This car was lying in a garage for over a year . I doubt that this gauge must not be working properly .

I have tried holding buttons 1 and 2 down together but the radio doesn't respond. I have also tried all the other 2 button combinations but still nothing. It will not give me a code. It just says "LOCKED" on the screen.

a friend said its a pressure control gasket probably bad how long do I have to fix it before the transmission completely fails

ive replaced both battery terminals and the car will start just fine a handfull of times then out of the blue it just wont start? if i pull the positive or negative cable off for a second put it back on then it starts?

I am having an issue with my headlights not working during the day. The day lights do come on once the car is put into drive, reverse and neutral, but not in park. During
the day the light switch will pretty much not work at all with the exception of the high beam "flash." The auto light switch, the manual lights, and the high beams are non
functional during the day. At night the lights do come on and the high beams are functional. I have to get my car inspected next week and don't have a lot of extra cash so I am desperate at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Someone told me that the drivers side door module needs to be replaced and he said it was going to cost six hundred dollars does that sound right?

Just replaced plugs and coil pak.and noticed the crack in the housing.

When I turn the car on i check the fluids check for leeks and everything is good but the noise didn't go alway so I thouth the pump was difected so I went change it and put another one in turn the car on and notice that the sound didn't went alway so I am confuse now I don't know what to check can any body help me on this

spends 2 quarts of oil per month

when I took off shift knob, there is a yellow plastic stem that is broken. without the shift knob, I press down on this stem piece and car goes into gear perfectly. so what is this plastic stem piece called and how do I replace it? thank you

Fuel. Then car died and wont start back. When cranking it seems to turn Over faster as if it jumped time.

Went down a very bumpy road when I got home and got out notice my back end was higher in the back it looks like the backed was jacked up . I looked in the owner manual found nothing . it actually drives alot smoother and nicer . but what caused this and why

Can you disconnect the drive shafts and still drive the car

Lights will come on if I do it manually but not automatically with opening door or unlocking doors. I bought the correct harness for car.

It has a line going vertical with almost diagonal lines going through it, and a half circle next to it.

theft alarm stays on after vehicle is shut off. Theft light under radio flashes on/off. Security light in dash is off. Everything is normal when vehicle is running.

Lower transmission line is leaking fluid bad. Spraying everywhere. There are two lines, is the lower one the inlet or outlet?

sv6-2006 montana

The sound stops when the car slows down and when it is parked