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My car air vent is giving a weird sound like some stick or leaves are inside it and this sound is only occurring when outside air is flowing in Any suggestions how to repair it or how much will it cost
I have replaced them 3 times since buying the car four years ago.
What would be te cost to repair it, also my driver seat broken, what is the estimated cost.
blowing hot air and making funny noises under the hood.
When I remove the keys & the car is no longer running sometimes the car will still blow air through the vents, not continuously but off & on.
scanned and came up with p0300 and p0404.performed in line spark test and replaced coil pack with no change.egr valve making faint exaust popping like exaust leak.ruled out crank sensor since it does start.80% sure it...
the repair man said he uses a higher end strut that will last a little longer than the standard strut
how do you fix a tie rod on my 2006 Pontiac G6?
I need spark plugs for my 2006 pontiac g6. I was told i have to get the brand AC Delco. At the store, they cost $7.09 each. how many do I need to fix my car?
Car will not start but the radio comes on, electric doors lock and open and windows work. Tried a new battery. had starter tested its ok, ran a test and it gave an error u0100 lost communication with ECM/PCM "A". To...
i was at a stop sign went to go and it was as if i was in nuetral no drive at all. i had to use slap shift. then once i got to about 35 or so i could put it back into drive and it was fine until i got under that speed...
Check engine light keeps returning… This past weekend we changed the EGR valve on our 2006 G6. We had the battery cables off over night to ensure the reset of computer. We drove it next day, drove about 5 miles and ch...
It will run good for days then start doing this had it checked out nothing can be found.When checked out a lot of codes came it but still is not fixed
I have a check engine light on and the dealer said its probably the evap purge valve. I also noticed that every time I put gas in the car it starts hard the first time.
I have a 2006 Pontiac G6, When I drive long distances; sometimes short distances. My brakes get extremely tight. To stop, I dont even have to press the break. The tires shake as well. I just got a tire change and ali...
What does fault code 1516 mean?
At the stop light in drive, foot on brake my car revs up?
Would it be my throttle body or my mass air flow sensor?
Recently purchased My 08' G6 4cyl for my fiance, it has been running fine although the past week we had issues 1.) The driver side rear door half the time it wont unlock. 2.) The issue started happening yesterday, Whi...
I tried to start the car but it wont start. The lights and power are still on but the car just wont start,Why?
I noticed the battery light came on while I was driving to work after replacing the postive battery cable. The wipers moved really slow and the lights were dim. When I got to work the car died while pulling into a pa...
The volume knob and power sunroof just stopped working and the powersource/cig lighter does not work, cant find any blown fuses- please help
also flasher come on and doors lock and unlock till battery is dead.
I have change the gas cap with an oem piece,check the fill neck and tube and it looks ok and i have tried the drive cycle test to see if the monitors would be ready so i can go for my inspection sticker and pass the e...
I started to back out my G6 yesterday and then the car went completely dead. There is no power what so ever. It's like when the power goes out in your house. Nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
hard shifting when drivin... we read cumputer codes po641