does a motor out of a chevy interchange with my motor and does it have to have camshaft and crankshaft sensors to start engine

Driver's window will go down. Sometimes it will go all the way up, sometimes and couple of inches and stop. Sometimes an inch at a time. I traced an accompanying noise to the Express Module. Module allows for one-touch rolling down. I checked the switch and am getting voltage throught the switch. I've also replaced the circuit breaker. Is there anything else to check?

How much would you expect it to cost to replace an ignition lock and cylinder?

we rebuilt the engine, now t doesnt want to go

My Heater is not blowing out hot only cold no matter what selection is made on the controls mix,a/c,def,etc. I've checked the radiator fluid it's full, checked hoses they are hot, there's no radiator fluid smell nor is there any kind of fluid in the passenger compartment floor board. The temp gauge when car is not started, sits at 0 and when the car gets to running temp goes to about 180 to 200 like it should. Not sure why it's not blowing out hot. We've had some pretty cold temps here in Montana and wind chills could it be that it's just so dang cold that it can't get my heater working correctly?

car ran great yesterday but today fuel pump not working and fuel gage over full

My transmission lost 3rd and 4th gear and I want to know actual time to change it

when i turn my head lights off they go down but the right one pops right back up!!! what s going on

Is there a cabin air filter, and how do you change it.

The car starts intermittenly and now the security light comes on intermittenly too. Already changed the battery, starter and relays. Could it be a bad body control module?

from the junk yard i found 2.8 parts is that ok?

Change the battery, starter & relay already. It still has problems starting intermit. Now the secuity light comes on. Could this be the bcm? Help

i just placed a new ignition module in and i can't find out what the code needs to be to match the switch?

my light to my car isnt voming up like it should when i turn the lights on what should i do?

The driver side side headlight assembly works fine but the passenger side does not come up when the lights are turned on. The motor has been checked and is fine and all the fuses are okay. What could the problem be?

idles good can not drive start to back fire when you increase engine speed.

how much will a slave cylinder cost to be repaired in an '84 pontiac trans am??

i was driving and out the blue it just stop going in gear but it steel start with know problem

The oil leak was coming from underneath the oil pan and under the passenger side of the engine. I bought dye to see where it was and emptied out my oil and when I went to jug the used oil notices water/coolant in it cause it was seperating. The engine is a new crate engine from autozone and is only under 3 years and some months old. Any idea what this is from. Please help me thank you. The engine is clean and all I just don't know if I should put new oil in it and the dye and see something I don't want to chance ruining the engine.

I have the catalytic converters, and want to know what it should cost to have them installed "welded" into place. It is a dual exhaust, and there are two catalytic converters.

repairing headgasket

88'Firebird 5.0 tbi cold hard start, warmed up car runs fine. hot, hard start cts changed egr ok plugs,timing wires ok runs poorly till warmed up very hard to start when parked after running and warm.smell gas when I stop car. runs great when car warm. Help

engine turns over will no run fuel pump was replaced

car runs for a while then turns off while driving... will not start ..after cranking for a while it will run again then stop and will not run till it cools off..the coil was changed a new rotor and cap installed fresh fuel and fuel additives installed..could you help please

were is # 1 on dist cap pontiac 5.7

Air conditioning is blowing warm air with clutch moving/engaged and have added r134a twice.


How do I replace a turn signal flasher in an 02 pontiac firebird. don't want to pay the $200 i was quoted at the dealership. thanks for your help.

why does the window stay down and not always go back up when i press the button

Not sure it's my nephews car