Dies unless you keep it above 2500 rpm and stalls out when you stop

Excellerates even in nutral

I tried to seal it with chalk but it went thru what should I do I have to put towels on each corner for when it rains because I have subwoofers and don't want them to get damp please help

i had my father look at my ignition because he knows alot about cars but couldnt figure out what was wrong with it either. i also have to detach my battery because it keeps dying. ever since my ignition stopped turning my battery dies, wipers dont work,heater dont work and my sun roof wont open

it chugs when accelerating between 30 and 40 almost like trans. slipping and again 60 to 70. sounds like a hard knock. replaced spark plugs. try to get code but when shut off turn back on engine light off

When Reving motor it collapses

I have a 2000 Pontiac montanna and its winter and I think my fuel pump went out I don't want to drop the gas tank, is there a way to get to it from inside the van..under the seats?

I went for a trip to California and came back and the next day went to start my car and put in in gear and it slides through them all. I checked if it was the shift lock and that seems to be fine. Wondering if you guys could help. I dont know anything about pontiac transmissions.

Changed crank sensor, cam sensor, computer, icm, have blue spark, fuel pressure gauge at 50 psi, getting juice to injectors, fires when spray starting fluid, fuses are all good

I also replaced the lock and tumbler

sets P0175 rich condition bank #2

Fires and runs when I put starting fluid in the intake

Not getting the fuel, I replaced the inline filter, but still nothing.

New plugs, wires, catalytic converter, 02 sensors, egr valve & battery have all been replaced.

while i was driving my dash lights turned off headlights went dim, and then i parked car. i tried to turn on high beam car dies,and car on turn back on but it wont start, but all my dash lights come back on and head light return to normal. and i take my battery, starter and alternator to autozone for test and they all pass any solutions.

Two weeks ago car started acting funny. Would sometimes start and sometimes not. It would crank just fine but wouldn't fire.so I checked for spark and had that. Battery is good. It would fire when I boosted with battery charger the times it wouldn't fire.then it quit doing that wouldn't fire at all. Changed cam and crank sensor. Then I sprayed either in the air intake and it started. I get fuel to fuel rail but the injector doesn't open. Please help.

Drove from Colorado to Minnesota never had a problem with the car now I will not go into reverse or drive it starts and runs sounds good I am back in Colorado Garza Minnesota need to know what to do the cheapest

The whole back end is smached in where I hit a tree