tried another relay still same results what else could be my problem checked purple wire for a open it checked out ok

Change Trans oil and filter

Not sure the cause

Ive tried everything turniing the key on fo 10 minutes to reset,lock the doors with remote and unlocking with key,tried tieing cables together for reset and security light still flashes and car wontstill wont start

is a Pontiac Bonneville 2003 i bought the part i just need the old removed and new put in.

it started out only shifting hard after a longer drive but does it most of the time now

Had read a tutorial on Seems like good general info but my tool box is limited so I make due. Need to know how important the wrench is to my vehicle.

I need the starter and fuel filter replaced

Takes time to start again. Replaced starter 3 weeks ago. Gas sta mechanic can't find anything wrong. Going to a dea

sometimes the gauges work just fine but most of the time they will not come on at all. The info center does not work when the gauges do not work. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with temp. My mechanic is pulling his hair out trying to fix this. It has done this in the past but always went away. This time it is more often than not.

was able to jump start it. radio and interior lights work when key is turned to auxilary.

The check engine light is flashing while going down the road. Stops when car is stop and running. Car got a miss.

It's hard to put in gear

If I turn it off it comes back fine. Occasionally it will do it again after restart but not always

It's hard to put in grar

I was wondering if I need any specific tools like a puller to do my right front wheel bearing...trying to get it done today so I can get front end alignment done tomarrow. Putting a lot if work miles on car....

When doing the passenger wheel bearing is there any special tools required? I've heard that they are and arnt special tools? If special tools is there a way to get by without it? Would a grand Prix b the same process? I see there are how to videos for them