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For whatever reason both the power windows and the stereo quit working at the same time. Steps taken to try and resolve the issue: Change stereo decks change wiring harness for stereo changed relay for power wind...
This morning I start my car to warm it up...and left it run for ten minutes..when I come back my car was,t running...but all light were on and radio...was working...Is anibody know what could be wrong with my car?
the head lights are not working right.all the bolbs are good.but when im running low beams one light is on ans the three others are verry low. and when im running high beams just the two left lights are on.
when put the low beams on all four light come on but there are low low volteg lights showing
It's as if door actuator dosn't turn off when lowered.
Running along fine then clutch went out,checked fluid,none.I filed it up and pushed clutch pedal fluid came out bottom looks like from bell houseing
call this noise tappet noise. It goes away usually after the engine warms up.
one headlight is stuck up on drivers side. and no low beam on drivers side. plus the marker lights on bottom passanger side
Need to know where short might be at. thought it was just the switch and it was replaced twice both times burnt out in ten min. where could short be?
i just replaced ignition lock cylinder
radio goes on and off then the power windows will not work either
Car has been running fine. Yesterday went to start. Nothing; acted like battery dead (has a brand new battery). Went to jump start; nothing but headlight motors ran for a few seconds and then an electrical burning s...
car starts and runs fine but because the security light being on it will not let me program my new keyless entry fob.
In between 1500-2300 rpm car runs rough/sluggish what could be the problem? I just replaced all the sensors, and it still not running correctly.
Got engine apart found broken connecting rod.Now I can not find a connecting rod any ideas,I found some that say gm 3800 3.8 v6.also says mfi K is that same as mine.Seems all is same but does not say for firebird.
I have had a performance problem with the car bogging down and feeling like it lost horsepower after i overreved the car passing someone on the highway but the engine light went off and the car drives fine just with l...
Engine is 3.8 was thinking of pulling oil pan to see if rod was broken.Will not turn pulling or using a large braker bar on crank what can I do other than new motor?
My owners manual does not show me were to put in freon in my car.
and now that the oil has been changed the gauge reeds realy high like it may be about to blow the engiene any thoghts to what to check for im going to check the oil and make sure it isnt over full.
1. Same goes for the headlight door module located on the firewall near the brake master cylinder. 2. Left headlight opens but has to be closed manually. Passenger headlight goes on but the door won't open by switch...
The headlight will not open and close when the switch is used.
1993 Pontiac Firebird, 5.8L manual trans.
how to change the power window motor