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i have checked the fuel lines , relay switch. only way it will start is if you open the breather and spray carb and choke cleaner in it. when you turn the key on it takes 30-45 sec for pump to turn on
you can start it go to point A and turn it off and come back and get in and go to start and it will not start and you can use starting fluid and get to start sometimes...
did smoke test smoke came from canister purge solenoid but its new
I just drove the van the day before yesterday started up fine and ran fine no indication of anything wrong. Had a snow storm and temperature drop go to start it today and the dash board flickers for a second everythin...
The dash board flickers than lights up an everything powers up but all I hear is a "stishhhhhhh" sound when trying to start it and won't start!!!
Red Engine heat light comes on occasionally and slow loss of coolant-If it's lower manifold can I use cooling system sealant?
Injectors stop pulse, but spaks woks ok.
I think my abs pump has gone out.
We changed the both tenion pullies and the belt. The squeal went away for a while and now its back. Can't seem to find the problem. This squeal happens at about 2000rpms. It happens all the time and seems to get w...
engine reeves up and then tranny seems to engage. no codes
On my 2000 Olds. Silhouette van, after I start it I get the"change the oil light" on for two minutes and then it goes out every single time. I already change the milage counting to cero and pushed the gas pedal three ...
Engine-tranaxle disengaging happens at highway speeds, when gaining elevation or moving into a curve, for example. Seems to me to be at the final phase of automatic transmission shifting where lock-clutch would kick i...
I have put a new the ignition in and I use the newer key but it cranks sometime and steal some time it won't
Abs and NO Traction light stays on (2003 oldmobile silhouette van. A year and half a go had replaced the front left hub bearing assembly and immediately had to replace it in 2 months under warrenty and now the scan re...
Start car stays on empty drive for a bit will then slowly move to full the go back to empty. This started two days after filled tank. Is ther a fuse for the gas gage
replaced fuel pump didnt work no power to fuel pump..replaced crank shaft sensor, computer,checked fuses still nothing HELP
will go. Now I can't back out of the yard. Its like the front is going but the back is stuck. Then is would not pull forward but when I put in to 3 or 2 on the automatic transmission it went.
Security light comes on when you try to start. I jumped 12v to solenoid. Van starts, then dies after about 2 seconds. Van hasn't been started for a year. I tried both keys. everything else seems to be normal.
start van fuel gauge shoots to top 10sec. later drops to empty and van drives normal great throttle resonse ???? how much gas do I have????
van drives normal no hesitation in throttle resonse ???is it a bad wire ???
have looked in repair manual but cant find anything for alarm location
What else could be wrong if the linkage is in place?
My transmission has shown no signs of distress, but my van stopped shifting into gear.
My turn lights go very fast when the brake is applied. Both turn lights are slightly lit when I engage the brake pedal without the turn signals on. I replaced three bad bulbs, but the problem wasn't solved. An empl...
thermo signal runs high after 5-10 mins then goes to zero. new thermostat placed last year. Blows cold air still after 1/2 hr(unless on highway),fans dont blow well except rear blowers
Not supported for : Heated Cat, Air system, air conditioner nor ready- heated 02
It is a concepts tv and DVD player. My player is under the middle drivers side seat and tv is above. My dome lights on the tv part work but no power to anything else.
i have a 2000 olds silhouette with 130K on it. While stopped at a red light, the exhaust suddenly became very loud. i believe that it was coming from the front of the vehicle rather than the muffler in the rear. Be...