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Turn signals don't blink just stay lit dimly and buzz.
132000 on an 2006 Grand Prix. Having symptoms of Head Gasket bad. Already repaired Intake Gaskets, but possibly there were mistakes.'transmission also slips. Told it's possibly torque Converter or flywheel in there .
2004 pontiac greens prix gtp. I had rebuilt 2 yrs ago. I drive to 40 mph and it revs high?? I have no idea what's happening now. Anything from anyone would help. Thank you
I flushed the radatior and then put stop leak in and filled with coolant and water now it leaked worse than ever but I lost the radatior cap so I drove around without it hoping it would fall and I would find it came h...
also temp and fuel gages to stop working and all warning lights to come on when this happens only tac gage works.
at low speed, under 20 mph? how to fix the speed odm and light diming issue, when at night dash lights and head lights will go dim and all gages fail except RPM.
how do I reset the sped odm,at night both dash and head lights go dim and all warning dash lights come on also lose fuel and tem gage.
where do you disconnect dash wire harness at under the hood. when driving lose temp and fuel gage all warning lights come on,RPM is nonly working gage
My high beams and parking lights work, I've checked the fuses and relays, and also disconnected my new negative on my battery and put it back on
Rear bumper replacement
It's hard to put in gear
My mileage is averaging 20 mpg. I have an insuffient erg flow code. The rpm fluctuates I have replaced the mass air flow sensor 4 times and the egr valve was replaced and a new throttle position sensor. It helps fo...
After cranking a little sounds like it fires. Maybe fuel filter had water & froze restricting fuel since there is fuel at check valve.
I removed the crank handle, and the door panel, but I cannot see where the screw is and, what type of tool I need too. Can you help me?
If I turn it off it comes back fine. Occasionally it will do it again after restart but not always