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My car is hard to start sometimes and cranks right up other times. While I'm driving the car's rpms excell and I have to put the breaks on
why don't the starter motor activate when the key is turn to the start position?
The serpentine belt broke when I was driving down the road. I replaced it and now the car won't start. I do not have spark but I do have fuel
When take off from a stop light or stop sign,my car will cut out for a few seconds then go. This only happens when I am returning home from work at night, not in the morning going to work. The temperature in the morni...
how do I attach the trim on the drivers side middle to bottom of door. it fell off.
It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get good fuel pressure where there is no missing after starting the car, then it will run fine until shut off again. Where can I find the filter to replace it?
car wont start? would could be the problem? the lights come on but it wont turn over and dont make a sound
92 Bonneville has cold temp miss only..once full operating temp is acheived, runs excellent..changed coolant temp sensor/plugs/fuel filter..coolant temp sensor helped for 3-4 days, now I just changed the plugs/fuel fi...
Need to remove inside panels to get acess to wire so that I Can remove the mirror that is broken and replace it
I need to replace rear window motor and cannot figure out how to remove the door panel to access the motor
my service motor light is always on so i ran a diagnostic code reader and it came to 22(grounded wide open throttle circuit) and i have no clue what it is or how to go about fixing it
my car was parked an someone backed into the driver side front or my car blinker got smashed an there is a huge dent on the side right near the front i would say about ruler langth how much do u think it will cost to ...
I need a new mirror for the driver's side of my car - wondering approx how much it is going to be
My 1999 Bonneville will not start. Has strong crank but will not kick over. When car is doing this, the electric windows will not open. Once the windows open, the car starts. Changed: mass air flow sensor, crank senso...
code p122 tps sensor comes up replaced twice.engine will rev high at start up,sometime eratic while driving.also 1st to 2nd shift is high 4grand.tps sensor seems to be operating correctly,within specs.going around in ...
willl only shift from 1st to 2nd if I release gas pedal at app 2400 rpm- rest of shift pattern correct .
firing order
car starts fine i put it in gear it does not move.transmission fluid is fine.it was driving fine when i parked it.
how to adjust the parking brake while changing the rear disc brakes
my car has a very loud clicking sound under the hood, i thought it was the CV joint, but the sound seems to be coming from the bottom of the transmition fluid pan, what could this be ?
the air conditoner commpressor is making noise. I think it may be the air conditioner compressor clutch. How much should the repair cost.
My car's engine suddenly turned off when in the park position. The second time it happened was when I tried to turn the heat on when stopped at a red light, the engine shut off. My dashboard system indicators informe...
I have 1995 pontiac bonnevile i change fuel sending unit and line but the car turns on and off
my service air bag light stays on all the time, i had it plugged into a small diagnostic handheld computer and it said it wasn't connected how do i fix this and is it expensive?
the check light came on think it is the emissions symbol what does this mean?
after brake pads were changed brake dash light came on and engine service lights Had it put on analysis machine could not find anything $75.00 shot to the breeze. I want to sell to get a new care but with the lights ...
Klunk in front on right turn only. Replaced both hubs and both axles and tires, but still klunks. Any ideas?
I just had the transmission replaced and now I am having problems getting my car to go into park or it goes in and goes out just as quickly. My car will not start if I cannot get it into park. Could replacing the tr...
while i am driving the rpm gauge drops to zero and doesnt go back up. i try to accelerate and i hear a grinding noise. i have to stop turn off the car and turn it back on. its fine for about two to three days and it h...
will not go in reverse