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All lug nuts are off. There seems to be something in the center of the wheel holding it on.
My repair manual does not show the type of oil pan for my vehicle,it is flat and no sump on it. It appears if I remove the starter and front motor mount I can access all the pan bolts.
I have an oil leak coming from under the intake manifold at the right rear corner of engine, running down end of rear head, down engine and dripping to garage floor. It's been diagnosed by a mechanic as an oil pump d...
A idle and stalls when you come to a stop . How do I fix this when I disconnect the battery's?
it seems like my car is dead I get nothing when I turn the key
For the last few months I'am having this issue,Took it to Firestone,but they don't do that type of repair.But said it's a short and I have take it to the dealer?????What type of test will a person do to check the issu...
Every one has a OB2,but by me having a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supereme S,no one can scan for codes,needs someone to scan for ABS codes.Had it checked 2yrs ago,and seems like it had a TSB,on my car,saying that a wire ...
the heater hose is hot on 1 side going to the heater core, but cool on the other side. How do you get to the heater controls under the dash? Is there a valve controlling the flow of coolant going thru the heater core?
had sub frame dropped,1 tierod disconnected,turned steering wheel,was a snap, . what do I do ?
I've replaced pvc line and still the code remains the same.please help me.I also have that issue with when I turn on my lights head or park my dash lights goes out.
Hey guys my when I turn the left signal on on my 94 cutlass the brake lights go out, it only happens with the left side and I already replaced the combination set itch, has anyone encountered this before?
I needed to take off a lot of overstuff to get at it. I replaced everything but now my car idles very fast. How do I adjust it? Their are tow bands that connect to a wheel that turns the car on and when I depress it, ...
changed brake light switch replaced bulbs still no lights every once in a while they work
the fan belt and pully's and water pump are on the passengers side.
Ive owned this car for a year and a half. Whn first bought it ran fine for test drive then after buying it wouldnt start. It started the next day was taken to a shop where they couldnt find an issue, it ran fine. Sinc...
I put a light tester to the wires leading to them and got nothing. I think it could be the relay but how do I know for sure. Is there a way to test them or see if the fans motors are working?