vehicle runs hot in still traffic.fan motors ok but dont come on.relays and coolant sensor on thermostat housing has been replaced.

I put new pads on the car and the pedal came up but slowly goes back down to floor

What is the offical name for the lower tie rod on the drivers side?

how do I remove inside door panel

where do i get directions on removing and installing intake manifold

My car has become a money pit and I was wondering if there is a quick fix to get me by whats left of winter so I can have time to look at cars a little. Basically I just need the window securely propped up & would like to know the cost - Thank you!


replaced brake pads. bled the brakes and still they do not grip too well.

where is the trans presure switch located on these cars.

My girlfriend cracked her engine oil pan (not the transmission pan) and I need to replace it. i was wondering what the part number is for that piece. the gmc site obviously doesn't give you the part number as they want to corner you into buying it from them at ridiculous prices.


What's the best way to replace a fog light?

do you have to remove engine with subframe to replace head gaskets

Check engine came on (02 Grand prix 3.8L), Cleared code P0442 (Small EVAP Leak), Check engine came back on and noticed gas cap gasket was cracked, Replaced w/new and cleared code again.. Ran very good for roughly 70 miles after topping off the tank but did notice the needle took awhile to drop from the (F) mark, I then had lose of power with no additional codes returning and now it is very difficult to go over 30MPH without having serious hesitation. Changed purge valve, fuel filter and check vacuum lines for the obvious....All looked good from what was visible... Hooked up the OBDII with laptop and noticed the 2nd bank O2 Sensor was showing voltage but showed N/A for the fuel trim as O2 bank 1 show voltage as well as a percentage reading for fuel trim... Any Thoughts?

after changing the battery and hooking up the wrong connections, I blew fuses. Bought new fuses and installed them. The lights and radio works but car will not turn over or even click. What else can be checked or changed to get the car to start?

My turn signals only work intermit my hazards work fine any ideas on what the problem is


Windshield wipers won't stop in the parked position

my heater will not blow air. occasionally it will come on. ac does not work either.. is this due 2 a fan or motor going bad???

How does one determine if the wheel hubs need replacing, or is it the CV joints? Hearing a grinding noise in front while driving. Hard to tell from which side.

How can one determine if the EGR valve and solenoid are bad? Are both replaced simultaneously?

Night lighted area on my gear shift panel does'nt light up it is completely dark.

My display information center is completly blank. not lit up at all.

Brake pedal is low inside the car possibly needs to be adjusted. Do they adjust normaly like other through the opening in the drum?

Car doesn't turn over - not even a click. Yet all interior lights and radio come on. Tried to charge battery but nothing changed. Checked battery - it looked okay. Was running fine yesterday.

I am trying to replace the ignition switch in my pontiac torrent and i can get the old lock out to replace it with the new one i have the new one to replace it with i just need to know how to remove the lock cylinder

traction/stability check lights pops on; is this a sencor problem or transmission problem ? can i fix it myself?

Sludge and coolant in oil

How long would it take to replace the regulator and lift motor on the left front (driver) side power window? I have purchased the parts myself so all that is needed is the labor. thanks

I had an oil change, then a week later, my husband had checked the oil, found NO oil, so I ran it back to the dealer ship and found that I had a leak in my oil pan gasket and was told had to drop the engine--$400. then replace a $20.00 part. but we are still looking for a cheaper price.

How do you disable the stupid seat warmer on the drivers side? It will not turn off, it says it is off but believe me it is on and it is on high!