Transmission hangs in neutral, then jumps into gear, particularly when cold or when shifting quickly from reverse to forward. Fluid appears clean and levels ok. This has been a long term thing for a few years.

Engine runs relatively smoothly once at speed. I thought it was fuel flow (eg filter issue), but learned there is no regular filter to service. There should be no excessive sediment in gas tank that would cause that filter screen to block. I'm thinking fuel pump? There is also some hesitation starting..It will not start without applying the gas pedal. Without pedal it stalls out. Thanks

We have checked our fuses and switched them out. When we check it with our computer it turns on but when we take it to the emissions we can't get it to read.

Need to know how much I'll be charged for replacing the ignition switch lock cylinder

I have a 02 grand am. 1 morning a month ago I came out to my battery being dead. Jumped it, started no problem. 4 hrs later after work, I left it had a slow start so on the way home I bought a new battery. this was a sunday. worked fine monday. tuesday morning its dead again. I bring the battery back, they test it, says its good and threw it on the charger for good meausre. put it in the car, started right up. next morning dead, but jump starts with no problem. I have since replaced both the alternator and the starter, the car will jump, run and move without a problem, yet still will not start without being jumped. I have no idea what to look at next. Can someone help me?

Since my Vibe's water pump was replaced recently, all of my lights will work during daylight, but my low-beam headlights (only) stop working once daylight fails. All other lights work properly (daytime running lights, fog lights, high-beams).

My cars power steering went out yesterday while I was driving. I received a recall notice so I took it to a GM dealer. He made the comment that the recall only cover the motor and nothing else. He told us it might end of costing us money if it the pin or ssnsor. But I read a list on here that said it replaced anything to do with the power steering.

I am concerned with the "clockspring" issue that was talked about on this site. When I called GM and gave them my vin #, they told me that it was not recalled. Is this true?

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If I flip the relay it seems to start right up. Does anyone have any ideas on what it is? There's no codes but sometimes ignition key will stick when I start. Then I know it won't start. But now she started dying out as I Drive

I have a 2003 Pontiac Vibe. Last year I began noticing an exhaust fume odor when the car is idling and the heater fan is on. The odor disappears as soon as I start driving, even if I don't open a window. I have had the exhaust system and the catalytic converter replaced, and it is still doing it. The latest thought is that it is a leaking head gasket. Could that be the cause? Not sure it's worth the $1500 for such an old car with 140K miles on it; nor do I want to spend more money on something that won't work. I love this car!

It's stuck and done did everything to get it off.

Cold Engine surges at 1000- 2000 rpm and has rough idle till about 20 min., then it idles and runs normal. I unplugged the MAF sensor and the engine smoothed out and ran normal. Replaced MAF sensor with remanufactured MAF sensor ( not A/C Delco ) and the engine runs perfect. However, if I stop the car a few minutes and restart the warm engine, it surges badly, then stalls.Pretty much undriveable.

The driveshaft is extremely rusty. I am looking to replace it or have it repaired. However, if I don't need the driveshaft, I will have it removed.

Steady knock gets louder at the rpms go up. Consist with revolution of the motor..

The light with a car and lock is what showing on my dashboard

How to determine what hose is leaking

I had my transmission rebuilt and it won't take off into first properly. I have to give it more gas than I did before. When I'm on the highway the tachometer is a little high for driving at 65mph. When I'm parked and shift into drive it doesn't move forward on its own. It drags. It moves forward very hesitantly. What is the problem with my new transmission. This only started after I had it rebuilt. Please help. The shop can't figure it out. Twice already.

I have to take the battery cable lose to give it a jump for it to work right

My heat and air barely work. The only time they do work is when I'm going more then 40 mph, and then they still don't blow enough to heat the whole car.

Car is leaking oil I took it to get an oil change and asked if they could see where it is leaking from and they said it looks to be at the top of the engine and when I've checked it looks to be on the right side. Could it be a valve gasket or what?

While driving on the freeway the other day I notice the car was sounding a bit rough. Once on a quieter street I turned it off then on and realized my car sounds like a diesel or like I am a teenage boy in a Honda with a spoiler! Noise is present on start up and while driving. Seems like muffler? Any Ideas or is this a costly repair? Car is regularly maintained With synthetic oil. Recently has had issues with the mass air flow, but once it was cleaned it seemed to be rectified.