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how to replace motor in door when motor doesn't work?
The radio goes off for long periods of time and then will work again. When the radio isn't working, my power windows don't work either. How are they connected and what can I do to fix the problem?
can the oil pan be taken out without haveing to lift the motor or does the engine have to be lifted up
Window off track and loose inside door-believe dealership said its broken rollers-having a hard time finding the part. one was found, sent, only to find same part was broken. Back to square 1. Where to find the part?
where are all the bolts? what all needs to be removed?
Labor cost in installation of pacesetter headers + Y-Pipe in 1997 Pontiac Trans Am?
I have replaced the intake manifold, the "friend" helping me took off the vacuum hoses,,,I need a diagram as to how the hoses should be put back on, I don't have a clue, since I didn't take them off and I'm not famila...
how many hours of labor go into replacing a timing cover gasket and what is a fair price to pay a buddy for doing it for me?
1.the a/c cools fine but after a minute the clutch of the compressor kicks out what can be the reason? 2.can somebody tell me were is the thermostat of the a/c positoned and were are the wiring goes to?
I need a tune up and probably a fuel injector
i had a rydler pully broken that disconcted some wires under the hood and after that happend the a/c starts cooling and then stops cooling after a minute or two minute. maby there are wires of the thermostat there th...
i had a leak in a hose and fixed it earlier that day. turned the car off and went into a store and when i came back out it would crank but not start. Put in a new control module and coil and no change.Im not getting ...
sometimes have to push the clutch several times before it does anything
I'm putting an '89 Formula back together. The engine runs but the idle is low and jumps from 6 to 800 rpms. I tried a new maf sensor (that's the code I'm getting) but that didn't work. Spark plugs, wires, injectors...
How much would it be to get the power locks on the doors and the windows fixed?
it has been doing it for about 3 weeks it is my wifes car she has to swipe her card to get into work she will roll the window down and then the radio goes off and she cant roll them back up. I have put my scanner on i...
need to replace oil pump
I have a coolant leak coming from the pass side above the water pump, i beileve it's the intake gasket? how much should this cost to repair and how hard is it to do yourself?
broken cable cannot get to eingin
i am clueless on the prob rough idle.idles at about 700rpm.boggs down when accelerating. bickfires when u giver gas. and a very rich gas odor please any ideas hopfully u know a lil more than i do?????
Went to get my car outta storeage last weekend, and i had an engine crank no start issue. wasn't getting spark or fuel. cleaned off the cap and rotor and got spark back, but still not getting fuel. used a pressure tes...
1 can't get my interior lights to go off 2 can't get my brake light to come on all bulbs replaced lights work just doesn't brighten the pedal is pushed 3 can't get the blinkers to work on my passenger side front light...
Ok, I got one for you. I normally answer these but I am a little stumped. The pass side headlight actuator motor started to make this groaning/howling/vibrating noise when opened or closed. It opens and closes smoothl...
i have a 94 firebird v6 the head lights pop up but the head lights want come on also the horn dont work, all other lights are fine please help me solve this problem. thanks
how does the filler neck come out of fuel tank
i changed my 94 from auto to 5speed with all 95 parts an the clutch wont disengage
Occasionally my radio goes off then I can't use my power windows. Then when the radio comes back on the windows work. Is that a wiring problem. Note: When I bought the car I had an Alpine alarm security system put...
My heater cord is going out on my 93 Firebird and instead of replacing it I want to bypass it any suggestions
How many hours of labor is this estimate for?
Where are the knock sensors located?