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Due to having so much electrical problems. I'd like to get my GPS plugged into my lighter and working. A repair shop said it will cost me $100.00!!! There must be a cheaper way of replacing this. Need help....

sometimes have to push the clutch several times before it does anything

Where is the water coming in from and how do I resolve this problem? It's in the front passenger side floor and back passenger floor. Already changed the rubber strip on doors.

Why would my engine overheat on the highway once without reaching red and cool down within a second to normal highway temp which is 180 after changing an intake gasket?

I'm putting an '89 Formula back together. The engine runs but the idle is low and jumps from 6 to 800 rpms. I tried a new maf sensor (that's the code I'm getting) but that didn't work. Spark plugs, wires, injectors are all new. I have read of others having this same problem. Could it be the EGR solenoid? Thanks for your help.

My G/F has a 2004 grand am,to me it loks like it is leaking cooling fluid on the right front. She uses some other kind of coolant other than reg anti freeze, but I can tell it is a mixture of water. The car runs great and has 158000 miles on it. The pump has never been replaced. To save money, i wanted to see if you might could help me through this or should I have something else checked before I take on this task. Thanks

is a spring compressor tool required when replacing rear struts on my 1992 grand prix ,is there another way of compressing the spring w/o the using the j 35778 tool if it is needed .

how do i get in to get that one bolt off of the tensioner assembly when it has blown out

How do I find an exploded view of the inside locking mechanism on the drivers doors so that I can fix this thing. Went out of warranty by 6000 miles. Need to know how to remove the panel of drivers door also.

Procedure for changing the front wheel bearings.

When you go to start the car it will start but won't stay running. But I tried starting it in nuetral and it started and stayed running. But if driven somewhere and shut off doesn't want to stay running when started. 60964

When I amdriving the car kind of slips or a slight jerk but it is usually when i have gone more than 10 miles or when my gas is less than half a tank. I have had my transmission checked and that is not the problem. What could cause the van to do this

I was wondering if thiers anything I need to know about the wide track befor changing my transmission

1998 Pontiac Sunfire, leaking antifreeze, but not sure where the leak is. The coolant is dripping off of a flat metal piece that runs around the oil pan on the passenger side of the car (when laying underneath it). But as for where the leak is coming from , I have no clue. Someone told me to change the freeze plugs on it. Could that cause this problem and if so where is the freeze plug located on this particular engine? (2.2L)

can't i buy just the handle pull mechanism for driver side of a 1992 pontiac grand prix.

For the past three days, this charging system failure goes on. I was wondering if I drive around too much, it will die on me on the highway. Do I need a new battery? And last summer i got a new alternator put in. And everytime i past a puddle of water my driving wheel is hard to turn.

Where is the oil pressure sending uint

Do you have to empty and disconnect the AC lines in order to pull the radiator from the car?

How much would it be to get the power locks on the doors and the windows fixed?

it has been doing it for about 3 weeks it is my wifes car she has to swipe her card to get into work she will roll the window down and then the radio goes off and she cant roll them back up. I have put my scanner on it and there are no error codes when it works and when it doesnt. some times its been off for 3 days other times they come back on in a few hrs. she has been driving and not useing the radio or windows and look down and the radio lights will be out and she checks the windows and they are out too. I was able to make it do it by rolling the passenger side window all the way down and then holding the button down a few secs more
I hope you can help me with this thanks

need to replace oil pump

I need to know where the upper brackets go. I have replaced head gaskets and needing to put things back together. Thanks for your help

what is causing this and what do I need to do?

Everytime I turn on the air conditioner there is a smell of gas. Do you know why?

what is the recommended maintenance for 250K miles? Thanks

My car started running hot about three weeks ago. Heater would work on and off. Checked water and had oil in it. Replaced intake and head gaskets. Flushed Radiator. Ran fine for day or two. Started running hot again. Heat did not work at all. Changed thermostat. It was stuck. Flushed again. no change, still running hot. Replaced water pump. No change. No oil in water, heat still not working even after new thermostat. Can idle for a while but when accelerated or tr to drive it instantly begins to run hot. Not sure what else to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

i have a 3.4 liter what would be the cost of replacing the timing chain?

signs of fuel pump malfunction

was having problem with oil pressure guage going high then low then engine sputters.replaced sensor and worked fine for 3 days and started acting up again. this time code said tps sensor problem so replaced. ran fine for a day the same problems.4 different codes came up.PO122 tps sensor switch A circuit low imput, PO522 Oil pressure cicuit low voltage, 1107 MAP sensor circuit intermitant low voltage, 1122 TPS inconsistant with MAF sensor low voltage. replaced computer and still same problems. Any idea?

I received an estimate from the dealer for replacement of upper & lower intake gaskets w/coolant flush. The estimate including tax & shop fees is $1,104.00. Sounds high to me - what do you think?