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Grinding noise on left front wheel
I would like a wider tire than the one I have. Can you tell me what size I can get on the 16 rim that wont compromise the handling and safety of my car???. I just wanted to have a different look to my car.
if i arch the starter and then turn the key it will start.also disconnect the battery for 30 minutes and it will start,whats the problem?
Came on after I changed the water pump
The car will restart after I stop and stall but everyone I stop it stalls again. The engine light goes on while this is happening and turns off when out isn't raining. Please help! Thank you!
It won't start only turns over also water pump started leaking earlier same day what do you think.
My car is turning over but not starting. Radio, doors, remote entry...all works fine. Charged the battery and that doesn't appear to be the problem. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I am unable to take it b...
Slippage when comparing input shaft speed to the output shaft speed. Is this expensive to fix? I'm trying to find out the average cost of repairs including labor. I'd appreciate any help:)
my coolant temperature gauge(digital) intermittently goes blank showing only three dashes instead of the temp. When it does this my air/heat will not work. Any idea what this is?
windows will roll up sometimes sometimes i replaced the regulator still doing it
The rear hatch will not stay open unless u hold it. It appears the linkage for the soft top has become disengaged. What used to be easy open by one person is now a two man job, and the alignment is off on the hatch/t...
i have tried disconnecting the battery in hopes to reset the computer. but it hasnt helped at all.
Need to bypass security system
My 2001 gtp will run fine then stall, I changed the crank shaft sensor and checked the fuel pressure and the has lines. Here's the thing though when we ran it for codes nothing came up! And I even unplugged the maf se...
I've checked and double checked everything else. It's just not putting out the cold air.
How do you know you may need a timing belt. My car won't start
I'm a girl. I'm not an idiot but I need to go pick up the part so that I have it when my boyfriend comes home from work. I'd rather not jack up the car myself and try to figure it out if I don't have to.
ECM was replaced as part of the recall 2-3 Years ago. Car will not start after running for a few minutes. All interior lights & radio come on. When turn ignition on everything shuts off...Battery Light, Check Engine &...
when I start it up, all is fine. driving, all is fine. when I stop at a red light or stop sign, it idles a bit rough. when I put it in park and idle, all is fine. It is only when it is in gear and idling. I have been ...
I am afraid that I may end up in an accident. Just bought the van and it would not pass inspection, the rear brake lights didn't work and the right turn signal was blinking fast. So, I went and had the bulbs replaced....
my front wipers, sometimes work just fine, sometimes the low speed does not work. sometimes I only have high speed and then when I turn them off they stay where ever they are on the windshield and later, in their own ...
Without symptoms will just quit running while driving. No indication to start for 5 to 10 minutes will start quickly and run perfect. Has no special time or event may run for 1/2 up to 2 days before stalling. Then aft...
we tried ti clear the code many times and the check light comes back on after 20 miles what should i do? and the power is unstable
how much are the parts and an average price to fix at garage?CAN I CUT THE PIPE AND REPACE WITH RAD HOSE
The light is stuck on the dashboard and will not turn off