1 can't get my interior lights to go off 2 can't get my brake light to come on all bulbs replaced lights work just doesn't brighten the pedal is pushed 3 can't get the blinkers to work on my passenger side front light and tail light

I have owned the vehicle for 4 years now and probably have gone through about 8 sets of front wheel bearings. Some were cheaper products while others were supposed to be top of the line USA products. They last a few months to less than a year. Any thoughts on why I am having this issue all the time? They replace them under warranty, but this is getting ridiculous.


I was told i need a timing chain replacement, or a new motor. i need an estimate of how much will it cost to get a timing chain replaced?

idle is at 3000rpm in park,run 45mph without touching the ggas and have to let off the gas to let trans shift.engine runs great going down the road

p0641 high idle.3000rpm cold and 2000rpm when engine is hot after a week you now have to let off the gas to get trans to will go 45 mph without touching the gas

While driving at a steady 25/35 mph , tach will briefly jump 1000 rpms. sometimes it will be often other times not at all.

When I'm backing out of driveway, my car seems to make a clicking noise like when the wheels make a complete rotation, there is a clicking sound at that point. It only happens in reverse, not in drive. I think it comes from the right front side but an not sure since I have the driver side window open while others are closed. The noise may be coming from somewhere else but it does sound like the front right side. Thank you.

I was driving my car on the higway and the battery light came on. when I got home it would not crank back up beccause the belt had popped. I replaced the belt and it still won't crank. I just here a clicking noise

I need to get a price on how much it will cost to have my front right axle seal replaced. I just got my transmission flushed so i only need the seal replaced. How much?

engine overheats while standing still not whilr moving one person said check the cooling temp unit on right side of intake and i cant find what im looking for

overheating while standing srill not while driving one person said check the cooling temp sending unit on right side of intake dont know what im looking for need help

engine is overheating ???

Window will not move need to diagnose

Tried hooking up lights. Work with engine off and turning on using light switch, then when turning ignition on, they do not work. Heard to disconnect a the DRL and auto light sensor.

why do shocks leak oil?

oil keeps getting thrown back onto air filter causing it to clog and not breath properly and making us have to replace filter every 2-3 months because pvc valve needs replaced

oil keeps getting thrown back onto air filter causing it to clog and not breath properly and making us have to replace about every 2-3 months

i am driving on the interstate when this happens.

Has anyone come across while driving the car that all of a sudden that you loose all power at the dash and accessories? The power comes back?

i backed into a frozen snowbank and broke the back up light,now i have the new unit but have trouble installing it.

how much will it cost to get a new trans pan gasket put on?

One the car is warmed up there is a loud clicking noise coming from the engine when idling and accelerating. car seems to run fine other than that.

i think my fuel pressure regulator is down . I have new plugs and wires , new radiator, new waterpump,,i checked the catalytic converter...i still wont run on all cylinders. where is the regulateor located?

All lights come on, but the dashboard light.

Where can i buy just the plastic clips that hold the window on the track cable? Is there a particluar pn for this to look for? Mine broke into several pcs ans are such bad condition that i can not even tell what i should be buying as equivalent.

Tried to install new PCM did the 30 min relearn now van cranks over but doesn't start no security light on dashboard. Fairly certain fuel injectors turned off. Van at least ran before all of this.

i want to paint my front bumper and i dont kno how to remove it.

when my car has warn up after 5 mins it accelerates by itself a couple of times whats causing this to happen

Can you check a fuel pump without taking it to the shop. If so how?

My van has 178,000 miles on it. It was running perfectly and then I felt a miss in the engine, dash lights dimmed and I lost some power. My temp. gauge was as high as it would go. I shut it off and called a tow truck. The van started when they arrived, but blew a great deal of white smoke out the exhaust and could smell antifreeze burning.
Is this a blown head gasket?