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first my driver side window quit going down, about 3 weeks ago my automatic door locks quit unlocking and so did the automatic slider door on the driver side.
how do you change the rear spark plugs on a 2001 silhouette
i have a check engine light on a 2001 oldsmobile silhouette..what could be the problem..
what may stop the air conitioning cluch from working
Brake lights do not work. Fuse is fine, bulbs are fine. Only other thing i can think of would be the brake switch, I am needing instructions on how to replace the brake switch, please respond.
Gas tank always reads "FULL". What is the problem and what is the cost to fix it?
Every time I sign in and put in all the necessary info, all I get is the sign-in page again. I am registered! How do I submit the problem I have and get an answer???
The gas guage always reads "Full". What's the problem and cost to repair?
The car overheated and it needs a head gasket and headers replacd. What would the cost of this repair be?
shift lever is loose and gear box selector is drive unable to move it to park
How do you change back brake light bulb on 2002 Oldsmobile silouhette?
i replace the power stering pump and the high presure hose and my car still have the grinder noise can you help me what can i do.
good how to guide to replace the o2 sensor
Apparently P1404 goes to the EGR value, but P0410 goes to the Secondary air system, which is the AIR pump. Am trying to get a handle on how much this is going to cost me to have repaired.
how do i replace the lower intake manifold gasket
my service engine light stays on. I have tightened by gas cap (maybe I need a new cap?). Could an additive to my gas make a difference. thanks
my gas gauge stopped working, have to keep track of mileage when I fuel now. goes from empty to full on needle as I drive
What is the cost to fix a rear main seal leak?
How to remove upper dashboard panel to gain access to temperature control motor
where is the horn located in the engine compartment?
Car is low on gas. When I went out to start it, it wouldn't start. Security light came on and then it wouldn't start. It's making a weird sound when it's trying to turn over, not the clicking sound that's associate...
The crankshaft damper/balancer came out of the engine about 2 or so inches,what casued this and how to fix it and is there any compilcations in fixing it, I know about all the tools for doing the job.
When I turn the key nothing happens, no interior lights or anything. I checked the battery and it seems like it has enough power, but when I try the headlights they won't turn on. Nothing electrical works. What could ...
i'm replacing the intake manifold gaskets. the instuctions say that i need to remove the power steering pump and i should be able to just lift up the power steering pump. there is not much room and the pump is getting...
The automatic sliding door will not open by pushing buttons. There is a beeping sound that seems to be coming from the rear of the van. You can open it by pulling and tugging but hard to get totally closed. Could y...
my traction control system service lihgt is on this have on in one mont ago I no to mouch ingles
Heater Hose and Clamps need to be replaced. What is the cost for parts and labor?
temp gage goes up had it at shop put in new thermostat said head gasket and water pump are fine usually drive 3 miles then pULL over for 5 min and go again the hole time the temp gage goes up and down yet it doesnt lo...
had new thermostat put in and radiator is full of coolant and is still overheating they say water pump is good