a/c fan not running all the time

I will be driving and the gauges will just shut down but the car will run perfect? ac,cruise control, speedometer, gas guage all shut off and a few minutes later come back on? Very inconsistent as can go 100 miles and no problem. previous owner added a new stereo and that always works??

Replaced plugs , plug wires and coil pack on light is still on Run good just idles a little rough What else can I try to fix the problem ?

What else can I try ?

Changed the rear wheel hub assembly and the ABS wheel speed sensor. I've researched everything I can find but can't find any information on just the all wheel drive light.

I drained out and replaces all rear lights and don't know what to try next...

when came out of store wouldn't start and coun=ldn't get it restarted for 10 hrs. now runs but is idling high also the radio has recently stopped working. has new battery

Also shows codes 0300, 0303, but I know that means misfire 3rd cyl. Started a week ago, mild, now its pretty much like its chugging, and I worry about making it every time I drive it.

My 96 bonneville is misfireing around town runs great on interstate we have replaced coil pack, and brain ,alternator, plugs, and wires, fuel filter, it's backfirieing ,popping ,jerking when Gas is pressed.what could it be causing this problem.thank you.

Already changed water pump thermostat and coolant elbows and seemed to be doing well for the last weeks then overheated and smoke started coming out from under hood

ran fine befor no warning

do I need to pull motor

I had already driven 8 miles, parked my vehicle, resumed my journey after 15 minutes. During my drive, of less than 5 minutes, I experienced a slight hesitation from the engine, the engine light when on, 2 miles later the car stalled. The car would not start up again. The weather was sunny, dry, temperature 72F.

install an ignition switch

I haven't had this problem on my 2002 Pontiac grand am until today

now when you go 60 mph it vibrates hard when you step on brakes. It happens all the time now. It just started vibrating while I'm driving 60 mph. I'm afraid to drive it.

The speed can be adjusted but they won't shut off

only seems to happen under hard acceleration on the highway between 50-60MPH