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Once ever two weeks didn't start twice in a row in rain
It is completely off of all three tracks and is sitting on the floor of the back seat.
Changed the cam and cranking sensors. New coil pack. And nothings wrong with the timing chain . What else could it be. Everything else works
Just changed TCM and now codes show shift selonoid defective.
No fire to coil No fire out of coil
The van will go into Park, Reverse, 1st Gear and 2nd Gear, But wont go into any other gears. I would like to know why that is?
It started out as a popping sound when the van was shifting up (automatic). Now it is jerking, possibly backfiring, and still making the popping sound. I checked transmission fluid, and found it was empty. Filled it, ...
and when you go To Start it, it Starts and dies instantly?
Started van it started up,i started to drive & it stalled & wouldnt start back up then my battery needed charged so i had it charged full charge on battery,i tried to start it & it wouldent start, it turns over it jus...
For a few months now, every time I start accelerating about 30mph, the van seems like it is backfiring/not wanting to accelerate. Once you get up to speed, it continually jerks, not terribly hard, but it does it. I no...
It was leaking from the transmission pan, we replaced the gasket and filter. Now its leaking to the left of the pan. Not sure if its the bellhousing or what.
stays on "Empty" Even when my gas tank is full. It also Keep making nose when I am driving the symbol of the gas light stays on. and it make a bell sounds Why. Is it the fuse blown? or ? Thanks. I had the Van since Ap...
96 grand voyager se, 3.3- seems all this happened at once: no turn signals, no cabin blower fans front or rear, no rear wiper, air bag and abs alert lights on. Fuses seem ok & harness connectors on steering column ok.
the air conditioner, defrost and other indicators do nothing when engaged
currently have 3.3L engine that is troubling - would like to replace engine - can i replace with the 3.8L engine ? - what changes will be required ? - where can i find the 3.8L engine ?
it first started i would go to work, start home it would die on the way home, push it home it would start the next day, go to work get ready to go home, wouldn't start,replaced the crank sensor , now it tries to start...
dor panel info to repair
All of the gear indicators are lite and all will flash on and off randomly. Starter doesn't do anything.
turning the key lights will dim slightly but no action from the starter at all. No solenoid clicking no starter spinning nothing. Tried jumping just in case of enough power to turn on lights but not the starter still ...
i am trying to hook up a mobile ham radio program.i have it mounted up but i am trying to run the wires to a power source for the mobile radio.i am not able to use the lighter.
Have problems locating where is the cooling relay for my 1999 plymouth grand voyager, please help.
from a van in the junk yard and replace the passenger side rear quarter glass in my 91 Grand Voyager SE?
The oil inlets for the lifters are stopped up. The car sat for 3 years. Can I put 1 quart of transmission fluid in with the oil to clean them, so they will fill with oil?
I asked earlier about a broken wire in the motor since it keeps blowing fuses. Found out that wire was protruding through a crimp and was not broken. I took the armature out and could not find any broken wires anywher...