I have changed a I keep getting Evap reading.what sensor is causing my gas mileage to go under 7 miles to the gallon?

last week i filled my car up on friday went about 30 miles then all of a sudden car died then when i restarted it it wouldnt stay running in order for it to run i have to hold my gas pedal down. It drives fine as long as i give it gas but dies once i take my foot off gas. Help plz

What can i do to fix it

Let the car sit for an hour it starts back up

cam timing is off.

both drivers side windows won't go down doors won't lock

thought wheel sensor but checked with ohm meter and all seem to be working. Any ideas?

still have only cooler air blowing from vents while moving especially.

I had a new plenum kit installed. Bad seals and small leakage when warm caused random misfires. got that fixed. Along with oil change and radiator drained and refilled. Now i have a knocking sound that wasn't there before and some kind of small oil leak, I believe on front part of engine (from the light smoke). In the morning the oil pressure is fine. Could a bad install of the plenum cause an oil leak? Any other help would be great!

Speedometer does not work.

The ad has been up and down but now the unit is on but no air is blowing. Need to replace or remove compressor?

All windows but driver side can be controlled by driver control but driver side won't go down or up. Switch or window itself? Diy project or do I need professional help?

It only happened once in a while now it is more frequent

Sometimes it will turn over and not give me any trouble for a month then it acts like the key doesnt work when I turn it to on. We have had a new starter put on it. That wasnt the problem

I finally stopped buying parts and realized the brown wire supplying power to the climate control unit has a break in the line somewhere. I have no idea where to start my search tracing the wire. Can anyone help me out with its origin and or path it takes?