you think your headlights are going out constantly but they're not they are still good.

willthese be expensive to repair

Car died now it won't start. Can't even jump start


Bumpy ride, almost like driving over railroad tracks. Not getting check service light, but know my car and driving it feels different. Need to replace both or is only one alright to do?

Is it an electrical power I can fix myself or take to a dealer?

Car was running fine. Left to go home from work and started the car. The alternator light stayed on, the traction control light was on and couldn't be turned off and the console screen said reduced power. What do I do. Single mother here, this is my only vehicle. I made it home but it would quit. It would start back but still same thing happened. Thank you!

2009 pontiac g6 gt

steering wheel very hard to turn when first started sometimes won't turn at all, then suddenly my steering comes back with out warning ??

The car runs fine but the engine light is on. The cat converter is maybe 3 months. It failed inspection bc of the p0420. Is this going to be expensive?

My whole wheel and car will shake when braking I am also the below comment about the steering shaft so this may have some cause behind it.

We have had to replace my steering shaft 3 times total and really it needs to be done again but the Pontiac dealers do not have the parts in yet. However I have gone thru about 6 tires in a year two in three days and I was just wondering if I got an alignment would it even fix the problem or does the shaft have to be fixed as well?

The buttons for 1-6 still change but the volume won't go up or down.

The fuel gauge is stuck on empty but the digital readout still works for the miles you can get out of a tank. How do I check to make sure if it's the gauge or the sending unit?

I just got a recall for the harness on teh bcm connector, I have had some issues and hopefully the recall will fix it.. check with GM to see if yours is in the recall.. worth a shot

need ride hight spects

I did replace the gas cap before the check engine light came on not sure if gas cap could be faulty after a year which would cause 3 codes to come up. Anyone know how to check or have a diagram of where these vapor lines are? Gas tank reads E.

the car jerks when i start up a hill or when I press the gas to take off from a stop. thank you

Middle light within assembly does not work because when buld was replaced before the protective back cover was not put on. Pigtail that contains a black and yellow with is melted and the black wire is completely broken. Need assistance finding a replacement. When searching online they show Head lamp assemblies but I can't tell if the wiring/pigtails are included.