the rubber is coming off of my harmonic balancer and its making a flapping noise.

how do i fix it if my power steeling is freezing, making it difficult to maneuver my car in and out of parking lots ?

2003 pontiac aztec speedometer sticks or does not work at all. I think the stepper motor is bad how do I get the gauge cluster out of dash to replace motors.

I changed bat

dose a 2007 gxp have a boost controller

Front right turn signal blinks fast,no back signal.

passenger side front wheel noise . Checked tire ok. replaced wheel bearing.Noise starts at about 60 mph sound like vibrating noise.Don't feel any vibration.Could it be the short axle shaft.

what tools would i need to change my antifreeze. because on the internet it say's I need to fit 3/8 drain hose to my drain fitting. Or can I just drain straight into a pan.

Do not notice any difference in driveability. any suggestions ?

how much does it cost to do a transmission fluid change?

My service engine soon light is on. they checked the codes and it is coming up p1401.

the electric seats work and the heater light comes on but the seat doesn't heat up?

charging system reves up and down, lighst go up and down, car starts ok, changed the alternator, and battery, did not fix the problem. Battery indecator guage stays in the low area, goes about half way up then back down then back up then back down, What else can I try to fix this ???

how much is an average brake replacement cost?
would it be cheaper to replace them myself or is it about the same price if i take it to a mechanic

Why do my windsheild wipers rest in the up position when turned off

I have to use a pencil to make my ignition turn back.

I just got a new battery 2 weeks ago.
I went to start my car and it wont do anything, No noise, but there is no clicking. It wont start...Does that sound like a Starter? or Alternator?

How do you fix the line that leads to you gas tank. My is leaking when you pump the gas

on my 2001 aztek the engine cooling fans quit worring casing it to over heat

when car shifts from first to second gear, it jerks into gear.And also, if I accelerate too fast it slips.

if you turn the key to the start position the computor has power if you turn it a notch further to start the pcm shuts down I was driving the van and the dash flashed lights and van quit and wont start

I had my heater on high and when I went to turn the heater off, the "OFF" & "High/Low Blower Control" Settings did not work.
When I turned my engine off, the blower continued to blow on high.

I pulled out the fuses that mentioned anything about a/c under my steering wheel but it did not turn off the blower.

The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery.

What kind of repair am I look at here, Could this be a blower motor resistor issue?


i have already changed all relays

i want to test ignition module.where is it located and how do i remove it.

When starting to drive from a stop it hesitates until rpm goes up then it runs good. It says #1 misfire but its not misfiring at all.

switch just clicks when i press it..motor is running and it trys to move but doesn't close I have cleaned tracks. There is a blk box near driver sun visior that clicks not sure what that is..can anyone tell me what it does?

I ran the van completely out of fuel. AAA put in 5 gallons of fuel but it won't start. My son is mechanically inclined. Before I send it to a shop, if he can change the fuel filter,
I would know if I am in real money trouble.

car will not start.replaced coil pack,plug wires & plugs.no spark from coil pack to #1&4 plugs.could this be a computer problem,or what else could it be.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had specs on the a 2000 Montana fuel lines (supply, return and evap). I have the Haynes manual but it has nothing. I need to replace all 3 and can't find any info... diagram, diam., length, connectors etc etc


ABS, TRAC & SES light come on sometimes when just turning wheel n Not moving. Other times they come on while moving and turning or hitting a bump / rough road, turning a hard turn However sometimes it May not come on at all for my 110 mi trip to or from work. My Diagnose shows no trouble codes. Brakes seem / feel good n pads are GC. I can place trans in "N", turn off / On engine while moving and lights go Off n may not come back on till the above items happen or sometimes they don't come on. Approx. 184,000 mi. Just finished changing 4 struts n @ 200,00 will be doing another FULL tuneup (pulgs, wires, trans / fluids,etc) Any ideas / Suggestions.