The 1st time I had a problem it got to where it wouldn't run ,replaced the mass airflow sensor with a rebuilt autozon sensor,it ran perfect for 6 months and it started doing it again,got another 1 and it lasted about a month and it started messing up,went and got another one but new ,ran perfect for 2 days and stalled one time.Does not die all the way just stalls for a split second and a low fuel warning bell dings 3 times and then it runs fine after that.Thanks for any help.

its on almost all the time

I recently dented the bumper on my pontiac, which i know is plastic. i dont want to fix it myself but i cant find a site that tells me how much it might be. does anyone know the starting price for fixing a plastic bumper?

While driving, I hit either a Pothole or where the 2 pieces of pavement are "joined" together but with a rather HARD HIT when going over . The "normal" joints on highway are no problem. My engine shuts off and I place trans in netural, turn key off, then back on & restart engine; unless Battery is bad & will not start without a jump. I've wiggled battery, fuse box ( under hood), which i've noticed DOES slide somewhat up/down & forward/backward on a "rail type" of holder. IT does not actually come "up". I ALSO have a loose R. F Wheel sensor to the ABS. Not sure IF this would cause the problem. DID not have problem until dealership change the ECM at about 40,000 miles due to leak in windshield ( covered under warranty). I do not know as to WHERE the ECM is located or HOW to get it out to check. Suggestions

Thank YOu

How do you get to the rear bank of plugs on the 3.4 V6 engine?

my coolant fan wont run unless the ac button is on and the check engine light is not on. i am losing coolant out the overflow valve at 200 degrees. i have allready replaced the relays the thermastat, thermal indicator, water pump and now the ecm. what have i not checked. the fan will also run if i unplug the thermal indicator and run a wire to loop its signal back to the computer but it causes the idling to go crazy. any ideas? im running outta cash and patience! please help...

I have a 6spd manual 2003 vibe gt with 110K miles on it. I was driving on the interstate the other day and when I went to accelerate, the rpms went real high and it didn't really accelerate like it normally does. What could cause this in a manual tranny? I would expect it from an automatic tranny that is failing, but not from a manual. I normally use mid to high grade fuel, but the last fillup I used regular. Could that be the cause or could it be something more serious? Should I change the tranny fluids? Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!

had the encine replaced, a few days after getting it back the headlights, the dash lights, the radio and the clock display just quit, all at the same time. checked all the fuses I could find.

Front caliper pistons not releasing. New calipers, pedal normal. Master cylinder or possibly a check valve?

I just got my 2002 pontiac grand am gt two weeks ago. It drove fine then three days ago i shut it off the next day wont start. I changed the fuel filter and camshaft sensor. The fuel pressure is reading 50 pounds. Im at a loss. Shot of ether it starts right up and will start all day when the engine is still warm but once it cools wont start again. Help?

just purchased a 2009 Pontiac G5 GT and already lost two
center caps. is this a issue that will be covered under
my warranty?

I am also wondering how much struts are to replace and what kind of anti freeze should I use?

A light came on saying "A/C off to protect engine" then white smoke and brown liquid came out of my car what does that mean

my rear wiper will not move it sounds like something is loose on the wiper motor

drivers window switch

i own 1996 pontiac sunfire gt i put a new ecm module in it now it doesnt want to change gears an the speed omiter doesnt work what would make it do that

What other Gm year and model cars are compatible with the 2002 aztek for transmission replacement.

My wives 2002 aztek just lost the transmission. I dont know yet if it is the solenoid of if its shot. What I would like to know is if I change out the whole unit which model GM cars and years are compatible, or where I can get this info Thanks.

where is the anti theift moduel located?In my car it is not on the right passager side as the book indicated where else can it be? I need to replace it.

The front driver side door does not open from outside. The door handle doesn't feel like it is catching on anything (lever, wire, rod, whatever) to allow latch to open. This door works fine, opens easily when the INSIDE door handle is pulled. Any ideas?

need to find tension pulley

where do you chech or add power steering fluid, it starting growling today and i cant find where to check or add.

I was at a store with car in park and heater off and the gauge went to 3/4 way up on gauge mehanic says its working right the gauge is off some how. they say they recalibrated it. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I have lost all power steering and I know it is the pump but I don't want to be ripped off when I go to the mechanic and he sees I am a woman. Please help with average amount to fix this problem.

need to find out where the blower motor is located and replace it

which way do you turn the harmonic balancer bolt to take it off

heater hose was replaced went to turn on didnt start mechanic said fuel pump ,so replaced it and fuel filter still nothin now he thinks its module . feeling like its a guessing game

where is the gas pedal sensor located

i have a 1996 pontiac sunfire... when i start my car i get a strong smell of gas. seems to be stronger when the heat is on... have no leaks and no change of gas usage... anyone know what could be the problem?

i changed my 94 from auto to 5speed with all 95 parts an the clutch wont disengage