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Is there an easy way to change the thermosat? Not an easy change like the cars form 20 to 30 years ago
My ignition wont completely turn back to off and therefore I can't get the key out. What do i do?
I cant get it off and I need to put the new on on
i need to get directions on how to change crankshaft position sensor, please help
parking lights willnot work
Does anyone know where the ac low side service port is on this vehicle
intermitten start problem
where can i find the fuse for my electric fan in my 96 grAND AM??
My car dealer said I needed four(4)motor mounts to correct vibration in the car. When I stop at a stop light, and shift to neutral, the vibration stops and the car idles perfectly. Do I need a second opinion or pay 1...
The ac compressor is leaking and I was told that it is possible to replace the bad gasket. How difficult would this job be and is it a good idea or should the compressor be replaced? I recharged it and it leaked out o...
we had a problem with our car not shifting from park,it was as if the button on the gear shifter was stuck, we took it to the repair shop and the guy said it was a loose cable, however now the car goes in gear without...
Have leak in condenser and or lines. Need to replace. How?
None of my gauges work and warning lights are on all the time. The car has set for a couple of years without use.
My wife keeps complaining that the fuel gauge isn't working properly. I have driven the car and sure enough the low fuel light comes on at odd times and the gauge will fluctuate wildly. I have already had the sendin...
My car is hard to start sometimes and cranks right up other times. While I'm driving the car's rpms excell and I have to put the breaks on
Hello, When I turn my headlights on they flash also the dashboard lights flash what do you think the problem could be. Also not sure if the engine is 2.2L 4 cylinder or 2.4L 4 cyclinder. Thank You
car runs and drives but when i stop the car dies or when idling car dies
I'm losing refrigerant slowly through a leak in my condenser. A refill lasts about 6 weeks. Is there a refrigerant out there with a sealant in it? Or is there a way to seal the leak externally to slow it even further?
Dropped the engine out to do some work, then put it back in. before the work the cooling fan worked fine, afterwards it wouldn't come on. Replaced both coolant sensors(fan and Gauge) replaced the fan relay, finally re...
All of a sudden, the manual sliding door will not open more than a few inches. It starts to open as usual but then stops as though something is blocking the track; however, the track is free of obstacles. Have not h...
I replaced the compressor and dryer on my car, recharged the system just like it said to with the car running and the a/c on max. The pressure guage showes it charged to the correct pressure, yet no cold air is blowin...
i put a new fuel pump on my 1991 firebird and i still am not getting any fuel what all is involed in the fuel system besides the relay.
When turning off my Torrent the key locks before it has fully turned off. It has done it three times in the same day and I was wondering if it was my starter or something else. The key gets stuck in the middle posit...
car wont run have changed all the sencors under the hood and the fuel pump and it wont stay running
i am installing new front wheel hub assy. and would like to know what the hub nut gets torqued at thanks
why don't the starter motor activate when the key is turn to the start position?
you put the key in the ignition and you have to spend 10 to 15 minutes before it will turn to start the car
The serpentine belt broke when I was driving down the road. I replaced it and now the car won't start. I do not have spark but I do have fuel
Need to replace a stud on the back hub of a 2001 firebird.
I replaced the steering column and now the security sys light flashes and the car will start but dies as soon as you let go of the key can anyone tell me how to correct this and what caused it to happen