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My head light fixture is busted, so I don't want to take it off, but my blinker is not workering an the bulb is busted how can I change the bulb with out removing the headlight fixture
There is a knocking sound in my 2008 G5. Diagnostic code recommended changing the knocker sensor. Knocker sensor replaced. Knocking sound remains.
My coolant temp readout reads -----. Don't seem to hear the a/c clutch kick in when I switch on the a/c
When driving it sounds like im stuck in 2nd gear/overdrive. Icant locate an overdrive button if there is one. Now ck engine light is on.
It has happen three times so far, I would put my key and the key will not turn, I jiggle it, play with transmission shifter. After trying this a few times the will turn and engine turns over. ????
It has around 143,000 miles, recently bought from a private party owner and whenever I start in 1st gear it sputters as if I am driving a manual for the first time. I got a test for the check engine light and they sai...
What is the average Coolant temp? I have noticed mine runs between 185-217. Is this within normal range?
i left my car for a little over a week and when i came home the car was dead - jumped it and it was ok - left for 2 days and died again - jumped again... now the odometer and anything that has to do with mileage is N...
My engine is acting funny but I'm not getting an error code or check engine light. I put my foot on the gas and it revs to 4 RPM before coming down back to 2 RPM.
Had a diagnostic ran and it talks about cam shafts as well as timing belt.
I have a leak from the front end of my pontiac g 5. It's on the rhs infront of the right tire... any idea what it may be before I start freaking out?
Daughter rear ended a vehicle, did a couple grand damage. Appears to be strictly metal and plastic damage, airbags did not deploy. car will start every time but shuts off immediately. Wondering if it has the built in ...
Was driving when belt broke, not completely but close. I want to know if the motor has to be lifted to do the repair? Help?
The car over heated then it sounded like something popped, rattling sound,then it was steaming, and pulled over to cool off.
After it starts I can drive it it's ok , the next time I go to star it , it's ok
I have not been in an accident but it says my air bag on the drivers side needs attention. I was just driving when it came on. I have never been in an accident with this car. Could this be part of the recall. The egni...
I noticed a smell coming from my car this winter. I traced the smell to wet carpet on the passenger side floor. Fast forward 7 months to summer. I notice the smell again. Again my passenger side carpet is soaked. Any ...
my blinker won't stay on I have to hold it up just for it to keep blinking... I have taken it apart and reversed both metal pieces and it didnt work.. its mainly my right blinker but both blinkers do this..note I have...
i have a 2009 pontiac g5 i have had the steering column replaced twice last time 9/13. i was told the intermediate steering shaft is binding . should the whole componet been replaced when the 2nd steering colum was re...
The sound starts whenever I get above 40k it gets louder when I hit the gas or the breaks what could this be
I am needing to take the car to texas 810 miles and was wondering if this would basically leave me walking ?
preliminary - all cylinders check 150# & above for compression - replaced coil and plug (original plug loaded with carbon) - visually seen solid spark on #2 plug when checked having spark plug in coil plug laying on ...
The right front turn signal and the remote started will not work all the time. Where do I begin to look?
turn signal will not turn off after turn. the lever does not return to center