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I replaced my front driver side wheel bearing in my 06 g6 gt. After which I am getting an error message in the car of ABS and traction control...I don't know why. PLEASE HELP!
have replaced front wheel bearings replaced tires all balanced to zeros rims are not bent
I have a transmission leak and was told that due to motor mounts being bad that it is causing stress on engine and transmission joint and causing leak.
this has happened about twice in the past year the second time just a month-to- two months ago I have not located a resevoir for fluid and according to the manual diagram for this engine, it does'nt show one to put ...
I bought this car new and it has 57,000 miles. About 2 yrs ago it started making a noise that I can only describe as what it sounds like when you drive through mud and your tires sling it against the car. The dealer s...
someone opened the gas cap door and bent it as far as they could agaisnt the car. i am not sure how to fix this
A service engine light has come on and the brace that is connected to the hydraulic and motor is broken.
3 weeks later engine quit.. mechanic says there was no oil and appeared to been leaking out. he says engine is seized. wouldnt pcm have shut the engine down before catastrophic failure???
she pulled to side and a mechanic came to assist it wouldnt start or turn. oil was empty and appeared to have been leaking out. he is telling her engine seized. wouldnt the pcm have shut this engine down before catast...
When i start my car and go I put the a/c on and heat and nothing comes on then after about ten minutes of driving it works. It stays working until i shut off the car. Anybody knows the problem
I got it checked out and its troubleshooting P0449, and P0455. They both say something about the solenoid failed, a vacuum leak in the engine, or EVAP canister broke.
It had been working alright and than just stopped. It it all right to replace it with a different type radio and CD player?
All windows are up when it rained but even when there is no rain it is soaked, thinking maybe a/c but not sure. The carpet is so soaked i have mildew in carpet and it smells. Just wandering if there is a plug or somet...
Having a problem during acceleration with my G6. When I'm driving it normally and I go to gently accelerate while running below 2000 RPM, the engine begins to sputter like it is wanting to die, then will suddenly acc...
how to change the headlight bub out
have replaced passenger headlight bulb, but, recently discovered wires within harness that are all fried and worn out. Body shop tried another harness only high beam worked, not low beam. How do I know if i need entir...
Starts good in the morning, but then very tough to start after that unless sits for 4 hours or more.
it started to come out a bit then quit about a week ago now only makes a sound like it should but no fluid
not cool enough for my taste and slight noise and notice water when on and sitting still
How do I fix my G6 emblem on my dashboard because it doesn't turn on at nigh?
problem with the car starting. sometimes it takes me four or more times to get it to start. the battery has been replaced.
Can you tell me the cost of the replacement of the passenger side door handle?
Can you tell me the cost of the replacement of the passenger side door handle?
My vehicle was running along fine until one afternoon when it wouldn't start - turned key, and got absolutely nothing. Was diagnosed with code P0615, dealer replaced (under federal emmissions warranty until 80,000 mi...
Back floor boards filling up with water. No signs of water coming in from any where but absorbing up through carpet, that is the only thing that is wet and you can see holding water. This happens even when car has bee...