my server vehicle soon light comes on and high beams light flashes when in gear

transmission making a whinning sound

Please send instructions I don't understand why one wasn't in there.

Does not come on at all . the radio and lights work but no security lights at all I have reset the codes and it will start but quickly turns back off

I have a 2004 grand prix that runs rough at low rpms below 1000k. I get codes p0101 and p0068. It seems to run rich. Sometimes it will go into reduced power mode run for 30 seconds then die. I've Cleaned the throttle body and maf.

alternator is good but wont charger


The rear doors don't open and close the way they should all the time. And the buzzer stays on saying a door is open when they are closed.

I got my oil changed a few weeks ago and then one day my oil light started coming on and going off. I could smell oil burning and thought I saw some smoke. I took it back to valvoline to see why the light came on after they had just changed the oil. The discovered a pretty big oil leak and told me they think it may need a new head gasket and I have oil in the coolant tank. They put 3 quarts back in and it was losing a lot of the oil on my drive home. The car isn't over heating at all. My fiancé thinks it might just be the oil light switch, which is a cheap and easy fix. I'm worried it's something more, like the head gasket. Any advice??

Lights, radio, and lights all work. Happened after jumping a friends car. Not the starter, Tried a button starter, will not make any sound or no warning. Simply will not start.

my shifter indicates that it should be a 4 speed automatic transmission but their is a 3 speed automatic in the car is their a way to tell what the car is suppose to have. I think the transmission has been changed but not sure

Turns over but it wont start on

My car isn't starting due to not having compression, I replaced the starter and battery it sounds like it wants to start but isn't going all the way through.

The one that on the manafold in the back why is it so much money and everyone says you have to buy the dealer one.. You can't do it yourself because of the bolts will break

My pontiac vibe is not GT, but I do have an upgraded exhaust, can I put in a cold air intake?

my car cut off while driving, turns over but won't start. Changed fuel pump,starter,spark plugs, and now out of options. Could it mean my engine is no good?

I had the throttle body and serpentine belt replaced about a week ago.

I replaced the motor but the new motor runs only on high too.

Rear end rides low and scrapes over bumps and driveways. New shocks but airbags not filling up. The compressor works. Tried with 300 lbs in trunk still nothing adjusted level control sensor and still low. Now what? How do I test the sensor to see if it is good?

I have a '98 Firebird with T-tops. Whenever it rains i get a puddle in the hatch/trunk area, but not up front where the seats are. is this the t-tops leaking or the hatch seal? also my taillights have cracks in them and get water inside the lens as well.