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We have replaced the pump twice. Replaced the coil and hoses. Basically put all new for the ac. It worked for about a week but went out again. We have tried charging it. Still hot. Also the extra temperature is always -1. The radio display goes in and out.

was driving it and it just stalled and oil light came on also and it wont stay running now real ruff sounding seems like its not getting oil checked oil pan oil filter what else could it be

they say some type of bar under the front carriage broke

Lost power while driving. Changed cam shaft sensor crank shaft sensor ignition module

I have schematics guessing it is more than just 12 volts and ground to make it turn on. What am I missing? DVD player is overhead console would like to get it to work if possible. All parts were removed from the same van.

Low idol started and half the power on takeoff. Cooling fans not engaging. It hasn't overheated. Can I fix this myself? Where is the fuse that I need to change and the wire for the upgrade. Please tell me I don't have to spend $50+ to have some grease monkey change a fuse.

This doesn't happen when turning blinker on to go left.

Everything was fine and then the shifter just stopped shifting when I went to put it in park?

Intake manifold or head gasket -- is it possible overheating is caused by one thing and oil in coolant another?

if i replace the turn signal switch will it fix my lights? my high beam lights also come on when i make a right turn.

I was driving the car, not to long ago, and my wheel cylinder gone out, I have replace that, and know bleed all the brakes but the drive side swear wont let come loose,
But before that I was getting this noise coming from by brake buster,

This may be a stupid question- if it's just vapor, I can understand that. I'm paranoid, as I just bought the car about 2-3 weeks ago, and had to buy it in the first place because my previous car had the timing go bad- buying a new car was cheaper than fixing the other (different type of car). This morning it wasn't too terribly hot so I had the window down for the first part of my drive to work, then when I hit the highway I rolled it up and turned on my A/C. I then see what looks like smoke coming out of the vents, and there's a slightly unpleasant smell, as well. I've been watching the temp like a hawk, no over-heating. Now, I'm 7 months pregnant, so the smell could have come from anywhere, and I just happened to notice it because I saw the smoke- but my question is: Is this just condensation, as it's been really muggy here lately, or is something possibly wrong with my engine? What can I do to help keep from needing ANOTHER new car before I can put this one in the shop? (We're still playing catch up from having to pay shop fees on the crap car and buy this one all at once). Oh, I immediately turned off the A/C and rolled the window down, because I didn't want to damage the car, or breath in anything noxious. It has been seeming to bog down just a little lately, when the air is on, but I kind of figured that was normal, especially with a little 4 cyl engine? Thought that may be relevant... Oh, and no check engine lights, A/C is still blowing COLD air, nothing else appearing to be wrong...?

Sometimes it stalls.Runs good on roadDoes not show any codes at all.Can someone help.Thank you.

Need a repair manual that doesn't cost 200.00 and includes the 2004 grand am. I've checked all parts stores and amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as Hastings and have had no luck

The car sat up all winter till now. It starts but when I push the clutch to go into gear it won't.

How do I know my mechanic put new rotors in front, rather than resurfacing my existing rotors?

The adjustable part of the seat is broken and it only lies flat. I don't think just that part can be replaced so need another seat.
I have tried several places online and a few wrecking yards but still haven't found one.

Was told evaporator is leaking. Cost would be close to $2000.00

the service air bag light, service engine light, traction light, tire gauge, the signal lights doesn't work, and sometimes it will not start. After a while they will start back to working

The plastic piece (gray in color) that fits on the gear shifter has come off. Therefore, to change gears, you have to physically put your finger inside this area to change gears. Yesterday, I could not get it to go in park.

We have received a price from a dealership of $220.