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My car is a 2008 ive only had this car for 3years....back in 2013 there was a recall on my shift cable i took it to the dealership where they said they fixed it (remind you its been the same shift cable in the car since 2008 when the car was made) Last week my shift cable went out....what i dont understand is if they fixed it the 1st time quote on quote then why 2years later the "NEW SHIFT CABLE" goes out in that case i should have kept the same one that was in the car to start from 2008-2013....i paid $216.00 to get my car fixed and they are telling me that i cant get my money back because they quote on quote fixed the problem in 2013 when i took it in for a recall....So my question is: Did anybody take there car in for a recall for the Shift cable and it still wasnt working or went out?

The sound changes in pitch dependent on the speed. It makes the sound regardless of engine speed as the sound doesn't change when I place the car in Neutral. It started about 2 weeks ago and it seems to be getting louder. At first it was intermittent but now it's constant. I replaced the front brakes but that didn't affect the noise. It seems to be coming from the front axle area.

Got transmission cable fixed on the recall then next day car won't start took it back now they saying it's the starter.the car act like it wants to start but codes came up

we tried to jump start the car and that didn't work, we checked all the fuses that we could,we even tried to disconnect the battery then hook it back up, nothing.. there is absolutely no power to the car what so ever

i have replaced and done the repair with or without shellac , done it with OEM and aftermarket seal just cant figure out why after replacing it will go a month or so then start to leak again

have replaced the seal numerous times continues to leak after a month or so would really like some advice on this matter. used OEM seals as well also used a shellac and have installed without shellac. any help is appreciated.i have done it so many times it takes 20 minutes to do the job from start to finish. does this vehicle come with a pcv valve if so where is it located


While the car is running and or off i can smell gasoline really strong. But yet dont see any leakage. What's the best explanation for this?

It open good but it will not complete top up

What is the problem here & what do I need to fix?

It occurs alot

The car has 55,000 and some change on it, i have already changed the brakes twice, the whole front end feels and sounds like its hanging on by a thread and now this. Anyone have an idea what it might be?

Having no performance problems. Should I start with the o 2 sensor?

And my anti theft light also comes on sometimes. The fuel gauge goes down to the empty and says low fuel when the gas tank is full. When I shut the car off and try and start it again it wont start. I leave it set for five minutes or so and try and start it and it starts again with no lights on. As Im driving the abs, tc and engine light comes on again and it also backfires
codes are: U2105, U2107, U2106, U0073, P0700

Low idol started and half the power on takeoff. Cooling fans not engaging. It hasn't overheated. Can I fix this myself? Where is the fuse that I need to change and the wire for the upgrade. Please tell me I don't have to spend $50+ to have some grease monkey change a fuse.

How do I know my mechanic put new rotors in front, rather than resurfacing my existing rotors?

my car is a 2007pontiac g6 where does the freon go in at?

My check engine light is not on and no noise apparent from engine. I'm thinking its the sensor but not sure. Dnt have money to waste. I'm a single mom with two kids and need my car!! Any suggestions plzzzz

Also shows codes 0300, 0303, but I know that means misfire 3rd cyl. Started a week ago, mild, now its pretty much like its chugging, and I worry about making it every time I drive it.

What Type size requirements and specifications

Type size requirements and specifications