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R could it be crankshaft sensor r something else I'm stumped i was driving my kids to school and it was running fine then it just cut off on me so I'm totally lost on what it could be so plz help me
It was leaking from the transmission pan, we replaced the gasket and filter. Now its leaking to the left of the pan. Not sure if its the bellhousing or what.
stays on "Empty" Even when my gas tank is full. It also Keep making nose when I am driving the symbol of the gas light stays on. and it make a bell sounds Why. Is it the fuse blown? or ? Thanks. I had the Van since Ap...
96 grand voyager se, 3.3- seems all this happened at once: no turn signals, no cabin blower fans front or rear, no rear wiper, air bag and abs alert lights on. Fuses seem ok & harness connectors on steering column ok.
It happens about 20 minutes after it warms up.
Fixing ac and need to know how much I need
the air conditioner, defrost and other indicators do nothing when engaged
currently have 3.3L engine that is troubling - would like to replace engine - can i replace with the 3.8L engine ? - what changes will be required ? - where can i find the 3.8L engine ?
carries a horn relay for this vehicle - am I missing something?
The wiper arms do not always swing, sometimes they stop in the middle of the windshield.
power steering cap came off causing fluid to leak down on pulleys causing belt to come off
I had my alternator replaced a couple of weeks ago and ever since it does not start up without turning over several times. Now I had filled it with gas during my lunch period and went to leave work later,and it will n...
mine is clogged and the van is running real bad thought I would start there ?
it first started i would go to work, start home it would die on the way home, push it home it would start the next day, go to work get ready to go home, wouldn't start,replaced the crank sensor , now it tries to start...
the hotter it gets the more it smokes. It is full of oil and water. one says it's the motor others say its a small leak. the motor runs fine and show no lights.
my vehicle donot change gears while driving my speed ometer not working when i stop my vehicle cuts off the rpms drop
dor panel info to repair
ran fine went to start in morning and wont start i can hear fuel pump for a sec when try to start and the code i get is 12 and 55
My dashboard gauges intermittently quit;but usually return,after a day or so.I'm hoping it's just a loose connection.
by the drive cycle system check how do I fix this the van has no codes but he wont smog it cuz of those two drive cyclr test are not complete HELP!!!!!!!
Van headlights and tail lights (?) still work, maybe even directional lights, but no dash lights or guages work. ABB brakes are making a noise and pushing back so that's a sensor, I think. Happened right after this. T...