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1989 pontiac firebird formula cost to convert from auto to manual tranny?
whiney noise. its an 86 2.8 ltr. bought as a fixer upper. not sure where to go from here has spark? and fuel? hard for me to tell because of the initial problem.
i think its the rocker arm but told that they arent adjustable in 3.4 ltr v6 gm motor in 1995. what is it and what could i do
Had to replace water pump and now hear a thumping noise and car don't want to stay running? Whats going on? Please help.
Repair, or replace. Whichever is cheaper. I'll be asking a few more questions all about this car if you have the time, please help me and answer them, thank you
fuel injectors were leaking so i chaqnged them and fuel filter and added fuel treatment because car sat up for 3 months. car sometimes starts but runs badly and stalls
someone took center console out and it started doing this
Car sat for 7 years. already replaced coil,module,pickup,fuel pump and filter,cap and button, checked all fuses and fusable links,tps. shows good on the vantage with no flat spots or dropouts. I'm sure I'm missing som...
Regarding my 97 Trans Am WS6, with the LT1 engine, the low coolant light on my dash seems to come on intermittently. I have checked, cleaned, and verified a good ground, checked and verified good connections, and I c...
I have a 1991 manual transmission Pontiac Firebird with 3.1L V6 MPI engine. My dad haven't use it in year so I decided to use it, I can get it to turn over but can't get it to start. I took out the old gas and put in ...
The car blew the radiator a few weeks ago, the mechanic replaced the radiator, water pump and thermostat. I had the car back for one day, had to take it back vibrates and engine light came on. They replaced all spark...
its a 5 spd and i changed the plugs checked the cat. its good . but it still bogs down real bad
its worst the 1st start of day, hard to start, cuts out/dies when I push on the gas til its been ran a while and the fuel fuse blows when I get down to about a quarter of a tank
Tried replacement but those doors were just as bad
Came on yesterday now won't go off at all. Exhaust is loose on one side can this do it?
When Cold the car shift hard and warm up kinda smooth out what should i do?
I just got the egr valve changed, also one of the ignition coils. Drove about 15 miles then it started to over heat and smoke really bad like it had no coolant in radiator, then I began to smell a burning smell like o...
THe security light has came on and wont turn off. I had the lights reset but it still came on.
i need to know where the oil filter coolant lines tie in to the system i thought it tied into the heater control valve some where?
I noticed backfiring after easing off the gas.
convertible windows leak in the rain, and in the car wash. How can I fix it.
the head lights are not working right.all the bolbs are good.but when im running low beams one light is on ans the three others are verry low. and when im running high beams just the two left lights are on.