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how do i install a sliding door window and should i have power window on this door?
what would cause the oil filter to blow off?it's happened several times now.theres an area on the filter that becomes unsealed and has irregular shape.
how do you replace lower ball joints on a 1998 plymouth grand voyager??
how do i replace the rear valve cover gasket. I am not a service tech. Ijust do not have the money to have it done somewhere else. Thanks
My car started acting very strange today. It rained very hard y'day. When I started the engine, it popped back thru the air cleaner box. As I was driving, the engine would surge and the speedometer would fall back to ...
how do i install a new windshield wiper motor
Upon Replacing The rod bearing i snapped one of the bolt threads.Are these threads machine pressed or can i replace the bolt threads by taking the piston and connecting rod out and how would i go about that?
i had the alternator checked at advance auto,they said it checked ok.would the voltage regulator be bad
would the voltage regulator in the computer cause the instrument gauges to go erratic. the charge indicator is in the red +.
if the instrument cluster is defective can it be repaired or does it have to be replaced.
gauges go erratic. this is the only thing affected.the computer that is located next to the battery has been replaced. would the voltage regulator in the computer cause the gauges to go crazy.
all gauges quit working and then they will start working on and off.i have replaced computer,and gauges still go erratic.the computer was the one next to the battery.will the voltage regulator in the computer cause this
Fuel pump is new works sometimes. There is no power distribution box under the hood. Only a line of relays and a panel of relays beside the fuse panel under the dash. please help me find the fuel pump relay. Thanks
how to replace
how do you change sway bar bushings?
After turning the cruise on, the light will light up on the dashboard, the cruise will not enguage when I select a speed. The light on the dash will go off after 1 minute or so. Even if I do not try to enguage a speed...
What is the easiest way to remove the rear wiper arm, its not nutted down, only press fit with a kocking clip.
I've had a problem with the Transmission Speed Output Sensor.At least that's what I thought it was --I've replaced 3 already and each time the EATX fuse blows.I've replaced the 3 sensor, but it is not registoring and ...
As I'm driving my car I'll come to a complete stop then I'll push in the gas the car will go a few feet and start coasting with my foot on the gas. Then I have to press and unpress the gas several times to get the car...
if you used the wrong oil would it make the van not turn over
How do I remove the door panel to access the window regulator? I assume I need to R&R the regulator since the glass dropped, but I have not been able to remove the panel(s)
I checked so far , no sparks , no injector pulse , no fuel , no power going to the ign. coil. I my guess is that the vehicle's computer is bad. what else it could be besides the computer ?
I am not getting fuel to the motor. I need to verify which is the problem, the fuel pump, which is in the full tank of fuel, or the relay, which should be one of the 12 relays I found in the motor compartment.
Can front and rear valves be accessed without removing coils? Can guts of valves be removed to provide a better flush?
After having my a/c system recharged there was a hiss and purple dye coming from the rear evaporator area. Upon closer inspection it was not coming from evaporator per se but from a junction block of sorts that pas...
My van is a '97 grand voyager and has 185k miles on it. Back in Nov '08 I took it to the repair shop because it would not start. It sounded as if it the fuel line was clogged when trying to start. The repair shop said...
The transmission does not up shift and the speedometer is inop.
I have two serious oil leaks in this car. One of them involves a bolt we snapped off putting the oil pan back up. The other though and more serious one is the oil accumulating from the valve cover. It appears the valv...
My air condition leaks. Last year I recharged it but freon has leaked out before the end of the sumer. There is also an odor that I believe is Freon. Is this something that I can repair muyself?