Fliud and filter changed and at level

the system if fully charged.the compressor comes on and the low pressure line gets cold,just doesnt blow cold air inside the car

gauge comes down a little w/ key off. did check connections outside of tank

There are 3 plugs in front and 3 in back that are hard to reach. Is there a way to replace wires and plugs without having to take apart engine?

Wipers stay on constantly. Bought used sterring colum and am looking to replace the wiper wand

I have a ac water leak when the ac is on. The water drains in the passenger side of the car.

i was told to drive the car and that would reset it

dash vents donot open all the way

I am tryin to do an oil change on my 99 Bonneville. But can not figure out how much oil it needs before its to full..ANY answers..please!

It's lit up inside the car constantly and blinks if I manually move switch up and down

The car is'nt picking up speed like i expected, but have no $ for some performance parts.

Causes engine to "lug"

turbo charge gage goes from -10 to +10 and car keeps acting like its trying to sputter out or flood out or something i cant under stand what to do can some one help i just got the car used i dont have money to put out on car

changed mass air flow and crank sensor won't stay running any more tried catalytic converter didnt work

The lights in the radio and instrument panel seem to be burned out.

I've spent a few bucks on routine maintance and up keep on my Bonneville in the last year, probably more than the car is worth. It's up to date on everything and all inspections. The A/C isn't working properly. I set the A/C to come out of the vent on the dash but it only comes out on defrost and floor.
Please help... hot times on the way

problem. How is this done?

Check engine light has been on since I bought my 1997 Pontiac Bonneville a month ago...i drove in the rain for the first time yesterday and the car ran really rough..with hard acceleration there was a popping sound under the car...what's up?

My 1997 Bonneville won't acelerate going up hill. The RPMs go up, the spedominer goes up, the engine revs up and the transmition sounds like it's chainging gears as normal yet it goes very slowly up a low grade hill, (apx 30 mph). This occured apx 3 months ago. The next day it drove perfectly normal. The engine, or any other lights have never come on during this eppiside. Please Help

when i am driving it it has hesitation in it while driving down the road.Have had tune-up on it and it still does it carried to advance auto parts cause the engine light came on and they check it and the code was 1404 but they could not find 1404 in their book

Is there a way to fix the indicator lever without removing the steering wheel?

I'm sure it's the circuit board on the front of the motor, when I tap on it with a screwdriver handle I can make it start at will. My question is do I have to replace the entire motor? or can I find the circuit board separate?

theft system wil not let the car start

I have a 2002 pontiac bonnieville se 3.8
Car parked, engine off, switch off and key out. A continuous low humming noise is coming from the rear of the car. May be just above the gas tank. Sound like a mini air pump running like those for seat adjustments.
When car is started, running or driving I do not notice any problems. Name that sound?

Well, first my fuel pump went out. I figured that out because fuel pressure was reading zero and car would crank but not start. Got that replaced, but then was told the fuel regulator was bad, but was running and drove 10 miles, but was flooding it. Does that make sense?

Is it worthwhile to change them between tune ups?

blower motor for heater works sometime gose off and comes back on.what could this be

As I was driving up a low grade hill tonight, I felt zero aceleration power but yet the car was still moving! I stepped on the gas, I didn't speed up but yet I made it up the hill. I notice the RPM gauge reved up at this time. I felt like I was coasting the rest of the mile ride home. Stepping on the gas pedal didn't make a difference in the speed that I was going but yet I was still traveling down the road. As I turned into my subdivision which has a much higher grade hill, I shifted to 3rd (I don't know why) and made it up the hill just fine. Please help me...what do you think?

Car died when shut off. wasn't getting fuel, replaced fuel pump & sock,still didnt run mech said the new fuel pump was defective, replaced it again still wont workwont run

2000 pontiac bonneville