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sometimes shifts hard and will sometimes float in and out of overdrive. code is p0753 also had this code come up p0742
2000 olds already replaced tensioner ( belt cant stay on pulleys
What should I pay for replacing leaking rear lines for my air conditioner?
i have changed the thermostat, the water pump is not leaking
After changing these things out, drove her about 5 miles after putting gas in her, she died! Had to wait about 20 minutes for her to cool down...then she fired right up and brought me home (was only a few blocks away).
The van will start and then die. It is running very rough. I might be the fuel filter or the fuel pump. I figure I'll changed the cheaper one first to see if it will fix the problem.
my complete entainment system was stolen. how much would it cost to replace it.
Need to know what bolt to take loose
my back driver side brake line is leaking and i wanted to fix it myself, I wanted to know how to fix it.
I have a constant rubbing sound everytime I drive my van. And gets louder the faster I drive
What energizes the push through cooling fan to start it??? The pull through fan cuts in at about 220d but the small push through fan doesn't start even at that temp. Silhouette has two fans.
it was running fine till one i was putting gas in it and it wont crank.now when i turn the key over i can hear the blinkers ,
first time to happen, I put the windown down on the front passenger side of the car and then it will not go up. power windows
Says it needs 2 lbs in front and 2 lbs in rear....where do I add to rear?
continous car stalls out while driving but will start right back up
The two interior lights that you push in to go on and push in to go off will not push in anymore. It's like there was a spring and now it's gone. How can I repair this?
my temp. gauge went to the top and I pulled over and shut car off. Checked coolant overflow and it was fine. Was low on oil so I put 2 quarts in. Started to drive-3 minutes latter same thing. Upon checking fans are no...
I have a key chain with my security car remote on it and was raining i unlocked my house door and forgot to take the key out of the door knob it was there for hours until my horn and my lights started going off and th...
Water temp gauge began running hot. Replaced intake manifold gasket. Slight trace on coolant in topend. Also replaced thermostat and flushed coolant and replace. Water pump not leaking. Replace fuel filter, plugs/wire...
Had van emmisions serviced. It needs a computer. How much would the computer itself go for.
location and how to remove old one.
we replaced the bearings in the steering wheel but its still a little wobbly.what else could be wrong, and how do i fix it
car starts most of time. it starts slowly after turning key 4-5 times
I need the diagram or location of the air pump in the Oldsmobile Silhouette 2000
motor will not move blade. if i manually move it it will go.