just came on no performance issue

The locknuts were rusty and one way and hard to get off. I ended up pulling out my grinder it was a nightmare. And despite the part stores insistance the bushings were right they weren't. (Thank you canadian tire)

Drove it 15 miles the noise is back without the vibration. Do I change the bushings next? And I know I have done them at the same time as the link!

verytime I go to put gas in it

Just put new fuel pump & now car won't crank the engine turns over and sometimes changer parked or charger parked message pops up...battery & starter both good

My check engine light is on. I had it read and the codes all point to my camshaft. However, recently, "service traction" appears on my dash and my car sounds like it isn't working like it should. Braking doesn't sound smooth. Any ideas what "service traction" means and what i would need to fix it? My dad thinks i need to have my codes reset or something...

My high beams and parking lights work, I've checked the fuses and relays, and also disconnected my new negative on my battery and put it back on

Rear bumper replacement

While driving accelerating gage is jumping from 20 to 40 then back down, then the car stopped with error message & would not go - this happened today. We just got it out of dealership last Friday from "repair" of transmission cable recall.
Could the faulty cable have caused the transmission to go out???

had no fuel pressure so I replaced the fuel pump the car still wouldn't start so I check for spark had full spark on all four spark plugs, I also check the injectors for pulse signal that check out ,the next step was compression full comp. One was a little low .l replace the crank sensor and both cam sensor , can please help me lm stuck!

The power stays on even with the key out. I tried running a diagnostic test but the reader showed no codes even though the check engine light is on.

Would like to know if the dealer is required to replace these or can I do them myself.

Every other light in the back works. The brake lights and the turn signals work perfectly. I checked all the fuses and relays and they're all good. I'm thinking it's a grounding problem but I figured I'd ask before I go taking everything apart again

you think your headlights are going out constantly but they're not they are still good.

willthese be expensive to repair

Car died now it won't start. Can't even jump start


Bumpy ride, almost like driving over railroad tracks. Not getting check service light, but know my car and driving it feels different. Need to replace both or is only one alright to do?