How do you disable the stupid seat warmer on the drivers side? It will not turn off, it says it is off but believe me it is on and it is on high!


I have been having this problem for a while with no known solution as of yet. After driving for any random amount of time and then coming to a stop for any more than five minutes, there is a large chance that my engine light will come on. After this, my car will act fine until i release the accelerator, and then it will slow down, or jerk back, slightly. I am not sure what is causing this, and I cannot have the code read because of another problem I do not know the answer to, but have asked about in another question. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I hear a popping sound comming from the driver side front of the car. It happens occasional when I hit a bump but not all the time. I would say it started about a month ago.

I have been having problems with my car recently, and the engine light comes on. However, when I take it to a shop to have the engine light code read, it will not read it. I have had one technician tell me the fuse it uses to read it is blown, and have since had it replaced, and attempted to have the code read again, but it still did not work. Is there anyone else that has been having this problem? Has anyone had this issue and since fixed it? Any offered help will be greatly appreciated.

Replace power steering pump. V6

Need to replace EVAP Cannister Solenoid; however, I can't locate it on the car. Can you help, i.e., point me in the right direction? Thank you...

anyone know the apporoximate cost to repplace breakline on a 2001 pontiac aztec

low breakfluid light is on and after filling fluid the light came on shortly after

where is the fuel filter located on this car?

This light comes on when first start the car. I do have a part that needs replacement but can't seem to find anything on this part. I was told that it is a dealer part only but now that GM is no longer producing the Pontiac line is this part available now at a cheaper cost? Part number 1GMDV33L16D115424 L-Light Truck 2006 U SU1 2U12216

passenger side window will not work using pass. switch and driver side switch ??

I jus got my sxle fixed on my right side now I have a transmission leak. How much would it cost 2 b fixed

i am leaking antifreeze from the passenger side it does not appere to be in the car but from the passger fenden in front of the car

the leak only occurs when the car is running , what could be the problem?

I have had new hub,pads,rotors on back and new sensor on front left. The low trac light comes on and the brake padel pulses at times. Sometimes the odomoter does not function. What is the remedy?

Occasionally my radio goes off then I can't use my power windows. Then when the radio comes back on the windows work. Is that a wiring problem. Note: When I bought the car I had an Alpine alarm security system put in, it hasn't worked for years, should this be removed and could it cause the problem? Thank you so much.

My 1997 Poniac Bonneville's power steering pump and front breaks are going out per the AUTO MECHANIC. My '97 car only has 74,000 miles on it so isn't that unusual that the steering and the breaks are going so soon? I LOVE THIS CAR! It's been great for me and no trouble at all(for me) until now. Is this the start of the car's demise? Should I fix it or start looking for a different vehicle?
PS...It was a LEMON for my MOM from 1998-2003 then she gave it to me!

My heater cord is going out on my 93 Firebird and instead of replacing it I want to bypass it any suggestions

as an avid user of valvoline conventional and synthetic oils i decided a few months ago to buy bulk oil at advance auto with thier name on it to save a few bucks.it was time to change oil this week in my personal vehicles only to find debris that looked like anti sieze on my magnetic oil drain plug on all 3 vehicles.so in other words,never buy cheap oil.stick with the good stuff like valvoline,mobil 1,pennzoil and other leading products.

joel burke.

Can the rack n pinion be changed? How? and What price am I looking at?

I can turn my wheels to the right, but when I try to turn back left (sometimes, and more often now) the tires will not turn. I have changed power steering pump. didn't seem to work. Having hard time getting air out of line. What else could be wrong?

what does it mean when there is brown gunk in your radiator cap?

what all you have to remover from under the dash to take out a heater core

what all have to be taken off to remove a heater core from under the dash

I have replaiced my coil pack on my 1996 grand am 4 times in the past year. I changed it two weeks ago and already I my car is running bad. If I am going up a hill and need to downshift to gain RPM's my car jerks, and hesitates.It feels like it is holding back, and even if I pull out in 1st gear I have no power. When I replace the coil pack it runs good, for a few weeks, then it slowly goes down to 2 cylinders. It smells like gasoline in my car, and when I am going around 40-50 miles per hour, my engine actually shakes. It feels like the car is actually holding back when I am driving, but every once in a while it will act normal for 5 seconds then hold back again almost if there is a clog or something some where. I have no clue what it is doing but it is really frustrating. I have 247000 miles on my car and have replaced the Cat, so I don't think it's clogged. I also am getting a diagnostics code and a my check engine light is on for my map sensor. I don't know if that has anything to do with it either. Please help!!!

if my battery is bad and can not hold a charge will that keep my car from cranking. the reason i ask is I tried to start my car would not start and even when I charged it. Can this cause me to have to reset the computer in it? Or how will this effect the computer in it? I tried to hook up to the computer but the battery didnt have enough power in it. I am going to buy a new one just curious on how this effects it.


Is there a video I watch

My 2002 grand prix has a a fuel gauge with a mind of its own. I have been told that it is the fuel sensor. I need to know how to access it and the proper way to remove it and install the new sensor. Thanks in advance