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how do you access the diagnostics for the eatc

i had a leak in a hose and fixed it earlier that day. turned the car off and went into a store and when i came back out it would crank but not start. Put in a new control module and coil and no change.Im not getting any spark at the coil.

I need to know what the labor hours call for on job

Have been having intermittent issues for 2yrs with this car, many mechanics have looked at it with no fixes done. Dash lights will go out, sometime the headlights go out and the gauges all go down. They come back on though. It will not start, key in turn to start nothing happens, with key turned to start, slam the door then it starts. Brake light on dash comes on and dinger starts going off, radio will be working then just shut off then come back on. Sometimes this will happen many times and then you could go 2 days and nothing goes wrong, frustrating.

my car keeps shutting off need to know will new oxygen sensor make the car stop cutting off....

Take a long time to fill gas tank. Can hear the fuel backing up as if the tank is full. Wait a few seconds and it will take anouther 1/2 gallon or so. Can't see any blockage.

no question

No lights are on.

I recently had my blower checked and they told me the blower was fine but there was a pig tail wire that cnnects to the back that had burned up. What is this wire andis it a quick,easy fix or should I just replace the blower

ran low on gas, sputtered to a stop. added 4 gal of gas but wont start. pump is working but no fuel pressure at fuel rail.

I noticed on my way to work this morning my car started to overheat. the temp gage went to a little over half way. When I got to work I noticed that coolant was leaking under the car. It seemed to be coming from the rear of the engine.
Is there any type of hose at the rear of the engine that might be leaking?

my blower motor on my ac will not run on high speed . It wotks fine on the lower speeds but when you turn it to high it just quits. Can some one please point me in the right direction .

crankshft got turned with out marking now car wont start

i need to change the transmission sensor on my car but i need to know where it is my mechanic wont tell me

Hello... I just want to make sure I got an honest estimate from the mechanic regarding the change of the fron brakes, routers, and inspection in PA... he is charging me $377. Is that a good deal? Help! Thanks!


I just wanted to make sure we weren't jipped by the mechanic. He replaced the plastic hose bypasses- they were cracked and leaking anti-freeze. SO he charged us for 2 anti-freezes, 2 hose bypasses, and for the labor. It was costly... I know he had to move some things out to get into the area to replaceed the hoses, but I am not sure if the price was just. Please help!

Here is a run down of the problems. Listed as running lean I have a fuel pressure of 30psi not the 48-55psi required. all lines checked and good. Fuel pump is good. Have been told that the piston rings may be out and need replacing. Also got told that problem might be in the fuel injectors may be clogged, but wouldn't the lines be over pressure if at the end of line. However car starts fine when cold. Will not start when hot or has been running for more then 30 minutes, car must sit for an hour at least to be restarted. Makes chugging sound when initally started then evens out. Also car shimmies at 42mph and 74mph. No idea why the shake but rides fine at any other speed, odd.

how can i bypass the security system

started car went leave car slowed eng pwr reduced light came on now.what's the warning light is on too.

get an estimate to repair timing chain


my remote wont work and my key wont unlock my doors what could be the problem?when i did get in my car my battery had to be jumped. do u think its the battery or may something with the security system its a 1995 grad prix.

My accessories plugs do not work and the fuzes seem ok but where are the circuit breakers so i can check them?


I have around 78,000 miles on my car. About 3 months ago my oil was mixing in with my coolant I had it fixed a few days ago I stared hearing a rattling so I checked my oil and there no oil on the dipstick. I thought it might have just been a leak so I put some in before leaving work to go home when I got home i checked it again and it was empty again. It hasn't overheated at all my temp guage always sits around half while driving. What could it be this time?

Checked battery, battery good. Check starter, good. Checked key, not coded, good. Check alternator, good. Replace fuel filter. Fuel pump, good.

This car will stall when braking from speeds of around 55 mph. It has done this for several months and each time restarts easily. Completely random. We replaced the battery and no change. Had fuel system cleaned no change. Other weird symptoms are that the window lock no longer works and a few of the back-lit items do not illuminate such as the shifter indicators. Finally would not start one morning, but boosted very quickly with minimal effort. Three different repair shops could not detect any drain on the battery. Got it back Friday, drove fine all weekend and now Monday it stalled again. Please help.

We are very happy with the Torrent and recomended it to 2 other people, they have purchased the same 2006 Torrent.
One friend after a year owning it replaced a wheel bearing at 45,000. Seems to be a common problem and expensive.

When I try to warm up the van first thing in the morning, it will not idle to get warm. Once it gets warm, it runs find.

My relay for my fuel pump is rapidly clicking there is fuel going to the car( I can smell it) but the engine just turns over and over with no start. The fuel pump, filter,gas tank have all been replace. recently have replace brake line, starter and neg battery cable. random point after the last items were replace my in dash lights for my brake,airbag and seatbelt randomly flashes when driving