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Drove the van a few miles to the store came back out to start the van it started up about 4 secounds and died started it back up again same problem, tried to restart it again, but this time it would not turn over at a...
How much would it cost to replace and install a strut tower?
the van is making a loud roaring noise and it wont shift gears,stuck in 1st or 2nd gear
Pump shuts off continually while pumping gas even when tank is almost empty it sometimes spills out after 1 gallon. HELP!!
I cant find where my cooling fan relay is on my 95 plymouth grand voyager 3.3L. Its not the ones in that dist. box under the hood on driver side. Where exactly is it and how do i replace it or get to it.
My van won't start,it turns but just won't start,battery is ok,starter is ok,spark plugs ok. Took to mechanic and couldn't find anything wrong but said it was my pcm,dealership said there isn't a pcm it's a bcm and a...
How do I remove spark plugs and get to the plugs behind the engine?
I was driving all day and then it stop and would not start
How do you replace the EGR valve on a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager?
The radio and clock will stop working and take it out and bring in to the house and let it set for a few weeks reinstall it and it will work fine for awhile the fuses are good and there is power on the two wires that ...
no matter where the shifter is the trans isin drive.park is park and driveeverse is reverse and drive neutra, drive and both lows r drive
how to replace a fuel on the van taking it a part and putting it back together.. thank you
timing belt broke, how do i set the double over head timing, i am ready to put new belt on, already installed new water pump
voltage regulator fried battery blow out headlights & engine stumbling
i did not mark windshield wiper arms on pivot before removal how do u line back up
leaving the negative cable on the battery for more than 45 minutes will drain the battery
several times this year my car would not start. the first time AAA started it by turning the steering wheel hard. this happened a couple more times. then it happened again and turning the wheel did not work. AAA sa...
cooling fan will not work , relays changed and themostat changed, themocouple been changed.
water in trans. and rad. fan will not work, relays have been changed,and the water has been drained several times,but it comes from the converter
There are two tension pulley's by the Serpentine Belt of of them has an irritating noise how can I fix this without replacing pulley.
The Two pipe line for Break fluid from the engine to the back wheels are rusted and leaking fluid. How do i replace them
can you tell me how to install a serpentien belt assembly on this van?
On driver's side car makes high whisling noise when gas pedal is engaged I noticed the sound last night and the sound is lounder when the car makes right and left turns and the car was looked at just last week and not...
My Plymouth was recently diagnosed as needing a new EGR valve. Your site recommends system cleaning. Is this included in the estimate you provide for replacing the EGR valve? If not, can you give me an estimate on the...
how to install
When I drive this van it dont down shift and I am thinking the transmition went on it. What can I do and where can I find a transmition un expensive
Had Transmission Hose fixed and the car smells like burning rubber and I also smell gas inside and outside car what should I do and is it dangerious to drive?