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OBD code Po455, Large! Cant' clear this service lite. It appears imediatly after trying to clear, never shuts off for a second. Car runs perfectly with 63k mi. No smell of fuel anywhere. Would it be wise to lean t...
cranks ,has spark, has new plugs ,battery, has no fuel pressure at fuel rail .cranking engine or just setting. i was thinking the fuel pressure regulator or filter on top of the tank ? do i need to drop tank in orde...
I came home from work today. When I pulled into the the driveway I noticed smoke coming from under my hood and the smell of burned rubber. I left the car out of the garage and tried to start the car later and now it w...
where could i go to fix this or could I fix this on my own
code p0743; Torque clutch soleniod circuit open or sort; car some times stalls when first start up & cold. Trans seems to be ok, shifts smooth, no slips.
I installed an after market radio in my 2000 Plymouth neon. It worked fine for one day. Then I put the dash kit on and when I hooked it back up there was no power to the radio. The dome light no longer works either. T...
My son's Neon, runs fine, but he doesn't have any heat. What steps must I take to find out what is wrong?
water pump is fine so is thermostat but gets really hot just taking it around the corner
1998 Plymouth Neon, following a collision, it will not start. Turns over just fine. Is there a reset switch for the fuel pump? If so, where?
replacement of timing belt resulted in a broken value with a locked up engine. Repair shop it would cost around $1500 to fix
trying to find out how long the brakelines are from the master cylinder to the back wheels
i only have my right blinker when my headlights are on.
Can a detached trunk lid brake the back window of this type car?
my son sad that he heard a noise in the engine and it cut off and would not started it is getting gas and spark but will not start can not get it
1995 neon will only start with the gas pedal to the floor.after that it idles fine. any ideas? thanks
My 2000 Plymouth Neon stopped responding tonight while I was driving down a hill. I Gave it gas, it bogged and the speedometer failed. The Tach that I had running off the coil pack failed as well. When I pushed in the...
I can have my panel on heat and it will randomly switch over to a/c and back. Now it is stuck on blowing cold, any suggestions
how is inner tie rod removed
while driving down the road my car just shut off and now it tries to turn over when you try to start it but it wont turn over what could it be
the ignition fuse is blown repased and worked but now it is blown again and it blows the fuses as they are replased turnthe key and it blows
transmission how much to replace new orused
When turning ignition everything comes on but won't start. Makes a sound like humming. This is the second time it has happened. Last time we tightened the terminals and it started but they are tight as can be and s...
I am trying to setup my car for a question and do not know which type my engine is. what does SOHC and DOHC stand for?
no fuel at fuel rail will start on starter fluid and no fuel at rail. changed fuel pump relay and no trigger to pump.
Recently car came to a sudden stop while driving around 25 miles per hour.Would not move engine still running.Turned engine off and tried to restart but would only make a popping sound.Found out water pump froze and d...
my neon will die any time, usually after its already running, only once did it fail to start back up. it usually starts up, could be a couple minutes or half an hour. of course it wont do it when you want it to so can...
i was in jail for three months and in that time no one messed with my car or turned it on. well now it wont start, replaced the starter, ignition coil, battery and crankshaft sensor well it trys but it whines really b...
what is the purpose of the " power hop damper "
what makes a car backfire
Ok I have a 5 speed manual trans. It has been lugging out as i shift from first gear if i push the clutch back in it fixes what is causing the lug what should i do?