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When I put my van in park it wouldn't come back out of park. However, the gearshift moves but nothing happens what if anything can I do before putting it in the shop?
My 2000 Silhouette won't start we checked the battery and thats not the problem. What else could be wrong?
My 2000 Silhouette. I replace the fuel pump and filter because the Van would run for a while and sputter and stop. It would take some time to start again. Once started I would have to keep foot on pedal and brake and ...
Car overheatings: have replaced thermostat, water pump, radiator and cap flush system had used magic sealant for intake manifold problem repair manifold gasket problem
My gas line is "kinked" and needs to be replaced with a new pressure line.
I replaced have already replaced the vehicle speed sensor there is now no diagnostic code
When I start my van, the fuel guage will shoot up to "full" and then will drop to "empty". After driving for a while, it will go the the correct amount. Also, while driving, it will shoot up to "full" and "empty". ...
my traction light is on telling me to get repaired. what would be the problem and how much would be to get fixed. the light is on all the time, but I turn off the switch that says I have no traction at the present.
ok when i turn the key over it wont start. the lights come on and the radio comes on. if you turn it back to the off postion and remove key the radio satys on. what could be cousing this?
how to change rear spark plugs
The passenger seat was working fine, then one day it just didn't work anymore. The light comes on on the console, but it doesn't heat.
I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Silouette Van that is having problems with the following: rear wing windows do not open with the switch, the rear air compressor is not working, the unlock switch only works to automatically l...
How can I replace my fuel lines from the engine to where the lines are routed through the frame without using a factory set. It has push in compression fittings plastic to metal. Does anyone know of a way to replace...
Originally battery went totally dead, it was replaced and 2 days later dead again. Found R A/C fan running all the time so just turned off manually.Ran good for 4 days then dead.F A/C fan was running all the time. Car...
power steering hose replacement pressure line
I have a 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette. When the button is pushed to close the power sliding door, it closes, then opens again. What is causing this and what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen anymore.
My heat and ac won't come on unless set at full setting in my Oldsmobile Silouette. It started doing this at the first setting then the second and so forth until it won't blow out unless you turn it on full.
When going along and need to increase gas just slightlty to maintain speed (whether in cruise or not) the engine will jerk but if I let off the accellerator and then press it again it is fine!
when almost stopped the r-r drum brake makes a "clunk" then groans . 36000 miles had no repairs.
coolant leak intake to head
having trouble with overheating while under any kind of load. Hills, acceleration, wind, etc. Is it just the thermostat or has this year and model had other issues
where is the water pump on this car
The screen of the VES has developed white lines on the right half. They were there intermittently at first, but now are there all the time. Any ideas? We took apart the screen itself and the wiring appears intact th...
How do you replace the 2 oxygen sensors on a 1998 oldsmobile silhouette? Thank you.
My van has been dying while driving and sometimes wont start. The engine turns over but wont start for about 5-10 minutes. It does the same when it stalls while driving. Also how do you replace back 3 spark plugs?
How do you check a hub assembly for wear?
put in new temperature control switch but still air only blows out of defroster need help
Repair called and said that oil leak is occuring in timing chain or cover. It is a 8 &1/2 hr. job and costs close to $600 to fix. Can this be accurate??
Sometimes when I accelerate from a complete stop, my mini-van will "shimmy" or shake a few feet into the acceleration. IT only last about a half second. Any ideas? Is it the transmission?