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I tried the 2 and 3 combination with the ignition on and it will not give me any codes. just frozen on LOCKED. my van has the controls in the rear also if that may make a difference not sure.
It started about a month ago. I'll be driving along and they repeatedly lock or unlock, sometimes 10 to 15 times in a single episode and it happens almost constantly while driving. I stopped using the key fob and now ...
gear shifter on steering column..when moving from park, gear shifter does not catch from one gear to another it feels disconnected, will not engage transmission
I replaced head gasket. motor ran for awhile then shut off.normal. But I went to start back up it started. then 3rd time I went to start fuel pump wasnt making a sound.So I replaced it. but still doing same thing fuel...
A friend of mine drove his van from DC to Bakersfield California. To take care of his 94 yr old mother. He's starting to have problems with his passenger side window. He said he checked the fuses and they where st...
It just happens when I turn and then it kicks back in when I go straight.
no rear tail, stop, or turn signals lights.
it does not do it all the time but when it does it the van goes faster than what you set the cruise to
Transmission only has forward gears in all settings (PRND321). 23k old rebuild by a ATEC transmission in Elma ($1700). Passed a car one day and van revved up slammed back into gear and since will not go into anything ...
I was driving and felt a bump then my upper two gears quit working. This was the first time anything like that happened. does anyone know what could have happened or how to fix this.
It was working i made a turn now i dont have any turn signals i have a oldsmobile sillouette
I have a 2001oldsmobile silhouette and it started and ran fine the day before and I went to start it this morning and it started hard idled for just a second and then stopped running now all it will do is just crank o...
It doesnt do as bad when I'm stoped
I don't know how to turn of the "phone" that is displayed on my radio. Now my radio doesn't work
I have a new battery. I had a mechanic check it out, but could not find a problem. I need to pass an inspection and any lights on is going to fail.
I would like to repair my thermostat myself, but I would like to know where is it located, and is it a difficult job to complete?
my traction light keeps coming on and for some reason my brake lights are not working for some reason no and also my cruise control is working neither now
Out of the blue on Thursday, the turn signals stopped working and battery drained. We bought a new alternator and had the battery tested. Both things tested fine. The van drove fine for an hour until the battery drain...