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once highspeed highway
sunroof doesnot open from front to back ( horizontally )....it still opens up vertically
First subframe mounts on passenger side went bad now being told whole subframe needs replaced
Where is the fuel pump located in on the car?
A quarter of the time we start up the car from sitting in park for more than 2 hours, the AC will not turn on. The dial for the fan is rotated clockwise but the blower will not turn on in either the cool or heat sett...
how much should a brake job cost
I park my Grand Prix in a garage. I have noticed twice in the last two weeks a puddle on my garage cement floor right below the left rear tailpipe. The puddle size is about the size of a basketball and it drys within ...
what is the cost to replace mass air senor?
Was driving down highway at 65 mph. Instantly started throwing oil out backside of motor. Have inspected and can't find hole in block or any gasket failure. Is there a oil pressure line in this area? Would loss of oil...
Car starts, runs for 2 seconds and dies. Happens over and over. Thanks.
it seems like there is some play in the drive train. it clunks when you shift gears. any ideas? the car has 21k miles.
where do i go to put freon in my car
the hvac blower goes off and on by its self while I have it on and leave it on most of the time. It stopped for a day and a half then worked two days no problem then on initial start of engine came on then turned off ...
How do I remove the Rotor? I have pounded on it with a rubber mallet and it won't bust loose. do I need to remove the large nut (1 1/8") on the axle bolt or is the rotor just rusted on?
the water pump on my 1997 grand am v 6 is leaking. How hard is this one to do? how much would it be if i had it done? Thanks.
K, see what I get back...any input is appreciated...Have a 93 bird...was quick off the get go until....bolt loose in tranny and knocked out the starter...fixed for a low price of 1000 dollars by a simple loose bolt re...
airbag light saying on
when the car is running the tack, gas gauge, and spadometor is not working. What is wrong?
where is the radiator cooling fan motor located, iwas told center upper firewall, but i cannot locate it.
to expose the power window mechamisms for replacement?
i need new plugs and wires but dont know what kind to get????
was working fine then stoped blowing cold. The system is fully charged and the blower is working fine. can here the compresor click on.
price on front struts and strut mounts
I had a blown head gasket and since I got my vehicle back it has been idling rough and just recently my check engine light came on and it blinks when I accelerate.
my car had new tied rods and front end alignment done but still has alot of play in the steering wheel
can occur at any time and whenever you might attempt to raise oo lower window.
i have a 98 pontiac transport 98 which stalls after 20-30 min. before it stalls it runs rough and sputters. I tried new fuel filter and fuel sending relay. all fuses are ok both under the hood and under the dash. ...
What is the firing order
Where is the low pressure port located
for the first time ever i got the light showing a repair was needed and then my radio disply showed power steering. after reading this sight it tells me i dont have power steering fluid so what coudl the issue be and ...