They will with car running!

It starts. you have to drive slow and it makes a loud noise.

I have a fuel system problem and it has been determined that the Throttle body assembly needs to be replaced. My car won't start. It attempts to turn over but quits before starting.

The check engine light is on and we have replaced the spark plugs. Sometimes the check engine light will flash. Could it be the o2 sensors? Had it checked at Autozone but they never gave me a copy of the codes.

Power steering recall, will company pay for repairs and a rental?

I have a a G6 GT 2005, one side works the other went out one at a time.

My car had reduces power, then the next morning it started then died. It will turn over and occasional try to start. It has a new battery, clean connections, no vacuum leaks detected, no codes showing, fuel pressure reads fine. Any advice would be great!


How do I fix this myself ?

The problem is a loud knocking while turning slowly. I have read over many of the posts and have found one person that was able to have the problem resolved.
I would like to know where that person brought his car to be repaired and if the problem has recurred.

Is it the solenoid or linkage?

Bought two after market gas cap and one from dealer ship still no results check engine light still on

when stopped at red light car takes long to pic up speed,

Car has only 61000 miles and Transmission apparently has gone bad. No GM warrent on parts or repair. Has anyone else had this similar problem with a GM Car? And, if I had problems with an original equipment transmission why would I want to buy a factory new replacement. Do you feel rebuilt is as good? Thank You!


Where to find the valve?4

I bougt my car in August 2013. Since then I have replace my passener side headlight 6 times. Now, my drivers side has went out. How much will it cost to get this short fixed? Any suggstions on where to go to fix it?

Front Struts are bad,is replacing springs and mounting,& sway bar all necessary?

What is engine diagnostic code P1174 and how to fix it.

Don't know much at all about cars, hubby doesn't either, but car is using way to much gas, his full size Ford F150 gets better gas mileage than my 4 cylinder! I don't know anyone that can look at it for me and I don't have the money to take it to a shop right now but its driving me crazy not knowing what it is and if it could be something simple we could do that we just don't know.

When I stop at red light after a few seconds traction light comes on, the car starts to feel like its going to die and traction light comes on then when I take off the car feels like it does some kind of hard shift then its fine again until next stop sign or red light, and check engine light stays on all the time

Most a dealer repair'

Is it important to fix right away

Fuses and bulbs are good.

The oil light keep flashing on and off.

power steering is very hard

The check engine light on my 2009 G6 has been coming on intermittently. I thought it was a gas cap issue as it had come on months ago, then shut off on it's own, but now it has come on again, but does go back off intermittently. We did recently have a cold snap here (temps. of -16 with -40 windchills), though it has thawed out now, and when I took it to a mechanic, he said that may have caused the light to come on, reset the light, but pulled the code which is p0010, however the light has been coming back on has usually been going back off. Any advice?

how much is this repair going to cost. I am assuming that it is either the MAF sensor or faulty wiring into the AIT harness. The check engine light is on and it is also causing the traction control light to come on intermittently.

What should I look at next?

I have already changed the speed sensor that is located behind and below the alternator. Transmission will not shift out of low gear. Please help!!!