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the call blow hot air all the time even when the a\c is on i think the acuator is bad how do i get to it and change it
My passenger front window and lock doesn't work electronically. We changed the door motor and it didn't change anything.
overdrive shift module location on car
I have hot air coming out of the drivers side air vents and cold air on the other side
the city i live in does have bad roads, and i try to go around the potholes, some are hard to though. i just had mine done last summer, and now i hear them again..my ride isnt as smoothe as it was wen i got them done ...
oil leaking into #2 cylinder. will it hurt to keep driving it.
The right side blows cold air and left side hot out. I can move air from vent to vent defrost, floor and center but only hot air on driver side
also the alam will activate but the interiors light will stay but will go off about 20min also when activate alams lights doesn't not flash.
blower only blows on floor and a little bit on passenger side vent
car was in a front end accident. not much damage. now wont start
the system accept for a condensor. We also used die to locate a leak and found out it was leaking at the low preessure valvce and we change the valve stem and stop it now its leaking down again
have found molded dash boards that fit over original dash but not for my 92. Any help would be appreciated. it has 85,000 original miles and runs like a champ would like to get the interior replaced & painted. the das...
I thouht it might not be getting a good battery connection, rplaced the posiive post. stil dosnt start
It only does it when it wants to I don't get it
the compressor has been checked, car is full of freon, may be temperature control module or temperature mode door actuators. need help determining which one.
brock one off it was cheaper to change both instead of finding one and paniting it so i just got both and change colors
When i get it started and turn on the ac or try to roll up my windows it dies
In slow turns when accelerating into parking lots, intersections traction control light comes on and steering is very hard. Mechanic said it was cable being too short on turns but still does it after replacing. Mecha...
I changed all door modules and still no results any suggestions.
In the 1986 bonneville it has no front or rear running lights and keeps blowing the fuse for it as soon as you turn on the lights. The headlights, turn signals, and four ways all work. I have checked the illumination ...
my security is locked up. so my car wont start. what do I do? the anti theft.
This problem just started. When you go to turn on the ac switch, you hear it kicking on, but no ac blower air comes on. However, when the car makes up it's mind while driving, the ac comes on with cool air.
no codes showing pop up one morning but no problems before
from the time you start until you shut off/ car runs fine
front vents not opening, only air coming thru the defroster.
We have had no tranny problems until my wife had a fron end accident with it. now usually cold shifting to second gear it will randomly feel like its in neutral for 5or6 seconds. ps. this is an aut trans. thanks,scotmon