The car has 55,000 and some change on it, i have already changed the brakes twice, the whole front end feels and sounds like its hanging on by a thread and now this. Anyone have an idea what it might be?

Having no performance problems. Should I start with the o 2 sensor?

And my anti theft light also comes on sometimes. The fuel gauge goes down to the empty and says low fuel when the gas tank is full. When I shut the car off and try and start it again it wont start. I leave it set for five minutes or so and try and start it and it starts again with no lights on. As Im driving the abs, tc and engine light comes on again and it also backfires
codes are: U2105, U2107, U2106, U0073, P0700

Low idol started and half the power on takeoff. Cooling fans not engaging. It hasn't overheated. Can I fix this myself? Where is the fuse that I need to change and the wire for the upgrade. Please tell me I don't have to spend $50+ to have some grease monkey change a fuse.

How do I know my mechanic put new rotors in front, rather than resurfacing my existing rotors?

my car is a 2007pontiac g6 where does the freon go in at?

My check engine light is not on and no noise apparent from engine. I'm thinking its the sensor but not sure. Dnt have money to waste. I'm a single mom with two kids and need my car!! Any suggestions plzzzz

Also shows codes 0300, 0303, but I know that means misfire 3rd cyl. Started a week ago, mild, now its pretty much like its chugging, and I worry about making it every time I drive it.

What Type size requirements and specifications

Type size requirements and specifications

"The ticking"...

I am having an issue with my headlights not working during the day. The day lights do come on once the car is put into drive, reverse and neutral, but not in park. During
the day the light switch will pretty much not work at all with the exception of the high beam "flash." The auto light switch, the manual lights, and the high beams are non
functional during the day. At night the lights do come on and the high beams are functional. I have to get my car inspected next week and don't have a lot of extra cash so I am desperate at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

spends 2 quarts of oil per month

clicks an barely will turn over battery is good the starter and altanator are good. it just died on me while driving an an hasnt started since. when i try startn it the locks pop on an off the cd player goes crazy like loading a cd. im stumped. trie jump starting it and its like it has less power to start then when try with key. any ideas? im stumped

it aint getn enough power to start

Car running like crap all of a sudden, loss of engine power, traction control and check engine light all have come on at once. Will run okay for a minute and then start missing, stalling and running like crap all of a sudden.

After oil change my car began making strange noise and leaking some kind of oil. I bought A Repair Oil Leak liquid to add to engine oil. Is the crankshaft the same as where you pour your engine oil into? That's where the bottle says to place it.

I have a 2005 pontiac G6 that had been leaking oil for some time and the burning oil smell would go into the cat if I have the AC on. and lately the car would start a rattling sound coming from the engine bay. It would only make the noise at idle or low speed below 20mph. However I can't pin point what it may be.

hood release handle under dash has play in it as if not tensioned...