My car started running hot about three weeks ago. Heater would work on and off. Checked water and had oil in it. Replaced intake and head gaskets. Flushed Radiator. Ran fine for day or two. Started running hot again. Heat did not work at all. Changed thermostat. It was stuck. Flushed again. no change, still running hot. Replaced water pump. No change. No oil in water, heat still not working even after new thermostat. Can idle for a while but when accelerated or tr to drive it instantly begins to run hot. Not sure what else to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

i have a 3.4 liter what would be the cost of replacing the timing chain?

signs of fuel pump malfunction

was having problem with oil pressure guage going high then low then engine sputters.replaced sensor and worked fine for 3 days and started acting up again. this time code said tps sensor problem so replaced. ran fine for a day the same problems.4 different codes came up.PO122 tps sensor switch A circuit low imput, PO522 Oil pressure cicuit low voltage, 1107 MAP sensor circuit intermitant low voltage, 1122 TPS inconsistant with MAF sensor low voltage. replaced computer and still same problems. Any idea?

I received an estimate from the dealer for replacement of upper & lower intake gaskets w/coolant flush. The estimate including tax & shop fees is $1,104.00. Sounds high to me - what do you think?

My 2007 G6 has had it's driverside door ajar alarm activated and I can't get it to deactivate. I can't find the door switch/sensor to test this out. where is it located?

the driver side mirror is loose in its frame and just flops around. how do i fix it?

I have noticed coolant on the serpentine belt as well as squeaking on occasion ,recently it has been getting worse .

I have a coolant leak coming from the pass side above the water pump, i beileve it's the intake gasket? how much should this cost to repair and how hard is it to do yourself?

how many quarts of trans fluid are in a 2004 grand am.

driver side windshield wiper arm flops to the side and gets hung up with the side mirror and the passenger side doesn't move up & down at all, but I can hear the wiper motor running, what can cause this?

broken cable cannot get to eingin

tps had only 3.5 volts mass air flow has 5 coolant senseor has 5 volts i traced the blue wire from the tps to a box under the coolant recovery tank inside the air filter bos the wire only has 3.5 volts is ths the pcm,i was told the pcm was inside the car the service # on this box is 12583827 is this the pcm?

my car only clicks once and then just dings four times . some times when my blinker is on to turn left its like there is no power. or when i push the hazards in it seems normal. i have no read out on my OBD2 reader when i plug it into the car. why?

driver side window goes down good but when it goes up its un even after half way up

My aztek is currently leaking power steering fluid and the mechanic told me that I need a new Rack and Pinion and alignment. What is the likelihood he is going to get into the fixing of the rack and pinion and tell me I need new tie rods too?

I have replaced my radiator cap and now I have water coming out up of overflow and it wont hold pressure

key will not go into lock position, can start car without key , and the battery goes dead . the car beeps like the lights are on but nothing is left on.

There is a clicking sound on both sides of the car. What actually needs replacing.

Just bought a 2010 Pontiac G6 GT Sedan. First time driving in the dark. Is should have a lighted gear shift panel right?

i am clueless on the prob rough idle.idles at about 700rpm.boggs down when accelerating. bickfires when u giver gas. and a very rich gas odor please any ideas hopfully u know a lil more than i do?????

Went to get my car outta storeage last weekend, and i had an engine crank no start issue. wasn't getting spark or fuel. cleaned off the cap and rotor and got spark back, but still not getting fuel. used a pressure tester, and it reads 0 when cranking. I don't hear the fuel pump when i turn the key on. fuses are fine. tank is about 3/4 full. the car ran before i put it away for 6 months. the car isn't in a good spot as it sits to drop a fuel tank, and it also isn't in a good spot to be towed either. any suggestions as to getting the fuel pump running, or if it could be another issue?

also i notice my SES light doesn't come on when you first turn the key for it's self diagnostic checks. it always used to. any ideas about that? maybe could these 2 issues be related?

began flickering on and off now on steady. new alt. and battery. cleaned battery and alt connections. also tightened visible grounds battery to trans. and one that went from trans housing to body.

I have a 98 Grand Am, I can take the key out of the ignition at any time. Problem is, sometimes, I can turn the engine off but the dashboard stays lit because the key won't go all the way back to shut off everything. What do I do to fix it?

Automatic transmission will not work in Drive. Must use manuel tap shifters.

wires look good temp sensor has 5 volts but the tps and pps sensor only have 3.5 volts i think i need a new pcm,anyone have any other ideals

The cable that is runing from the gear shifter to the dash board is pulled out. Where exactly do i reinstall it at?

Do we need to change any thinks ell

Does this make/model come with some sort of internal air conditioning filter? THANKS!!!

Can anyone help me and tell mw the drive cycle of my car