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When you first take sounds and feels like it used too. Then it starts vibrating and kinda cuttin out. I'm a girl and no nothing about cars. Someone please help. This is my dads car and he passed away about six months ago. I have to get it back right.

I wasn't driving but it supposedly went up to 200 degrees... But didn't go over that, but the interior felt really hot I guess. Could that be the thermostat or just something that happens when the oil needs to be changed?


Hi I got a 99 and it doesn't seem like all the power is there its a v6, when I get on the gas is sputters and boggs kinda, there is a little knock in the motor. Any suggestions what I can do to get the power back in the v6. And how hard would it be to change from fuel injection to carbarated

I'm a mother of three and this is my only vehicle how much will it cost to fix and where do you think it's coming from

Cable broke and can no longer pull open with pliers. I can't pop the hood to open. I took to gas station and they cracked the hood (fiberglass) but did not leave a way to reopen.

At a red light for to long it turns off the air and radio stay on so yu think its still cranked up until you go to drive put it in park and recranck it and it turns right back on battery light does come on for a few min, what could be the issue?

I had just bought fucker. Drove Nebraska to Minnesota 3 weeks later timing chain goes I got a new/used motor no ive just been having shitty luck. I noticed smoke in front off the car left side something is smoking but no light are on. And it is burnt never was be4Now it's starting to slip gears. I pretty much wanna know if it even still worth fixing 95 thousand miles was at 143000.. Seems like a guy can never get ahead with vehicles

Over the past several weeks I have noticed that my car vibrates slightly when idle. This is usually when I am at a stop light but sometimes happens when moving. It is more of a flutter but enough to feel it. It seems to lessen if I turn off the fan. I thought it was just the fan (as in air conditioner). Sometimes when I begin to accelerate it feels like the engine is hesitating rather than responding immediately like it normally would. Any ideas what it could be and a ballpark on how much it will cost to repair it? Mileage is 54,000. I keep up with maintenance... Oil changes, etc. not sure of engine size. I just guessed at 1.8L.

3800 V6 automatic
Car starts missing sometimes and then sometimes it runs smoothly. Also sometimes I can hear a ticking sound while throttling up and even at idol.

My check engine light is on and I finally determined is was the O2 sensor. (O2 fuse keeps blowing. Engine light goes off every time I replace it and pops back up when the fuse blows again) I called auto zone to get a quote on the price of the part and they informed me there are two in my vehicle, an upstream and a downstream. Which one is more common to go out in my car? (if I was informed wrong or my information is incorrect, please steer me in the right direction.)

It has auto start but I have never tried it cause the service airbags light comes on why is that ?

I went to the gas station and when I came out I put the key in the ignition, it dinged once then nothing. I got a jump an hour later. Let it run for about 15 min. Turned it off and immediately wouldn't start I don't know how to get to the battery with the fuse box on top to check connections.

The rear part of the convertible top release only works on the driver's side when I push the button. Now I can't get the trunk shut and the alarm on the dash won't shut off.

From the time you start until you turn the vehicle off after driving it ticks. The more you accelerate the louder it gets.