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my car is a 2007pontiac g6 where does the freon go in at?

replaced everything in fuel tank car tries to start but wont also fuel gauge doesnt work

Had an issue with fans not coming on and blew a radiator hose. So I replaced the hoses, thermostat and found that I needed a ECM. Have installed that and now only the A/C will not stay on. Would it be the clutch/compressor or the BCM?

it still get hot.water boil out from the resivoir overflow.

My check engine light is not on and no noise apparent from engine. I'm thinking its the sensor but not sure. Dnt have money to waste. I'm a single mom with two kids and need my car!! Any suggestions plzzzz

The hatch is open an the latch is lock an the key or the button will not unlock it

Could it be a door from coil that's not opening correctly

thieves attempted to break into my convertilble on the drivers side near the door lock; stretching the cable that keeps the top drawn tight/secuer when the top is up

My car has a 3.8 and has 42 psi fuel pump pressure. Has 150,000 miles. It idles up when the A/C compressor kicks out and dies when the compressor kicks in. When going down the road is misses at times and now my mass air flow sensor has a code after I cleaned it. It usually dies at stop lights but starts back up.

Engine turns over but like it won't fire up.

I had the air conditioning unit professionally replaced the whole entire system ever since the engine will not properly Idol especially when the AC is on sometimes the throttle is real jerky the diagnostic system and check engine light says that there is a wiring issue I already clean the throttle body change the fuel filter did a full tune up and still did not fix the problem what should I do next?

The manual said to wait 3 minutes when car won't start.
That part works but why does this happen? Is there a sensor?

Turn car off wait a minute and start the car and it would go again for about 100yard what could it be maybe pressure control silnode help

usually happens when backing out of parking space.

Need to know we're pressure silinod is located

fuel pump is pumping fine. it is now backfiring when trying to start. I cannot get it to start. it is firing. but no start. plus fuel filter is new. gas lines are new.

I have change fuel pump fuel tank relay sencors injector spark plugs ignition coils and brain box don't no what else to change to get this car up and running

And how much of the transmission you got to take off to get to the pressure solinod and what is the price for one

stalls while coming to a stop , found oil in intake cover under hood

Also exhaust smells like gas

When I took out the vss tranny fluid came out is that normal