Driving on freeway, went to pass a car, my car went down a gear to 3rd passed the car & my car never went back to 4th gear or overdrive. All other gears work good, fluid level good. Still able to drive, just runs at higher rpm, been like this for 2 days now. Service eng soon light came on about 5 miles after losing overdrive, connected ETHOS scanner, got P1870 code (transmission component slipping), cleared code, light went & stayed out, still have problem. Have 215000 miles on car, tranny rebuilt at 108000 miles. Suspect internal problem?

I was driving the van 4 days ago when it ran just fine then the next day it wouldn't warm up right no heat comming in the van but van was over heating then it stalled now won't start saw liqiud bubbling from one of the bolts on the block after it wouldn't turn over this is a pontiac transport yr 98

i have a 6 speed 5.7,i took my car to autozone to get codes but they won't come out.,my car sometimes jerks horribly on take off. it does not do it all the time, which i think it would eliminate any clutch problems.,it mainly happens when i try to gun it.it seems like it can not handle being gunned anymore,i end up having to let off the gas so it can recover. can someone please help me out on this i really need to get to the bottom of this. thank you david

bought the car off a friend 2 weeks ago he got a new car so he stopped driving it. said it happened to him but drove it anyway. i dont want anything bad to happen to ruin the car

someone put five bottles of stop leak in the radiator. it clogged the ports in the block. removed the heads and unplugged the ports.replaced all gaskets.tried to fore it up and now it is miksfiring and won't start

i changed the antifreeze and let it drain completly and refilled it now when i turn it on it heats up. did i do something wrong?

my service engine light,my abs light and my trac light came on whats the problem with the cAR

how do I locate my spark plugs in the back and how do i replace them?

ignition moduel was tested,tested good,changed cam,and crank senser,still no fire,,,what else can there be?

The temperature gauge in my car is at 195 degrees or more when I turn on the key and it keeps rising as I drive yet my car does not overheat. I have been told that it is the sensor. Is this possible?This problem just started in the last few days.

not very often

Hi, i am just replacing the radio for pontiac 2006 g6. 2nd radio is also factory radio too. that radio i got from scrap yard. pls tell what is the radio code and how i can put the code into radio to work. Please send me a answers to my email at nabasat@gmail.com. Thank you

estimated cost of dashboad from an accident in 2010

Just want to know parts for 100,000 mile tune up. Thanks

the rod knocks after i drive it for a waile

when pouring gas manualy into the injecter it will run until gas is gone then shuts back off

Whistling noise after cold start while driving or idling. Stopped after engine warmed up.

how do i fix my air and heat control i cant change it from it from vent.it always stays on vent

when you start the engine it idles fine for 2 to 3 seconds then shuts off. if you rev the engine up and down at 3 to 4 thousand rpm you can keep it running but if you hold a steady throttle or let it idlr it dies. It dosent miss or smoke and i havent found any obvious vacum leaks and i have changed the maf sensor and it dident change anything.It is a supercharged 3800

the keys to this car were stolen. the replacement key didn't work.i had to have the ignation replaced. now the Anti-theft system keeps shutting off the car. whats my next step.

I have a 2000 Bonneville SSEi with the supercharged V6 my fuel gage is not working correctelly. Everything I read about this problem points to the fuel level sensor the question is for the model year 2000 is there a difference between the fuel level sensor for the regular V6 and the supercherged V6 This is something I can replace myself but I need to know if their is a diffrence between the types of sensors. Any help would be great!

My 2006 G6 makes a grinding noise when going around a wide right curve. Noise doesn't stop until the car straightens out. Any idea when it could be.

i replaced the cam sensor, the O2sensor and the maf sensor and the meter. when i put the wiring back into the maf it stalled out and acted like it was going to die. i unplugged it again and it ran great. is there another sensor that i need to check or should i leave it unplugged

i have a 96 firebird that the passanger side headlight wont come up all the way but when i manualy adjust the lights it will go up but when i turn them off it goes down but wont go up all the way,the motor and bracket going to the light has play on it..there is rubbing on the hood but still wont open if the hood is up..is there away to adjust the headlight door/cover or do yall think i need a new motor

2.2 litre cranks but will not start at times. cold/hot makes no difference. May go days or might drive 30miles go in store come back out and won't start, or might not start in the morning. There are no codes new fuel pump temp. sensor. Any ideas

engine when warm, will stall when put in gear.

Around the edges of dash pad over guages seams have split open and curled open. Is this problem common? Can the dash- pad be repaired? If not; Where can the part be aquired?

i noticed about a week ago that my car did not feel as warm as it use to. there was not enough heat coming out of the vent to keep me warm. but enough heat was coming out to melt the snow off the windshield. i am not sure whats going on with the heat in my car.

How do i keep my vibe from getting to cold and freezing up in winter

I have had difficulty in changing the brake shoes on the back wheels of my Transport. Any help would be appreciated.