I can turn my wheels to the right, but when I try to turn back left (sometimes, and more often now) the tires will not turn. I have changed power steering pump. didn't seem to work. Having hard time getting air out of line. What else could be wrong?

what does it mean when there is brown gunk in your radiator cap?

what all you have to remover from under the dash to take out a heater core

what all have to be taken off to remove a heater core from under the dash

I have replaiced my coil pack on my 1996 grand am 4 times in the past year. I changed it two weeks ago and already I my car is running bad. If I am going up a hill and need to downshift to gain RPM's my car jerks, and hesitates.It feels like it is holding back, and even if I pull out in 1st gear I have no power. When I replace the coil pack it runs good, for a few weeks, then it slowly goes down to 2 cylinders. It smells like gasoline in my car, and when I am going around 40-50 miles per hour, my engine actually shakes. It feels like the car is actually holding back when I am driving, but every once in a while it will act normal for 5 seconds then hold back again almost if there is a clog or something some where. I have no clue what it is doing but it is really frustrating. I have 247000 miles on my car and have replaced the Cat, so I don't think it's clogged. I also am getting a diagnostics code and a my check engine light is on for my map sensor. I don't know if that has anything to do with it either. Please help!!!

if my battery is bad and can not hold a charge will that keep my car from cranking. the reason i ask is I tried to start my car would not start and even when I charged it. Can this cause me to have to reset the computer in it? Or how will this effect the computer in it? I tried to hook up to the computer but the battery didnt have enough power in it. I am going to buy a new one just curious on how this effects it.


Is there a video I watch

My 2002 grand prix has a a fuel gauge with a mind of its own. I have been told that it is the fuel sensor. I need to know how to access it and the proper way to remove it and install the new sensor. Thanks in advance

what is a psdl module?It is on the ctsy fuse.No books seem to list this mystery part

the front heater core do you have to pull the dash to replace

I just replaced my water pump. But 3 days later I went to go out and it would not start. I turns over and i can hear my fuel pump kick on. I also have spark on my plugs. Is it possible to be my fuel filter or is there something else that it could be with car?

How many hours of labor is this estimate for?

im leaking coolant right behind the big pulley towards the bottom of the car is that the water pump i cant tell when im under the car.. its poors out when car is cranked and it its hard to tell where leak is coming from?

back power window went down and now won't go back up. The rest of the windows work fine.

My 1997 has a bit of a problem shifting from 2nd to 3rd, in the process the rpm's go up to roughly 3500 give or take then will shift to 3rd has anybody had this problem? if so what was the solution. Thanks


key switch sticks

i have heard both it is ok to buy used injectors and then i have heard do not buy rebuildt injectors please advise

had to replace entire exhaust system if there is a problem
with inproper instalation would that cause my check engine light to come on? exhaust still seems loud

Ill be driving my car for a little while like 15 or 20 minutes sometimes longer and when i go to stop it dies then when i start it which it starts right up but then when i put it drive it dies again and it does it like 4 or 5 times and then it drives.WHY what might be the problem?

I'm trying to find out how much it should cost to replace a window regulator on the drivers side of my van

when i put car in reverse the car shuts off

I have a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L. Is it possible to adjust the clutch. I beleive to may soon be time to replace my whole clutch system, but before that, I would like to know if it can be adjusted before I replace it.

Car won't turn left or right

we had the engine replace, because after rewiring it was having problems starting, so we started off by replacing the battery, starter, alternator, then the low oil pressure light came on .. no compression so we replace the engine, now the security light comes on. this was the problem prior to replacing those listed parts after we had a mechanic do a full rewiring, which was done first, then replaced the engine now the car starts, wont start sometimes and then start, but cannot be driven due to the security light. could it be a cross of wiring? or is there a way we can reset the security system? it can be started manually from the engine but it wont start the gas pump.

my pontiac g6 2006 2.4l is idling very rough and will not hardly start. When I go to put in gear it goes into gear but it will not move forward. It has no power and keeps shutting off when I give it gas.

I was driving 60 mph down the highway when the steering wheel locked, I jumped the guard rail & steering wheel began to shake, I attempted to turn the wheel to the right. Both tires blew out & the car is TOTALED. There is NO outside damage, but the steering wheel totally froze & almost got me killed. I have heard the Pontiac Grand Am has had similar problems - IS THIS A DEFECT IN THIS CAR?
Need to know.

my sunroof is off track and i need to know how much it is to get it back on track

The radio in my G6 will not turn on, nor will its backlight. Although i tried replacing the fuses to the radio and instrument cluster lighting, it still does not respond. please help me out. Thanks!