I have replaced the fuel filter,crank shaft sensor,coil pk, the cycl and/key. And the car will not start. it cranks but that's it. And the security light is on!!!! Please help this Greek Lady out!!!!

I have replaced the fuel filter,crank shaft sensor,coil pk, the cycl and/key. And the car will not start. it cranks but that's it. And the security light is on!!!! Please help this Greek Lady out!!!!

transmission making a whinning sound

Rear end rides low and scrapes over bumps and driveways. New shocks but airbags not filling up. The compressor works. Tried with 300 lbs in trunk still nothing adjusted level control sensor and still low. Now what? How do I test the sensor to see if it is good?

once I slow down to make a turn, whats the problem

Does it idling driving slow in town on the freeway. Then occasionally when parking it tries to take off like I punched the gas. I've been told oxygen sensor does this sound right


will not crank most of the time...all dash lights work battery has good connection, new starter and solenoid.no theft security light on or flashing bad ignitions switch?

Im pretty sure I have a bad cv joint the car clicks when I first take off stop or turn corners

ir will take gas then it won't over and over again until I let it rest and then it's fine again. Could this b a cooling sensor or the fuel pump?? Please help

It runs just fine until u drive it for about an hr than with gas pedal pushed down it will take gas than it won't. Could this b the fuel pump

My 1992 Bonneville SE is stalling after 10 minutes or less then won't restart for about an hour. Initially it wouldn't put up a trouble code in the computer, but finally kept it running long enough to set up 2 codes. 31 and 41. The PNP switch has been bad ever since I owned the car, but the 41 code suggests the camshaft sensor circuit or cylinder select in the ECM. I am assuming it is the camshaft sensor since in the code reader manual, a 31 can also refer to the camshaft sensor circuit. By pulling the gear shift down to drive and increasing the RPMs, I got the car to keep running past the sputtering and it continued to run fine afterward until shut down and the check engine light appeared and revealed the codes. The engine would not restart until it had cooled down for about an hour. When it does this, I have checked and noted that there is no spark from any of the ignition coils until it has cooled. I have cooled the ignition coils with alcohol, but still they do not set off a spark until the engine itself has cooled. Any one else experience a problem similar to this and if so, what causes it. Engine runs great when running and has always been dependable until just 2 weeks ago when this problem surfaced.

Just bought the car used. The first day, it ran fine. After a couple days, it started idlin' then die. Id have to wait a while for it to start back up. The time varies, also. Sometimes it will last bout am hour, then next day it wont last a few minutes. The MAP sensor has been replaced. The crankshaft/camshaft sensor is also good. Please, I need help.

I was told there is a door module where can I get one at a fair price

Happens after car is driven for a while. It restarts after it stalls and runs awhile until it happens again. When it occurs interior lights come on. It happens both when driving or sitting at light. Car needs to be driven for it to happen. When it stalls everything shuts down. meters act erratically , rpm's up and down, battery gauge drops, until complete stall when all shuts down.

Mass air fault came up rr new ran worse got another new ran bad also put old back in and drives fine except shuts down at stops any thoughts cause code keeps saying mass air flow sensor

changed fuel pump and filter same problem

cold air do not come on then it will blow hot,,an my defrost will stay an it will not change to other vents

I was leaving for work this morning and the power to the car just quit. the engine is running but when i press the gass pedal rpm goes up but nothing. been outside testing it the transmission fluid is fine and oil. the engine is running normally no sounds except basic engine noises, however when i put it into gear it sounds like the engine is trying to stall out, I watch the battery volt meter go back and forth and not sure what could be causing it. again when in park or neutral the engine runs fine but when i put it into gear it sounds like it trying to quit.

they say some type of bar under the front carriage broke