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the car overheated. I put coolant in it, but it leaked out as fast as I put it in the radiator. it leaks only from the back of the engine, not from the radiator or block.I cant get to the freeze plug to replace it.

Both reverse light and both rear side marker lights are out. Fuses are fine and bulbs are not blown! Any suggestions?

Ok, I got one for you. I normally answer these but I am a little stumped. The pass side headlight actuator motor started to make this groaning/howling/vibrating noise when opened or closed. It opens and closes smoothly. No skipping like I would expect with a failing actuator. The weird thing is that now when you set the door locks with the key fob the headlights cycle open and close with the same noise happening. If you lock with the interior door locks does not happen and then if use the key fob to unlock the cycle again happens with the noise at same time. Never did the open/close cycle till noise started. When turn on or turn off the headlights from inside it happens when opening and closing but will stay up till turn off the switch. I am tempted to replace actuator motor but unsure why does not skip when opening/closing if gearing is stripped and I do not believe the cycling open/close will stop with replacement. Thank you in advance for any help. Wife's car so must fix somehow, get what I mean?

When stopped and turn on left or right turn signal causes the idle to drop and sometimes will stall. When stopping in drive low idle also causes engine to stall even when it is warmed up.

I have an automatic transmission. My problem is while in drive the car will not shift out of first gear. I can go up to 20 to maybe 30 miles an hour then it slips to neutral. when the car slows down to about 15 mph it then goes back to first gear. My question is does this always conclude I need to get my transmission rebuilt or replaced? Could bad or low transmission fluid cause this?

how to replace a water pump

Hi I just recently replaced the ECM in my 96 Sunfire and now my gauges are going crazy! My speedometer is jumping all over the place in idle and is registering way too fast when Im driving, causing my trans to shift through the gears too fast, Im in 3rd gear when Im going about 20 but the speedo says im doing 60 or so.. Also check oil light is on and oil is not low, and coolant light is on but also not low on coolant...Is it possible I got a bad ECM (bought it from AutoZone) or is there something else I should be looking at? P.S speed sensor was also recently changed

my car is leaking on the passenger side under the dashboard when it rains whats the problem

low voltage to secondary fan replaced reley and problem persists. what could be the problem

need over ride code for anti theft on stereo

When I start my car it goes all the way up like all the other gauges do and after that at stays at the bottom like my car was never turned on. I have cool. I do know my thermostat needs to be replaced. I have it just have not found anyone to do that for me. Could that be part of the problem?

i have a 94 firebird v6 the head lights pop up but the head lights want come on also the horn dont work, all other lights are fine please help me solve this problem. thanks

how easy is it

i own a 99 grand prix gt which squeaks everytime i slow down hit the brakes or stopped at a red light about 20 mins after i turn on the car and go to where i need to i put new rotors on the front, new belt and a reprogrammed pcm to see if it would help, but still squeaks any suggestions on what it might be

how does the filler neck come out of fuel tank

recommended to clean fuel injectors when the recalled PCM is replaced. does that make sense?

today, the speedometer & tach quit, the amp gauge quit, the service engine soon light is on,& the abs light is on, also when you put it in gear takes off real slow

I bought this car a few weeks ago, the high beams where out, now we have all the lights working but they're backwards, it runs my high beams as DRL & if I dim them the highs & lows come on, if I manually turn them off it says headlamps suggested,we haven't messed with any wiring, just replaced the dimmer switch & fuse block under the hood, what can be wrong? Thank you in advance for some tips...

my grand am has a major oil leak. I don't know if i should call it a leak because the oil comes out steadily like a really fast drip or a light pour. EXAMPLE: I could lose a quart of oil within 5 minutes of the car idling. It seem to be coming from the back of the motor, somewhat higher in the back of the motor, did a visual and can't see where the oil is coming from. Had an oil change done before this and it was overfilled by a HALF-A-QUART of oil. UNKNOWING we used it 20 miles and the oil light started to flash. Checked the oil, it was almost all gone. had to add 3 quarts. It still runs good after this, but I got this bad oil leak. Did a seal or gasket blow? Did the overfilling of the oil cause the problem? HELP! Please give an idea where the oil is coming from.

is there actually anyone on this site that answers questions? seems a lot of questions go unanswered for months at a time, well here goes again: How difficult a job is it for someone with limited tools and knowledge to replace tha rear shocks/struts on a 98 pontiac sunfire?

hi i have a 97 grand prix gtp that seems to have a ticking sound like a lifter is tapping and the low oil life light flashes when its running. It just recently developed this problem and i was wondering if it could be the oil pump because the car shows full on the dip stick.

My montana enginge temp was running way too cool, so we replaced the thermostat, then noticed antifreeze leaking. We changed the water pump, and now the heat doesn't work. PLEASE HELP!!!???

- Odometer reads 123,000 miles.
- I have the feeling that I am driving in first or second gear is now constant. A few weeks ago I heard a soft whine / whining noise that seemed to come from either under the engine or in the fron of the car. The noise was not loud and was noticeable when I turned the steering wheel either to the left or right around a turn, or turning at an angle of a 90 degree turn.
- The engine's oil and transmission fluids are clean and full.

Actually a 1986 Bonneville. How do I loosen and reinstall the steering column? After I repaired the ignition switch, it seemed a little loose.

hello, i want to buy a 1996 bonneville but the owner told me its leaks gas only when he pumps not when he drives, i was wondering what this can be and how much it may cost to have it fixed? thnk you!

The 1st time I had a problem it got to where it wouldn't run ,replaced the mass airflow sensor with a rebuilt autozon sensor,it ran perfect for 6 months and it started doing it again,got another 1 and it lasted about a month and it started messing up,went and got another one but new ,ran perfect for 2 days and stalled one time.Does not die all the way just stalls for a split second and a low fuel warning bell dings 3 times and then it runs fine after that.Thanks for any help.

its on almost all the time

I recently dented the bumper on my pontiac, which i know is plastic. i dont want to fix it myself but i cant find a site that tells me how much it might be. does anyone know the starting price for fixing a plastic bumper?

While driving, I hit either a Pothole or where the 2 pieces of pavement are "joined" together but with a rather HARD HIT when going over . The "normal" joints on highway are no problem. My engine shuts off and I place trans in netural, turn key off, then back on & restart engine; unless Battery is bad & will not start without a jump. I've wiggled battery, fuse box ( under hood), which i've noticed DOES slide somewhat up/down & forward/backward on a "rail type" of holder. IT does not actually come "up". I ALSO have a loose R. F Wheel sensor to the ABS. Not sure IF this would cause the problem. DID not have problem until dealership change the ECM at about 40,000 miles due to leak in windshield ( covered under warranty). I do not know as to WHERE the ECM is located or HOW to get it out to check. Suggestions

Thank YOu

How do you get to the rear bank of plugs on the 3.4 V6 engine?