continous car stalls out while driving but will start right back up

The two interior lights that you push in to go on and push in to go off will not push in anymore. It's like there was a spring and now it's gone. How can I repair this?

my temp. gauge went to the top and I pulled over and shut car off. Checked coolant overflow and it was fine. Was low on oil so I put 2 quarts in. Started to drive-3 minutes latter same thing. Upon checking fans are not working. Replaced relays and still nothing. when we connected a wire to the fan motor and the other end to the positive cable on battery, fan worked-did the same to the other motor and fan worked. could the problem be the thermostat control sensor? If not, what else could it be?

I have a key chain with my security car remote on it and was raining i unlocked my house door and forgot to take the key out of the door knob it was there for hours until my horn and my lights started going off and then i could not find my keys any where i realize they where still in the door all wet now what do i do i did dry it off and it may be drying out but about every 15 minutes the van goes off now i have the battery cables off

Water temp gauge began running hot. Replaced intake manifold gasket. Slight trace on coolant in topend. Also replaced thermostat and flushed coolant and replace. Water pump not leaking. Replace fuel filter, plugs/wires, serp belt, air filter. Engine runs great, but temp gauge going into the red. Radiator cap cold, but engine dangerously hot. Tech thinks air may be getting into coolant system causing a cavatation. Need help.

what is flashing?

Had van emmisions serviced. It needs a computer. How much would the computer itself go for.

location and how to remove old one.

we replaced the bearings in the steering wheel but its still a little wobbly.what else could be wrong, and how do i fix it

car starts most of time. it starts slowly after turning key 4-5 times

I need the diagram or location of the air pump in the Oldsmobile Silhouette 2000

motor will not move blade. if i manually move it it will go.

my silhouette started shoting down after few mini of driving, but if i let it sit for five mini it will start and run for few second and shot down again. To me it look like it is not getting gas,but my gas pumu is working good.


How do I remove the engine air filter? I unfastened the two top clamps on the air filter box, but there is not enough room to remove the old filter. Are there more clamps or screws somewhere that need to be loosened? I hate to force it apart, but maybe that is what needs to be done. Advise. Thanks. MertonJohnson

my service traction system light comes on sometimes when turning or after hitting a bump I have taken it in to dealer was told they need light on to see what is wrong. Then a hub went had both hubs replaced. Was told that was the problem. now today after maki
G a left turn light came back on When it comes on theAbs light and light and traction off light stay on till next time u start van. It doesn't come back on for days or weeks what is the problem

where is the evap canister and can it plug up?

With the car running at idle will not get any air coming out of vents no matter where I put the control knob, in the front or back vents. Only when driving sometimes the controls will operate, and can get heating or A/C and can control where the air is going.

losing power steering fluid rapidly

it usually stals after driving a couple miles, at the begining, a month ago, the car would stall intermitenly going for days, but now it is happenning more frequently. for example the mechanic has changed the fuel pump, the ignition switch module and tuned up the car. I picked up car yestrday , drove home about 3-4 miles, then after two hours went to work around 6 pm drove about five miles, at 10;30 was driving home the car stalled half way home.

The hex thread assembly on the motor crank arm keeps loosening, causing the whole motor crank arm assembly to slip off the motor. Other than continuously tightening the bolt,what are the options?

Battery died over the weekend on my 2002 Silhouette, so I had to replace it myself. Now my Traction control and ABS are off. TCS reset button does nothing, and it appears my fogger light might also be off. The fuse box, wiring and all, are located on top of the battery. Thought maybe I blew a fuse. Is there a fuse that runs all or some of these functions, and which fuse would need to be replaced? Any other suggestions.

what is the name of the part that hold the headlight in place

vans heater does not blow out that hot of air anymore it is warm and keeps the windows defrosted but not as warm as before the van has antifreeze in it and the car does not overheat

was shifting into 2nd gear hard after van warmed up i would let go of gas and decelerate speed and then gain speed again and it would shift now it is acting up sometimes in 3rd gear

how to take the light bulb out to change it.

there is no heat, just cold air at a idle. It does have a little heat when your reving the heck out of it.

when not on the gas or in park it acts like it want to die like the idleing is set to low.is there an idleing screw so i can idle it up so u dont have to have one foot giving it gas when in park or coming to a stop

I have checked bulbs and fuses,i also have my hazard lights still. Is it the turn signal flasher, and if it is where is it located on the van?

Just had intake manifolds replaced due to antifreeze leak; now Im being told exhaust is leaking into the coolant system causing the vehicle to overheat. What needs done now to repair; any ideal of cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.