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Lights will come on if I do it manually but not automatically with opening door or unlocking doors. I bought the correct harness for car.
I've had this problem for over a year now. sometimes car idle smoothly, others it chugs hard, almost stalls itself out/ battery fluctuates. When accelerating easy it runs normal. when accelerating heavy there is a lou...
interior lights and sunroof do not work either. happened all at once parked car came back a week later locks, interior lights, sunroof seem to have no power
tried another relay still same results what else could be my problem checked purple wire for a open it checked out ok
it started out only shifting hard after a longer drive but does it most of the time now
Had read a tutorial on about.com. Seems like good general info but my tool box is limited so I make due. Need to know how important the wrench is to my vehicle.
Takes time to start again. Replaced starter 3 weeks ago. Gas sta mechanic can't find anything wrong. Going to a dea
If I turn it off it comes back fine. Occasionally it will do it again after restart but not always
It's hard to put in grar
I was wondering if I need any specific tools like a puller to do my right front wheel bearing...trying to get it done today so I can get front end alignment done tomarrow. Putting a lot if work miles on car....
When doing the passenger wheel bearing is there any special tools required? I've heard that they are and arnt special tools? If special tools is there a way to get by without it? Would a grand Prix b the same process?...
tester lights up good when first check, then it begins to fade. Any ideas? Went to a reputable junk yard and purchased a ECM, now it will not even try to turn over. Guys I need your help on this one.
I replaced the mass air flow sensor and engine stopped stalling but now the engine shuts down during driving for long distance, restarts but shuts off again. I had to hit the gas quickly to keep the car running otherw...
I have changed a I keep getting Evap reading.what sensor is causing my gas mileage to go under 7 miles to the gallon?
Let the car sit for an hour it starts back up
both drivers side windows won't go down doors won't lock