Also is worse as outside air temperature is warmer. It becomes more apparent. Also will intermittently surge as accelerating is taking place, but not always.

the other day I left on a trip I checked everything and it was ok. along the way during my trip. when I slowed down to take a turn onto a junction towards my destination the car all of a sudden started to rev up and there was no acceleration in speed but the gas started to go down really fast.. I made it to the town with only 1/4 of a tank left in the car. and I made this trip many times before. so it shouldn't have used 3/4 of a tank in that little mount of time/ miles. but now every time I start the engine. it runs rough and you can smell gas... any questions what this is?

I am experiencing a squeaking from the engine and it only does it when it gets warm outside. It sounds like a small dog barking/squeaking..In addition only does it when im sitting still..when it motion it doesn't do it..or I cant tell cause the car is moving..one or the other...I was originally told water pump. Replaced and it still does it. Soemthing is heating up and no one really, really know without taking the car apart

I am having minor electrical issues with my 2004 Pontiac. The gauges act up but eventually go back to normal. Sometimes when I open the doors the radio doesn't turn off or the interior light doesn't come on. Sometimes the headlights don't operate on daytime mode but work fine on manual mode. I have checked the battery cable for corrosion. I also read online that sometimes the battery cable could be faulty. I need to know if this can lead to further issues or if anyone knows of a solution. I know electrical issues can be complicated and costly.

Is my temastate stuck?

car was bouncing and pulling and jerking side ways when hitting bumps or pot holes. With new shocks the car rides worse now with new ones. Was told they needed replaced because they were wore out and leaking oil. bought shocks at auto zone and had them replaced was wondering what to do

How can I solve this problem with the oil gauge?

Where can I purchase a piece of metal above rocker panel in front of rear tire. Is there after market kits I can buy?

heat is lost after replacing the battery. Would like to reset by removing the fuse and replacing it to reset.

Dinging when in drive

Can someone send me a picture of a correctly indexed temp actuator? It would b appreciated

The cable is not broke and I can here moter moter run. Cable is attached at each end but I don't c it hooked anywhere in middle.

Heater only blows out dash vent and still the same after installing a new mode actuator

Is airflap actuator the same thing as mode actuator

cannot control windows or side mirrors with driverside panel, nor any other passenger door button

Just one day, car wouldn't start, so we changed the starter, The battery has full charge, has gas and it still will not turn over to start.

It doesn't matter if it is cold, warmed up. We have had really cold weather, warm weather, rain, snow makes no differnce. It starts right back up when you try to start again. It is not heating up good oil pressure, just dies out of the blue

my battery died and i hooked up to jumper cables and charged it back up but when i go to start my car all i get is a simple click from the engine. any suggestions on what to do? is it the starter or something else i should look at?

I put a new egr in and cleaned any blockage I found going from egr valve to the intake. Service light is still on. Egr feedback tested .12v once and no voltz most of the time.tested 5volt ref-got 5.1v. Tested power source got 11.8 v. Ground circuit was good-it read 12v when I tested it to the battery.I looked at pcm wires and didn't c anything burnt. Not sure what wires to test...there is a lot of them. I Seen #'s next to the wires in the pcm. Not sure what to do next.If u can help it would b much appreciated

I'm thinking 1 or more hvac actuators r bad. Can anyone tell me which acuator is bad. Its been a cold winter in Michigan not to have your heater working right. 25 below wind chill today:(

how do i find out if it came with radio controls on the column from the factory or not

it's faster when I lEt off the gas.. almost sounds like something rUbbing metal to metal. could it be rod bearings? Has my idol Off and I die at stop signs

Everything runs normal on my car but when the auto lights come on all the dash light radio and heater/a/c lights go off. All the dummy lights work but no illuminating lights. Anyone know what might cause this?

My abs light came on and before I got a chance to look in to it I noticed a puddle of brake fluid under where the master cylinder is. What may be the cause. Was it whatever the abs light was on or was the abs light on cause the master cylinder.I will repair it myself I'm just trying to get a grasp on the problem to try and pin point the original problem. Thanks for any and all advise. I've never changed the master cylinder so if there's anything that would make it easier let me know. Thank you

starts and run great, Plenty of power just smoke like a pig on cold start.

the voltage drops really low when i step on the break

car shows security on the dash occassionaly - but dealer did not show this on diagnostic test -- drove the car 3 miles after the new regulator went in -- car stalled again - no security code displayed -- what next ?

Today i checked my oil n it kinda smelled like gas n a quart low

Loud, stinks and cuts off while running

P0336 CKS code with tach dropping to zero from 2000 then erratic. Code occasionally will clear then reoccur. Loss of power when climbing hill. Never stalls always starts. 160,000 miles. In park, MAF shows steady increase in lbm/min when increasing rpm