The driveshaft is extremely rusty. I am looking to replace it or have it repaired. However, if I don't need the driveshaft, I will have it removed.

Steady knock gets louder at the rpms go up. Consist with revolution of the motor..

The light with a car and lock is what showing on my dashboard

How to determine what hose is leaking

I had my transmission rebuilt and it won't take off into first properly. I have to give it more gas than I did before. When I'm on the highway the tachometer is a little high for driving at 65mph. When I'm parked and shift into drive it doesn't move forward on its own. It drags. It moves forward very hesitantly. What is the problem with my new transmission. This only started after I had it rebuilt. Please help. The shop can't figure it out. Twice already.

I have to take the battery cable lose to give it a jump for it to work right

My heat and air barely work. The only time they do work is when I'm going more then 40 mph, and then they still don't blow enough to heat the whole car.

Car is leaking oil I took it to get an oil change and asked if they could see where it is leaking from and they said it looks to be at the top of the engine and when I've checked it looks to be on the right side. Could it be a valve gasket or what?

While driving on the freeway the other day I notice the car was sounding a bit rough. Once on a quieter street I turned it off then on and realized my car sounds like a diesel or like I am a teenage boy in a Honda with a spoiler! Noise is present on start up and while driving. Seems like muffler? Any Ideas or is this a costly repair? Car is regularly maintained With synthetic oil. Recently has had issues with the mass air flow, but once it was cleaned it seemed to be rectified.

Just bought a Pontiac g6. The service airbag light just came on and I'm not sure what I should do. I would like not to have to go to a mechanic and drop a lot of money. Any ideas?

just started slow on crank twice now wont start at all. I have air valves on came lose tonight the other the part store closed off months ago they are by the battery and there is a sound and vibration every min or so coming from rear of car

When I start my car it jumps to 3 rd gear and sound like it's driving and when I put it in D the car cuts off.

Car got wrecked the air bags deployed and now ignition when u put key in just slides it doesnt act like it turning over or click or anything does it just need new ignition switch where key is?

My mechanic tells me that my canister cover has a leak and is filling up with water. I have ordered parts to repair it but it's been 3 weeks now and I've been told not to drive the car when there is water on the road. It's winter here (and roads are wet also) - what happens if the canister has water in it that freezes? Will my car stop working? Will my fuel tank collapse?

Diagnostic code P0171
What part do I need to replace?

My car won't start and I am getting the P404 error code. It's cold here now so issues are starting to arise with my vehicle. I just replaced the MAF sensor because that was also causing my car not to start just a couple days before this. The other day, I was warming up the vehicle, it was running for five minutes and then it just died and wouldn't start up again. It died but the headlights and internal electric were still on. The day before I was driving & when I was decelerating from a high speed my car "glitched". It's internal electric just sort went off for only a moment, but it was still noticeable and concerning. Also, the voltage (not sure if that's the right word for it) on the battery is higher than it should be. It's at 15 when it should be around 14 I believe. Any suggestions on whether the larger issue might actually primarily be this code or whether it's other issues not found with a check engine light?

Every time I try to accelerate the engine runs rough., black smoke in my tail pipe it hesitates when I try speeding

Heat also works in the front of the van but not the back.

When I press the gas pedal the cars bogs as if it were in a low gear, this happens from a dead stop as well as higher speeds. Sounds almost like it is flooding. Hooked up and throws no codes all check out ok. Checked fuel pressure, plugs look ok. What could this be?

I ended up in a ditch because my cv joint snapped and it took out the strut assembly. The tow guy/roadside mechanic said I need to fix those two things as well as a lower arm control and a "knuckle" whatever that is. What would be a fair labor price for this work I already have the parts got them for decent amount but don't want to get squeezed for the repair. And does anyone know what he meant by knuckle no one seems to who I've talked with?
Thanks in advance

I have to add power steering fluid about every 3-4 days to keep it from making the wining noise when turning the steering wheel...

No OBD II codes. Disconnect ignition control module and reconnect and car will start and run until. Once it dies it will crank but not start or it will start once and die almost immediately. Problem is not temperature related.

I was driving the other night and when i put my car in park my engine light came on. I used a obd2 scanner to find out it was a p0121 throttle code. Is this something that will cause me to fail emissions considering the engine light is on