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Turn van off ran fine went to start again cranks over no start not getting spark?

Or what the starter engages?

Has 210,000 miles. Regularly
serviced; fuel filter, fuel pump, gas tank and gas line all replaced in last month. The hesitations persist.

Several ongoing unrepaired electrical? items: radio stopped playing, airbag icon stays lit and sliding cargo door goes into a flurry of clicking noises periodically.

That coded was #6 spark plug mis fire fixed. Right away out of no where. Temp gauge shot to hot so pulledover to check water radiator wasnt hot stilll kept running while i added water cooled down temp gauge went back to normal then engine stalled. Still had full firing power but wouldnt turn over. What shoul i check all fuses look good how do i check fuel pump relay

the van has all the lights and radio.There is an anti-theft device called stargard below and to the right of the sterring wheel.Is this device my problem for the van not starting?

my dash instruments quit working. they h
ave gone off /fuel/temp/speedometure.
now they have done before & then just come back on, but now they seem to just be staying off I was thinking they were the wrong Letters. all mine exept for 3 start with B others are C

Checked codes by key and flashing engine light. Codes 41 &47

This continues to be a problem. Is it an electrical issue? Possibly fuse or relay switch problem?

Changed fuel pump / dist. cap

my engine also cuts out and quits when it has been driven for a while 5 miles or about the time it warms up

The back side of my van's wheel bearing needs a change and i would like some tuturoial

trying to replace the rear cam plug. Do I need to remove the end cam cap to remove the plug? If so what is the torque spec on the end cam cap bolts?

about 2 weeks ago the van started making a winding noise for a second or so, then start. Sometimes it started right up. Now it wines up and don't start at all. I did check and the belts are not turning at all.

I just changed front ceal , and oil pan gasket.

when operating my van with the air-con on it uses a lot of radiator fluid. when i turn off the air-con it runs fine. what is wrong?

When I operate my A/C my engine overheats and loose radiator fluid. When I turn off my A/C I don't loose fluid.

Rear stays cold

I put the key in the ignition and , nothing, then i put the battery charger on for 1 minute, like i have a dead battery, and again i put the key in and it starts up like nothing was wrong in the first place, this is an intermitent issue, it works fine for about 3 days and then BAM nothing just like a dead battery or more like no battery at all, no lights, no nothing .....totally lost on where to look next

brake warning light on when making right turns. Weird huh.