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Not driven much. It basically just sits in the garage. We've had to jump it before a few times to give it some run time but it's always run great. Drivers side window motor just went out. 14,000 miles only HELP!!! Thi...
Switch gone or fuse? Also pass side blinker shorting and causing all lights to flash when brake is applied?
After not starting my Prowler for awhile, cold in the east, my check engine light and came on and tach is not working. The book says beside the fuse panel by the drivers door panel there is one under the hood, but can...
Over the past year it has become hard to steer and won't return to center after a turn
How do you fix the message center, all the lights went out & the speedometer stop working. ckd the fuses already but didnt help. has anyone else had this problem? Could it be a sensor or is there something else I can...
The bell rings but lights dont come on & the speedometer doesn't work at all. Hasn't worked for about a month.
I was told the pressure valve in the gas tank is stuck open and the only way to fix it is to replace the whole tank. Any suggestions? If not where can I buy a replacement tank?
I believe that it is the motor, on the drivers side window.
my driver door window is makeing alot of noise and jumping??
my dash lights come on but the gauges don't work including the speedometer and mileage
why does my windows lift belts break every year. (both windows) their not binding or jaming. they just life up cockeyed.