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fuel pump replaced
ok i have a 1989 pont. 6000 3.1L mfi and a few weeks ago it started acting like it was runing out of fuel but i had just put about 5 gallions in it so tested the fuel for water & found none so i replaced the fuel filt...
size of front end nut to replace the wheel bearing
Recently I rep[laced the O2 Sensor and Cam Sensor so that I could get the Check Engine Light on my car turned off. It was off for about 3 days and now it has come on once again. The vehicle seems to run fine for hav...
How much oil do you put in after you have drained all the oil out and replaced the filter?
I was in a recent car accident, the car is badly damaged but fixable, the front bumper is smashed, the radiator may be damaged, the engine and most of the components are okay. The front lights are all out, do you know...
what is rattling noise when air conditioning is off in 1997 pontiac bonnieville
why does transmission make a grinding noise while driving
1992 Bonneville : When the car is operating temperature, it will not restart when I turn it off.
Why is it right by my shocks they are rusting away like really bad
Clutch is making noises and can't replace clutch w/o compressor.
I have no interior lights. Not even the door light comes on Trunk light is also out. Three days ago I noticed that the driver side front and rear floor mats are wet.Please tell me what I need to do.
power window on driver side stuck. told cable snaped in window motor regulator. estimate was $550.00
The gas gauge is showing 3/4 full and sometimes it would not start like it's out of gas.
my car wouldn't start but when i mess withe battery cable it started this has happen more the once. also my RPM move back a foward
what are the steps to replace the heater coil on a 2001 pontiac bonneville ssei
Can anyone help me with finding the keyless module for the auto. I need to program a new key fob and can't find it. It would help too if I knew what it looks like? Thank you, Janet
code 41 Ive replaced the cam sensor and checked for continuity in wires still have check engine light on same code after trying to reset it
This has been going on about 1 week. my motor gets hot very quick. the motor light came on. I have changed the spark plugs, wires and put 50/50 antifreeze in. But the light is still on, the motor still gets hot and th...
Diagnostic code 41 have replaced the cam sensor engine runs with out the sensor wire connected yet when connected check engine light remains on Removed battery connections to reset to no avail must be magnet ne...
While driving my car, the car slowed down until it stopped. The engin completely shut down and would not start. We have not been able to start it.
Where exactly do I add The sealant and the freon in my 1998 Pontiac Bonneville? I don't know which is the high and low valve,can someone please help me locate it?
I have a 1998 pontiac bonneville that has roaring in the front wheel for about a year.I first thougt it was tire changed tire noise still there.was told needed to replace wheel bearing. would like to know if it is pos...
I have had every part replaced in the rear. Shocks, adjustment arms, level sensor and still it wiggles. it seems to be worse. know they are telling me that i need frame bushing??/
transmission slips is there away to fix that as well as the speed sencer that affects it getting stuck in 1st gear until you hit 35 mph or sometimes faster?
will not start with key .but will start by crossing the starter over
My air condition fan is not working, the wire to the fan does not have any power, how can I tell if it's the relay switch and which relay switch could it be?
Where is the low port to recharge my a/c?