I can turn the van on but when I tried to put it in gear the handle was very loose and it will not catch. I was told that the bolt was missing from under the hood that holds it. Help

The shop said the whole dash area has to be replaced to fix the "knob" & I can't find any information about it.

clicks an barely will turn over battery is good the starter and altanator are good. it just died on me while driving an an hasnt started since. when i try startn it the locks pop on an off the cd player goes crazy like loading a cd. im stumped. trie jump starting it and its like it has less power to start then when try with key. any ideas? im stumped

Shifter can move but nothing happens car stays in park and just revs when I push the gas.

it aint getn enough power to start

All lines on old fuel pump are unhooked. But the retainer ring is rusted and I cant get it to budge to lift old pump out. Any suggestions?

About every 6 months or so, the check engine light comes on. Generally, it has been the #3 cylinder and has been since I've owned the car - I bought it new. It has always coded as a misfire in the #3 cylinder. At one point, a dealer rebuilt the entire engine, gave me a new computer for the car. The field rep was ready to inspect my car because the dealer could not diagnose the problem - since that point, the check engine light has always been for the #3 cylinder. However, this time, the dlr (an new dealer, since I've moved) said it was the high pressure fuel pump; has a small leak; leaking fuel into the "crank shaft". How do I know? This car has been a nightmare to maintain since I bought it. Cost to repair is over $1200; the part is $850, which I've already paid - the dealer makes you pay up front for all parts.

I would also like to know the location of the fuel filter and the fuel pump.
My car has no power and is blowing white smoke, its hard to start and when you push on the gas pedal it misses and stalls out

My mechanic changed the oxygen sensor for $250, including labor. He quoted that the Catalytic Converter was $600 for a none pontiac converter and $1000 for the California emission Catalytic Converter. According to your site that is a huge mark up from the average cost. Does it have to be a "pontiac" converter? How do I get an acurate quote?

when im driving down the road in my 2001 pontiac sunfire se coupe the service engine light theft system and traction off and gauges quit working or all light up at the same time whats wrong?

There is a knocking sound in my 2008 G5. Diagnostic code recommended changing the knocker sensor. Knocker sensor replaced. Knocking sound remains.

I've had this problem for over a year now. sometimes car idle smoothly, others it chugs hard, almost stalls itself out/ battery fluctuates. When accelerating easy it runs normal. when accelerating heavy there is a loud chirping/ squeeking noise, then the engine shakes violently, and has very little power. Replaces MAF sensor/ air filter one year ago. Spark plugs/ fuel filter 2 years ago.

interior lights and sunroof do not work either. happened all at once parked car came back a week later locks, interior lights, sunroof seem to have no power

Losing fluid. Would Stop Leaks help for a while? Mechanic quoted over $500 including hoses.

Add antifreeze and maybe 200 miles it overheats

Changed lock tumbler, now no power at all except for the dome lights any suggestions?

My coolant temp readout reads -----. Don't seem to hear the a/c clutch kick in when I switch on the a/c

Can maf cause this?

Reduced power light is on

And back on and it works fine it shifts fine but also when I stop and go it seems like it slips sometimes the fluid is good when I chexked it but on the dip stick it has little bubbles