out my vents when i turn on the heat?

I think i have a leak around the oil filter that is causing a burning oil smell on the exhaust. it drips down the exhaust and burns off. i didnt know if this was an easy fix and if it was a common problem. Thanks for any help.

oil filter adapter leaking

my mileage is 80,000 and car runs fine but i am worried that it is time to change

My car air vent is giving a weird sound like some stick or leaves are inside it and this sound is only occurring when outside air is flowing in
Any suggestions how to repair it or how much will it cost

I have replaced them 3 times since buying the car four years ago.

What would be te cost to repair it, also my driver seat broken, what is the estimated cost.

blowing hot air and making funny noises under the hood.

When I remove the keys & the car is no longer running sometimes the car will still blow air through the vents, not continuously but off & on.

I want to change it myself.

scanned and came up with p0300 and p0404.performed in line spark test and replaced coil pack with no change.egr valve making faint exaust popping like exaust leak.ruled out crank sensor since it does start.80% sure its egr valve but haven't ruled out cat converter.150,000 miles so either is possible. will the p0404 code determine if converter is plugged?i need help deciding since neither is cheap.keep getting mixed opinions.